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When someone is “transformed” into a drone, a human robot or some sort, of course, sealed in latex and unable to take care of him or herself.

Karen – The Package

She got to the door of her apartment, panting, her legs burning, but smiling. Climbing five flights of stairs in jeans so tight that she could barely reach each step, add skyscraper high heels, a very tight spandex leotard and a skin-tight leather jacket, and it would do this to you too.

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Something’s Cooking

I wonder what she’s cooking. Bondage à la King? Latex Parmesan? Oktoberfest Spiced Restraints? High Heel Fries? How about Chastity Belt and Chips?

The story is also cooking. Approaching 30 pages.

Counting the images of the mosaic this one would be inserted between #19 and #20. However, the total, to date, is 31 images, I’m still doing art and expanding. ( 1 to 3 more images)

At the moment, the story writing is getting to image 24 and I pretty much figured how I will end this, today. It’s a storyline intensive story with a few subplots and everything has to match.

Just be patient.

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