Tag: Power Exchange: M/f

Ah, the way it should be, the man dominating the woman… OUCH! OUCH! NO! Stop That! Okay, OKAY. Damn! What do you have in that purse? A brick?
Sorry…. A temporary situation where the man has the power over a woman. There. Like it better? Ouch!! What was that one for?

Well… Something is coming up

It’s a weird feeling. I have the story slowly forming in my head, I make art for it, but when I try to put it into words, it jams up… It’s like I’m story-telling impaired. It’s a theory of mine but I’m under seasonal allergy medications and I often still feel my head stuffed, as if the allergy symptoms were seeping through. Still a lot of pollen in the air over here. I just have to look at my car to confirm it.

So, said story in my head isn’t finished yet, still have to come up with a proper ending, but in the meantime, enjoy this mosaic of art. You will probably be able to make up a story for yourself, although I figure that between 5 and 10 more art pieces will have to be created (they kind of help with the process – been stuck with “how do I end this shit” for the past four days).

This story should please the tight jeans fetishists, the high heels fetishists, latex, leather, multi-layers total enclosure, corset, pointed boots, chastity belt, intubating, steel restraints, helmets and even… drone fetishists…

Yes, the art is purposely small. Full res with the story.

Silly observation: Who else than Karen would break into a house wearing a tight leather jacket, tight leather jeans and high heels thinking she wouldn’t get heard?

I was tempted to write “Karen is in trouble again” but, I thought to myself: please, define ‘Karen is in trouble’…

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