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I’m not talking about those current skinny jeans, which can stretch so much you can put both legs in the same tube. No, I’m talking about 80’s era non-stretch jeans, acting almost like a corset, impairing movements of the hips and the legs, a restriction fetishist fantasy.

Karen – The Package

She got to the door of her apartment, panting, her legs burning, but smiling. Climbing five flights of stairs in jeans so tight that she could barely reach each step, add skyscraper high heels, a very tight spandex leotard and a skin-tight leather jacket, and it would do this to you too.

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Karen – The Latex Side of the Moon


The Latex Side of the Moon was a series in a “sitcom format”, originally posted on Deviant Art in 2018. Never extended for lack of interest.

WARNING: SCIENCE CONTENT. It is a SCIENCE-FICTION story with a fetish twist. The S-F aspect of it is bold. If you don’t like S-F stories, don’t read it and then rate “2” because you don’t like S-F. Just plain don’t read it… (or don’t rate it)

This is a revamped version. Some parts of the story have been rewritten to include more details or different points of view from the characters. The 3D art has been renewed and (I hope) improved. Some new images have also been added.

© 2018-2023, monsterp63

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Karen – O.M.G. (Oh My Ghost)

“And a signature here” said the attorney, pointing to the line, but as Karen was about to put the tip of the pen down on the line, he blocked it with his hand.

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Karen – Happy Birthday

Part I

(author’s note: I thought this was going to be a 10-15 pages story… turned out to be 45…)

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