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Although, miscellaneous non-sensical blabbing from my part which don’t fit into any other categories.

Art Thief!

Someone brought to my attention this art thief.


There’s at least two four images of mine, both all of them poorly cropped off to remove my copyright stamp.

A big THANK YOU to those who already posted on that thief’s site, asking him/her if permission was given (which wasn’t) and a HUGE thank you to the follower who brought it to my attention.

I could ask you to flood the thief’s comment section with nasty notes until my art is taken down, but I’m not that kind of guy…


I tried to report it as copyright infringement to DeviantArt.

Well, what do you know, DA is a “fraud” in itself. They have this new policy where you have to fill out a form, showing the proof that you are the owner of the copyright by sending the real image. That is good. But they also asks for all your contact information, full name, address and phone number. That could also be good. But then you have to accept this contact information may be given to the one you’re fighting the copyright over…

Yeah, right, I will give all my personal contact information to a crook…

Way to go, DeviantArt! Protect the criminals!

Am I At This Point In My Life – Part Deux

September 2022

If you looked and especially read the little Calendar Story posted a few days ago, you might have got the hint of what’s going to happen now that my period of reflection of last summer is over*1.

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Site Crash August ** FIXED

A plug-in called “Elementor Pro”, which is used to make the pages work, has crashed and I had to disabled it.

The thing is that it is this plug-in that puts in the “latest post” list, so without it, there’s no “latest post” in any categories. All is there, all the posts are there, the “section page” is just not updated.

Looking into a solution.

Update, August 9:

A few things have been tried. Even a “backup” returns an error. We have to keep said plug-in disabled. We will do more troubleshooting in the evening and early night (august 9-10, GMT-4 / Eastern Daylight Time – New York / Montreal / Toronto) to figure out if something else isn’t making the plug-in bugs. For some obscure reasons, it crashes the whole site when it does, meaning that, you might be facing a “error” page while trying to load the site during those tests.

Update, August 10: FIXED

Fixed. Apparently, this is a wide spread bug on the plug-in, but they’re also apparently not eager to fix it. Found the solution on 2 different forums. My wonderful WebMistress did the correction (something I don’t have access on my end)

Now back to our regular programming of nothing much until September.

Thoughts for Germany, and More.

Germany has, apparently, my largest fan base. For that I’m very grateful.

Recently, I’ve seen in the news that many parts of Germany are flooded right now, with all that it implies: destruction of goods and properties, and more important, injuries and loss of lives.

That is a hard reminder that Nature doesn’t care about your beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, wealth, social ranking, race or whatever. Mother Nature is the ultimate Dom…

And that we’re pissing her every day with the way we treat her.

Well, I can’t do much from North-America to help you apart from sending “good vibes” (for whatever it’s worth.)

It goes, without saying, that these thoughts are also addressed to the other regions / countries affected by this hiccup (revenge? Punishment?) of Mother Nature. One thing to keep in mind: Nature will prevail. Nature will find its equilibrium. However, Mother Nature doesn’t give a shit about you and me.

Stay safe, my friends, you and your families, and I hope for the best.


Writer’s Block

Or White Page Syndrome, or no fucking kinky idea.

You can call it what you like, the fact remains: The inspirational zone of my brain is totally blank.

That’s why you only get a few images here and there and no story. And this is one of the reasons I don’t go “Patreon” or something similar. I would then have to ‘work’ to produce something because someone is paying for weekly/monthly updates. Although… all contributions are welcome. Alas…

Thanks for waiting.

Oh, that should be a blessing for the one(s) who rate my posts “3”. You won’t have to torture yourself reading them for a while…

Edit: on the contrary: the one(s) who are rating 3 on my posts, would probably rate this one 5, since they won’t torture themselves reading anything.


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