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Well, when some update are done, it’s easy to update everybody on said update by using an update tag.
I think I should update that description.

Am I At This Point In My Life – Part Deux

September 2022

If you looked and especially read the little Calendar Story posted a few days ago, you might have got the hint of what’s going to happen now that my period of reflection of last summer is over*1.

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Writer’s Block

Or White Page Syndrome, or no fucking kinky idea.

You can call it what you like, the fact remains: The inspirational zone of my brain is totally blank.

That’s why you only get a few images here and there and no story. And this is one of the reasons I don’t go “Patreon” or something similar. I would then have to ‘work’ to produce something because someone is paying for weekly/monthly updates. Although… all contributions are welcome. Alas…

Thanks for waiting.

Oh, that should be a blessing for the one(s) who rate my posts “3”. You won’t have to torture yourself reading them for a while…

Edit: on the contrary: the one(s) who are rating 3 on my posts, would probably rate this one 5, since they won’t torture themselves reading anything.


No Story This Week

I know, I’ve been posting a story or a part of one every week or so, but I was too busy last week and worked overtime Saturday all day, so… Just some art from 2020. Didn’t even created one piece of 3D art!

And that is why, to answer a frequent request I have from a friend, I don’t move to OnlyFans or something similar, because I would have to commit to a story on a regular basis.

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