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Leather is worn, either catsuit (that cat thing again…), or pants. Usually, when I refer to leather, I mean the real leather, the one that smells like leather, feels like leather, creak like leather. Not the petroleum based “vegan leather”, aka vinyl…

Karen – Locktoberfest

Karen entered the manager’s office and casually sat down on that Friday afternoon. She was dressed professionally, like any office worker: pencil skirt, high heel pumps, and a dress blouse. It was no business to anyone else that she was wearing latex underwear. Sometimes she would wear some toys too. Silent, fixed toys. She was kinky, not dumb.

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Ready… Again?

Back in 2018, I produced an image called “Ready?” which, I don’t recall, was probably posted on DA. I had plans to make a business card out of it, but since I’m pretty much a “nobody” and I don’t go to any conference, it’s no use. So, said business cards were never produced.

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