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If no part of the body is touching the ground or a wall, you are suspended… or floating in a weightless environment, but I digress here. But wait… is a “suspended sentence” means what I think it means???

Karen – LocktoberFest3: Riding The Waves

Note: Please be sure to read the two previous parts of this story:

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Karen – Happy Birthday

Part I

(author’s note: I thought this was going to be a 10-15 pages story… turned out to be 45…)

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Karen – Another Wrong House (FINAL – Complete)

This is a sequel to “Wrong House”. Be sure to read that one first.

Feb 20: Done!! 51 pages. I hope it was worth the wait!

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Karen – Cut

It was her fucking day off. It was Saturday. Her boss has called. She had to go to the office to finish a project. The deadline had moved and it needed to be completed THIS Monday, not Monday two weeks from now, like originally planned.

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