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Well, when some update are done, it’s easy to update everybody on said update by using an update tag.
I think I should update that description.

I Had This Vision

I had this vision last night:

Karen, a cat-lady name Cheshira, a mad hood maker, some pissed-off Dom dressed in red and a silly rabbit in a dress and a silly hat who goes around with a male voice saying “I don’t have fucking time for this shit.”

Am I… crazy (although I’m a certified weirdo) or what?

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Am I At This Point In My Life – Part Deux

September 2022

If you looked and especially read the little Calendar Story posted a few days ago, you might have got the hint of what’s going to happen now that my period of reflection of last summer is over*1.

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Writer’s Block

Or White Page Syndrome, or no fucking kinky idea.

You can call it what you like, the fact remains: The inspirational zone of my brain is totally blank.

That’s why you only get a few images here and there and no story. And this is one of the reasons I don’t go “Patreon” or something similar. I would then have to ‘work’ to produce something because someone is paying for weekly/monthly updates. Although… all contributions are welcome. Alas…

Thanks for waiting.

Oh, that should be a blessing for the one(s) who rate my posts “3”. You won’t have to torture yourself reading them for a while…

Edit: on the contrary: the one(s) who are rating 3 on my posts, would probably rate this one 5, since they won’t torture themselves reading anything.


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