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No, I’m not talking exchanging batteries for toys. I’m talking about the dominant VS the submissive, the top VS the bottom. Here a woman (female! Oh darn!!) is controlling another woman.

Karen – And a Bondage New Year

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New Year’s Eve:

Karen’s role as a slave wasn’t difficult, and she knew how to do it: follow orders, and execute flawlessly, you get a reward. Do not, and there are consequences.

Lynda’s role was a little more complicated: she had to order Karen around, decide what was acceptable or not, and provide the necessary reward or punishment she saw fit.

But… she got the hang of it pretty quickly and she even surprised herself at… enjoying Karen’s predicament. She was sure to follow the first basic rule of M/s relationship: the slave has no rights to anything, not even a comfortable night of sleep.

That’s why, on this morning, Lynda was sleeping on the bed, while Karen was squirming on the floor, wrapped in plastic wrap.

Oh, she had been taken good care of. To provide warmth and a layer of cushioning from the hard floor, she was first put inside a sleepsack, then wrapped with a few layers of plastic wrap. Lynda clearly remembered the strange face of the cashier when she put 8 rolls of wrap on the belt.

But she uses only four. The rest will be for another time.

The soft moans of Karen actually awakened her, fully rested. She was surprised that she could have slept in a rubber catsuit. Those neck entry suits were really comfortable. Karen was not kidding when she said she could wear those days on end.

She pulled the bedsheets away and sat on the edge of the bed, resting her feet on Karen’s body, slowly rocking it side to side, as to make her aware that she was there. Karen answered with a few more moans. Putting a foot where her crotch would be, she found out that the magic wand batteries had died. Well, Karen had behaved so good the day before, she deserved a reward, so she was wrapped with the magic wand over her dildos, turned on at full power, until the batteries ran out.

She cut the wrap off Karen’s sleepsack, but starting with the feet first. Her head would be last. Teasing is the best way to start a morning, right?

As the pressure decreased around her body, Karen relaxed. It hadn’t been exactly a restful night, the vibrator keeping her awake for most of the time, then she was so horny that sleep didn’t come easily.

In her hot cocoon, she had sweat a lot, and although she felt the gradual unwrapping, she couldn’t move much yet: her legs were strapped and her arms were in her back, also secured. Only the breathing hose of her gasmask was poking through the zipper of the sleepsack, allowing her fresh air.

Finally, the pressure over her head vanished and with a flood of light, she also felt a rush of coldish air entering her hot cocoon, which made her shiver.

Lynda took the black latex covered body out of the sleepsack and removed her leg straps. Her feet, which had been encased in ballet boots since the day before, were already cuffed and linked with a short chain. She was softly rolled on her stomach and her arms unstrapped from her back, her wrists, already equipped with cuffs, quickly linked in front of her. 

Lynda helped her sit on the edge of the bed and removed her gasmask from her latex covered head. It included a large penis shape gag that made her drool a lot when removed, the drool flowing on her latex chin, down on her large latex encased breasts. It was quickly replaced with a harness ballgag. She was not to be ungagged, except for eating. She got Karen to get up, still amazed at how steady she was on those extreme boots, while she snapped a long chain between her upper arm cuffs, over her back, limiting her movements, but allowing her enough freedom for the tasks ahead.

“Go make breakfast, and clean that mess!” said Lynda from the cold dry tone she discovered she could take when talking “Mistressly”.

Karen hobbled her way, her huge dildos dancing in her crotch with each step, breathing in short gasps, limited by the extremely tight corset. When she was putting it alone, she was never able to fully close it, but Lynda could. Her waist was now squeezed one inch more than what she was used to.

She was in heaven.

She hobbled her way to the kitchen and began the breakfast by making coffee, her latex covered body squeaking along. She had to reach the far end of the counter to get the Keurig machine and pull it closer to the edge. With her arms tied and limited into their extension, the only way she could achieve it was to lean against the counter. With her ballet heels, the counter was right at.. Her crotch. Leaning against it, she was pushing on her dildos.

Inconspicuously, she screwed herself a few times. Well, if you can have a good time doing your job, why not?

When she turned around, she saw Lynda, standing there, staring. She acted as if nothing had happened and went on with the breakfast. When she turned around the next time, Lynda was gone.

She was hobbling, bringing Lynda’s coffee to the table when she came back, with something in her hand.

“Looks like you’re having some fun there. Apparently, you’re too comfortable.” said Lynda, having Karen spin around while she removed her narrow slave collar to put a dreadfully high leather giraffe collar.

Karen tried to wave it off, tried to make Lynda understand that she could barely manage 15 minutes in it, but Lynda would not listen.

“You didn’t have permission to play with yourself. I don’t care if it’s uncomfortable. On the contrary, I do care. I do care that it makes your life miserable.” she said from a devilish tone Karen never heard before.

She had to keep her head high to be able to breathe. Swallowing was out of the question, so she began to drool. Heavily. Preparing some toasts proved difficult. She marveled at the kitchen light reflecting on her latex covered arms as she worked.

She stood behind Lynda, waiting, in case she wanted something, before she was allowed to make her breakfast. She had to keep it straight, legs together on her narrow toes, arms close to her body, and head well up, which didn’t help with her balance.

She had to squirm from time to time, but it was difficult to do it silently: the rubber was squeaking with every move, especially when she moved her thighs. Well, the dildos were disturbing.

She was tied up to the chair, her wrist chains adjusted so that she could barely reach her mouth which was rendered more difficult by the collar, the giraffe one having been replaced by a bondage one, was linked to the back of the chair. The gag was removed. Well, she had to eat.

“I have to run back home. I’m sure you can behave while I’m gone.” said Lynda, leaving Karen there, bound to the chair, for over an hour.

She tried to squirm, to move her dildos, but the rubber stuck to the hard varnished of the chair, and she was too well restrained. Lynda really got the hang of using chains, straps and rope.

When she came back, she was carrying a large bag, probably containing a dress. Karen was fixed back with a panel gag hiding a large penis insert, and her bounds adjusted.

Her feet were given some relief by replacing the ballet boots by regular high heels ones.

“Okay, Karen. It’s New Year’s Eve. We have to tidy-up this place. The living room is a mess. Have everything cleaned and vacuumed. Phil and Suzy are coming for the party.” said Lynda.

Karen did a double take, wide eyes.

“Hey. It’s the New Year. We need a party. Go on. Get to work.”

Karen went on to work. She found it weird that she actually liked it. She liked the shiny look of her latex clad body, the squeaking of the rubber, the sweat layer making the suit move on her skin, the struggle of been constantly in high heels, legs linked with a short chain, waist constricted by the extreme corset, gagged, hands bound, where every normal things became a challenge. After a while, she had totally forgotten that she was in bondage.

Lynda was sorting the fetish gear in Karen’s bedroom, and suddenly felt that it was quiet. Really too quiet. Where was Karen?

She looked around and found her in the living room, working hard, bound as she was, to replace the flower pots into her shelves/stocks.

“What are you doing?” asked Lynda.

Karen gestured that she was placing the pots back to hide the stocks.

“No, you’re not putting the pots back.”

Karen gestured and mumbled that she wanted to hide it.

“We’re not hiding it. You’re gonna jump the year in it.”


Say What?

Karen gestured to herself and nodded a frantic NO!

“Yes you are. You are my slave now, and you will do what I order you to do. You will serve our guests, and you’re gonna spend the jump to the new year in the stocks, and probably stay there until morning because I’ll be too wasted to take you out.” she said, giggling.

Karen nodded no again.

“Hey. You like your place as a worthless slave, and I like my place as your Mistress. So, you’re going to show your submissive side and I’ll show them my dominant side.”

Karen stood there, nodding a frantic no.

“It is not for you to decide. You will put those large pots over there, where they’ll look pretty, the smaller ones into the bookshelves. Whether you want it or not, Karen, you will spend the last 3 days of the Holidays in full latex and bondage. Period.”

Suddenly, things were different. It wasn’t a game anymore. This was serious. She became wet at the thought.

She moved the pots where Mistress ordered, thinking about what might be Phil and Suzy’s reaction. 

The more she thought about it, the more she figured that Lynda was as much a part of it. Yes, she would be all tied up, in rubber, serving them, but Lynda will be… Mistress.

Mistress inspected everything and took note of the things that were not perfect. Karen knew she would have to pay back for her mistakes.

She made a light dinner then Mistress prepped her for the evening, cleaning and shining her black latex catsuit. She was put back in ballet boots. Mistress said that she looked more stunning like that, and she replaced the panel gag with another hood, which included dark lenses and a blow-up gag with a detachable pump. To complete the outfit, Mistress added the chastity belt. Karen would not have fun tonight. And to add a sparkle of contrast, she replaced every cuff with white leather ones.  Her arms were elbow tied in her back. She was there to work. But she had a glimpse of her setup in the large mirror of the bedroom: she was stunning!

Karen had an extensive kinky collection, but she didn’t have any service tray that could be fixed to her waist, so Mistress improvised, taking one of the large plates that goes under flower pots and cutting it, punching  holes and fixing it to Karen’s chastity belt with tie wraps. A rope was used to link the far end of it to her collar. And the collar Mistress chose for that was a wide, white leather posture collar, meaning that she would not see whatever she was transporting, adding to the challenge. Every lost drop was counted.

“That should do for tonight. You will have to get the proper accessories.” said Mistress.

Karen nodded, but her head barely moved.

Mistress filled the tray with glasses with water to the brim.

“Practice.” she ordered.

Karen moved around, going from the kitchen to the living room and back. The tricky part was she had to walk around the dining table.

Lynda had gone to the bedroom to change. She got out wearing a very expensive looking short black leather dress, molding her curves, her thin waist enhanced by a gold belt. With gold jewelry and black pumps, she looked like a million bucks.

In one of her passages, Karen went too close to a chair and the tray hit. She heard glass clink hard, and she felt something cold run down her belly and her legs. She couldn’t see the extent of the disaster, unable to bend or look down, so she stood there, hoping Mistress would see her.

“What the fu… Damn, Karen. They’ll be here any minute now.”. Said a pissed off Mistress, removing the glasses from her tray.

“I don’t have time to make you clean it, so I’ll do it, but you’ll get punished for that. Twice!” she said as she picked up the mop.

She was putting it back when the doorbell rang. Karen didn’t know what to do, where to go. Mistress gestured to her to go to the kitchen.

She opened the door.

“Hello Suzy, hello Phil,” she said, taking their jacket and putting them on a kitchen chair. “Please, go to the living room, I’ll be right back.” she said, leaving them to go to the kitchen.

She came back a few moments later.

“Where is Karen?” asked Suzy.

“She’s bringing the drinks. Care for some champagne? Karen, the champagne!.” said Lynda, while Phil and Suzy had a puzzled look.

Then they saw that curvy, shiny… thing, approaching, hobbling on a short chain, on pointed boots, arms tied in her back, carrying a tray, attached to her, with 3 champagne glasses on it.

“What the hell… Is that Karen?” asked Phil. “What is… why is she… She lost a bet or what?”

“To make the story short,” said Lynda. “I paid her a surprise visit on Christmas Eve. She didn’t answer the door, so I took her spare key. I found her tied up in that frame over there.” she said, showing the stocks. “Turned out that she loved being a submissive, and bondage and that she had, in fact, self-bound herself in that thing. She needed a Mistress. Here I am.” she said, taking the champagne glass and giving them to her guests.

“Well, come to think of it, I’m not really surprised,” said Suzy.

“How come?” asked Phil.

“Well, she’s always in very, and I mean, VERY tight jeans, high heels, tight shirts, everything that looks awfully tight and uncomfortable. She seems to love it, so seeing her in latex, all tied up, is just a stretch, really.”

Suzy looked at him, puzzled.

“That… doesn’t bug you more than that? I mean, this sudden kinky side, how she’s dressed and stuff?”

“That? Not really. I mean, it’s not as if it’s never been seen. It’s all over the internet. Katy Perry, Mel B made shows in latex. Even the Simpsons had a kinky episode. Why do you ask? Does it bother you?”

“It… it bothers me, alright.” she said, looking at Phil right in the eyes, getting closer to him, putting a hand on his groin and biting his ear.

“I… think Christmas shopping is not done…”

Karen’s mind was a mess. She was ashamed to be seen like that, yet she liked it. She was surprised at Suzy’s thoughts, but then again, she was right. She was glad her eyelenses were darkened, because the look on them was stunned.

And it went on like a breeze, Karen was fully accepting her place as the latex clad slave, carrying the drinks and the crackers. At almost every pass, Suzy would look at her with envious eyes, touching her latex encased thighs, asking questions about the corset, the chastity belt, and the strange looking hood.

“What’s that thing out of her mouth? Looks like a tire valve.” asked Suzy.

“It’s to inflate the blow-up gag inside her mouth.”

“Oh, really. Can I try?”

“Sure, just watch her reaction. It’s not overly inflated right now.” said Lynda, handing her the pump.

Suzy put the pump on the valve and slowly squeezed it. Karen, who had found the gag comfortable to date, was now having second thoughts as she felt it getting way bigger than what she was used to. Lynda had gone easy. Suzy was pumping it more and more.

“Oh, look, her cheeks are bulging.” she said, laughing, giving more squeezes.

Karen was at her maximum. She pulled back, pulling the pump out of Suzy’s hand.

“Hey, I’m not finished.” she said, giving another small squeeze, but seemed enormous from Karen’s point of view.  “There. All done. That should do it.” she said, removing the pump and feeling the pressure on Karen’s cheeks. “Wow… I can’t wait to…” she said, trailing off.

“Noted. A blow-up gag.” said Phil.

Karen’s mind was rushing with emotions. Already, her setup was extreme, but now, with that gag fully blown, it was over the top. Damn, she wishes she could play with her dildos right now.



All were sitting, watching the end of the year show on television.

“Karen, we’re all sitting. You have to kneel to offer us the crackers.”

“Kneel?” thought Karen. “I’m wearing ballet boots, a hobble chain and my arms are tied in my back, I can’t look down. I can’t kneel.”  her mind said.

“She’s right, Karen. You have to kneel for us.” said Suzy and Phil, obviously enjoying humiliating her. “Unless you want another pump squeeze?”

“I SAID KNEEL” said Lynda, dry and commanding.

Karen went slowly, pushing backward her left foot as much as the chain allowed while slowly bending her right knee, keeping her back straight, her head not seeing what was happening, then it happened. She fell forward, falling hard, crushing the tray with her breasts, breaking it at the same time, and spreading the food all over the place.

Phil and Suzy laughed. Karen was trying to get back on her knees, but wasn’t succeeding. She felt helpless, humiliated, and degraded. Damn, she was hot. All this struggling was working with her dildos. If only they were vibrating, she would have an orgasm right there. She was huffing and moaning, almost asking.

But that was not Lynda’s plan. She took her arms out of her back and cuffed her wrists back in front.

“Clean that mess, do another batch and come back.” she ordered.

Karen hobbled to the kitchen, cleaned her suit that was smeared with pâté, cheese and other food, and came back with towels to clean the mess. She wiped clean the floor and hobbled back to the kitchen to make some more, bound, gagged, almost blind, and barely able to bend her neck to see what she was doing.

She brings back food and drinks on another tray, her latex suit creaking with every move, sending her chills and thrills. She was able to kneel to offer the tray to the guests in a crescendo of leather and latex creaks. Damn, she was hot.

“Okay, Karen, time to set you up for the night.” said Lynda, unlinking everything, but, to her dismay, keeping her in the ballet boots. She opened the stock frames and put her in, before closing each one, usine a padlock on every one of them. When came the neck one, the posture collar prevented it from closing.

“I’m gonna have to remove the collar. I’ll be right back with the key.”

“Why? Can’t you just squeeze it in?” asked Phil, getting up and pushing the board in with all its strength..

Karen’s neck was now totally rigid, unable to move as forcing the board in, pinned the collar in place around her neck.

“That’s just perfect. We’ll keep an eye on her for a while, just in case.”

Karen had no problem breathing, she just couldn’t move her neck, and the stocks were taking care of the rest of her body, pinning it in place.

Lynda completed the setup by adding a blindfold.

Little Karen knew that it was barely 10:30. The night would be long.


Happy New Year

To add to the humiliation, Phil had the idea of covering Karen’s ears with headphones, playing Christmas songs.

She had actually dozed off, hypnotized by the songs, when she heard them begin the countdown.

“10,.. 9… i…”

Karen figured that her ordeal would be ending soon. They would wish each other a good year and she would get free.

At the count of zero, she had not expected Lynda to turn her vibrator on. She twitched as the vibrators came alive inside her confined body. She squirmed, but nothing moved. She was immobile in her bondage frame, getting vibrated at full power.

“You can celebrate too, you know. It’s more than a new year, it’s a new life.” she heard Lynda say to her ear, temporarily removing the earphones.

As she expected, Phil and Suzy stayed for a short while before heading back home. Karen was expecting to be released. After all, she had to clean the mess of the party.

“Good night honey. Welcome to your new life.” said Lynda, leaving her there, listening to Christmas music.


What’s next

Two days after New Year. It was time to go back to work. Lynda was packing her stuff, leaving to go back to her apartment, and Karen was fresh out of the shower, wrapped in a towel.

“What a week.” said Karen. “It will take me a while to wind back down from it. That was intense. And I still hear those damn Christmas carols.”

“Wind down? From what?”

“The slave / Mistress thing.”

“Who said it was over?”


“It’s not over, Karen. You go get me your chastity belt.”

“Ah ha, yeah, right.”

“Karen. I order you: get your chastity belt.”

“It… it doesn’t fit without the corset.”

“Then get the corset with it. Come on, I have to go.  Hurry up.”

Shaking, Karen walked back with the corset and the belt. She felt she didn’t have a choice, that she couldn’t resist Lynda’s orders. She was her submissive. Lynda tied the corset at its fullest before putting on the chastity belt.

“You need to be kept under control. Oh, that’s right, I was forgetting.” she said, picking up a large garbage bag and asking Karen to hold it open.

She went to the different closets, taking all the flat sole boots and shoes: sneakers, sandals, winter boots, hiking boots, and she put them all into the bag.”

“These will go to the Salvation Army.”

“What? What about…”

“You are no longer allowed to rest your feet flat on the ground. Heels all the time, and I want you to wear your ballet boots in bed.”

“Ah, come on. And I can’t go to work like that.” she said, opening her arms, showing the corset and belt.

“And why not? You will come in chastity. Just find something to hide it and if someone discovers it, then live with it. You’re my slave now. And from now on, you will call me Miss Lynda. Mistress would bring too much questioning. Understood?”

“Err… Yes, but…”

“Yes, what? Asked Lynda, with a dry tone.

“Yes Mistress.” said Karen, lowering her head.

“Good.” she said looking around. “I think we would be better at my place. It’s a little more spacious.”

“Yes, but…”

Lynda looked at her with darts in her eyes.

“I mean, yes, Mistress, but may I ask where I would sleep? You have only one bedroom. My bed will not fit in.”

“You don’t need a bed. A cage, a bondage table, maybe I can do some kind of cage under my platform bed.”


“You don’t need a bed, Karen. You don’t DESERVE a bed. See you tomorrow at work.” she said, leaving, “and begin packing your stuff. You’re moving to my place by the end of the week.”

Reality sunk to Karen. She had lost her right to freedom of choice, freedom of doing, freedom of thoughts.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Damn, she was hot.

Damn, right now, she hated the chastity belt.

The End.

© Pete

December 31, 2017


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