Tag: Gasmask

Not a respirator but a full face gasmask, with those small circular windows that looks like pickle jar lids, and tubes running down the front or the side, where you breath through filtering cartridges… or a bubbler, or the cover of a confinement case while being transported, all bounded up, to some exotic island where you’ll become the latex squeaking star. (latest signing star, latex squeaking star… get it?)

Ready… Again?

Back in 2018, I produced an image called “Ready?” which, I don’t recall, was probably posted on DA. I had plans to make a business card out of it, but since I’m pretty much a “nobody” and I don’t go to any conference, it’s no use. So, said business cards were never produced.

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Karen – Kinky Valentine

He entered the house, tired after his long day at work.

“Hello honey, I hope you’re not too tired.” said Karen, his girlfriend.

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