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Pretty much self-explanatory, this tag is used when modifications are made to the website.

Welcome to mp63.ca!!!

Welcome to the brand new, improved, better tasting, homestyle, all natural and in a awesome new package not tested on animals, mp63.ca.

I know, not every change pleases everybody.

This site has been thought differently from the other sites that I had, thanks to my good friend Lady Arsenique, who did an awesome job with the layout.

I’m sure there’s room for improvement. There always is.

I’m sure there’s still a few bugs here and there. There always is.

But before jumping to conclusions, look around, examine the site, the menus, the icons, the pull-down menus. You might find what you’re looking for right there.

  • Latest news brings you “here” where you’re reading this.
  • Latest Content brings you to the latest posts, either 3D Arts or stories.
  • Behind the Scenes is some sort of “about” section, where you can learn more about the author and the characters.
  • The Contact section is where you can write to me and keep in touch.

But there’s more!

  • The Archives pull down menu shows the number of posts available for each month. This thing goes back to 1998!
  • There’s the Categories pull down menu, where, well, you can select the category you’re interested in.
  • The Tag Cloud highlights the themes of the posts. Choosing a tag might bring you down some rabbit hole…
  • Let’s not forget the Search Field. Just be careful what you look for, I mean “high heels” might result in 249 matches out of 250 stories…

Oh, and there are a few Easter Eggs here and there.

And yes, although having gone through multiple revisions and spell checkers, there’s still errors, typos, grammar errors and the like in the stories. I’m doing my best, tho.

You find an error that deserves to be corrected: write to me. I won’t bite, I promise. I might tie you up in a corner, but that’s about it.

And if you do write to me for an error, please, be “specific”, not “There’s a place where you put Lynda instead of Karen” in a 40 pages long story. Try to be more specific, copy the phrase, the paragraph, so I can look for it.

Arsenique says she added the option to upload an image to your message in the contact form. Use it wisely or she will take it back. No lewd pics, OKAY?! XD

Other than that, enjoy the new site. Pretty much everything I have in stories is there. 3D art is a work in progress because, with time, I don’t feel all my 3D creations are worthy of being there.


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