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Not a respirator but a full face gasmask, with those small circular windows that looks like pickle jar lids, and tubes running down the front or the side, where you breath through filtering cartridges… or a bubbler, or the cover of a confinement case while being transported, all bounded up, to some exotic island where you’ll become the latex squeaking star. (latest signing star, latex squeaking star… get it?)

Karen: New Year Predicament (upd)

This is a follow-up of “Christmas Adventure 2023 – Photo Story“.

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Karen – LocktoberFest3: Riding The Waves

Note: Please be sure to read the two previous parts of this story:

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Karen – LocktoberFest2: Visiting Germany

Note: This is a direct sequel to Locktoberfest. Read that one first.

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Karen – Subscription

For the countless times, Karen looked at the delivery app. She was eager to receive her new toys: a full set of steel cuffs, a chastity belt, and toys. All brand new and with a new service: a subscription service.

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Ready… Again?

Back in 2018, I produced an image called “Ready?” which, I don’t recall, was probably posted on DA. I had plans to make a business card out of it, but since I’m pretty much a “nobody” and I don’t go to any conference, it’s no use. So, said business cards were never produced.

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Karen – Kinky Valentine

He entered the house, tired after his long day at work.

“Hello honey, I hope you’re not too tired.” said Karen, his girlfriend.

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