Tag: Abduction

That could go with the “unwilling” tag because, lets face it, when you’re abducted, it’s generally against your will. Well, maybe not Karen, but that could become complicated explaining all that here. Just read!

Karen – Cut

It was her fucking day off. It was Saturday. Her boss has called. She had to go to the office to finish a project. The deadline had moved and it needed to be completed THIS Monday, not Monday two weeks from now, like originally planned.

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Something’s Cooking

I wonder what she’s cooking. Bondage à la King? Latex Parmesan? Oktoberfest Spiced Restraints? High Heel Fries? How about Chastity Belt and Chips?

The story is also cooking. Approaching 30 pages.

Counting the images of the mosaic this one would be inserted between #19 and #20. However, the total, to date, is 31 images, I’m still doing art and expanding. ( 1 to 3 more images)

At the moment, the story writing is getting to image 24 and I pretty much figured how I will end this, today. It’s a storyline intensive story with a few subplots and everything has to match.

Just be patient.

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