Karen – To the Warehouse!


The lightning storm was still far, but the light created by the lightning bolts could reach the currently empty parking lot. In its flashes, one, looking at the right place, at the right time, would have seen these two shadows, following the chain linked fence, slightly crouched down.

“We have to reach the dumpster,” said a man’s voice.

”I’m doing the best I can,” said a woman’s voice.

The two shadows proceeded carefully, the woman shaped one seemed awkward, walking with strange movements. They reached the dumpster and crouched down as another bolt of lightning lit up the sky, way closer now, making them, for a split second, clearly visible. It was the woman who seemed the weirdest one, especially her head, actually hidden under a hoodie, which appeared like a shiny black blob.

The man carefully peeked his head over the side of the dumpster, the woman kneeling behind him.

“You’re sure about this?” asked the woman.

“Yeah, sure. Don’t sweat it, honey.”

“Don’t sweat it… easy for you to say.” she said giggling.

A few raindrops began to fall, increasing by the second.

“Damn! I’m gonna get all soaked.”

“That’s your problem, not mine” said the woman, giggling again.

“Yeesss….. You love to have the last word, don’t you…” he said, looking at her. “… anyways. See that security camera on top of the post? It’s panning automatically. If you look carefully, you’ll see a red dot come and go. When it’s going, we have 30 seconds to reach the door and get in before it sweeps back and would catch us… Okay… Ready… GO!” he said, launching himself at the same time as the rain began pouring, as the flashes of lightning came closer, lighting the scene.

He reached the door in seconds. Using his backpack as a shelter over his head, he swiped his access card, which unlocked the door, then turned around, expecting to see the woman, but she was barely a quarter of the way toward the door, walking fast, in a strange manner, as if she was on stilts.

“Hurry up!” he said.

“I’m doing the best I can.” she answered.

Frantically looking at the camera, he rushed back to her, scooped her in his arms and ran back to the door.

“You had to run faster.” he said.

“Yeah, I’d like to see you in those. I bet you wouldn’t be able to even stand.” she said, somewhat pissed off.

He carried her inside, barely making it before the camera caught him.

Once inside, he put her back on the ground.

“Thank you.” she said, giving him a wet kiss. “Will you carry me like that in the house the day we will marry?”

“That depends. What will you be wearing?”

She brushed the question off, laughing, then removed the hoodie and sweatpants she was wearing to reveal a very tall and slim woman, tightly wrapped in a pitch black, shiny zipperless latex catsuit. Her waist was crushed by an incredibly tight latex corset. Her feet were encased in kid leather lace-up ballet boots, while her head was covered by a shiny latex hood, leaving holes only for her eyes and mouth.

She already had leather cuffs around her ankles, knees, wrists and elbows as well as a large leather collar around her neck.  Around her waist, was a highly polished stainless steel chastity belt, tightly pushing on her crotch. She looked around and walk with a sexy move of her hips, as if she was pretty much hovering over the floor on her pointed boots, to a nearby rack where she hung her damp clothes.

The man had taken off his jacket and had carelessly put it over his backpack, on the concrete floor. He was walking away farther into the rather huge warehouse. It was half filled with tall racking, 10m high. The room was dimly lit with just a few security lights, but that was enough for what they had come here to do.

“Where are you going, Phil?” asked the woman, in a loud whisper, her voice echoing in the empty building.

“The overhead crane is parked over there. It will only take a minute. You can prepare yourself.” he said.

Soon after, Karen startled at the sound of what seemed like an alarm, but was only the warning horn of the moving huge overhead crane.

She kneeled by the backpack and opened it, retrieving some chain links and a head harness. She proceeded to put it on, pushing the red hard ball deep in her mouth before reaching in the back and tightening it. She loved it tight, almost hurting. She moved her head, up, down, from side to side, to make sure the harness was well in place and comfortable to her liking before taking a series of small padlocks and locking it in place.

She was set, as the release keys were back home.

From time to time, the warehouse was harshly lit by a flash of lightning bolt, from above, through the skylight, creating an eerie environment.

In the meantime, Phil had gotten closer with the overhead crane and was lowering one its two large hooks. Karen was sitting on a blanket she had retrieved from the backpack and had put on the floor, fastening her ankles and knees with heavy duty quick links. By this time, the crane hook was low enough for Phil to take a longer chain and fix it from the ankle link to the hook, adding a lifting sling for safety.

He operated the crane slowly, so that she was gradually lifted up by her feet, dragging on the soft blanket. When her crotch reached his chest, he stopped.

On her chastity belt, coming from within the latex catsuit, through the crotch zipper, was a thin nylon thread. It was attached to two pieces of plastic currently preventing the batteries operating the two huge dildos she had inserted, from vibrating. There was no remote available, except at home, so, once the string was pulled, she was bound (pun intended) to be vibrated for at least four to five hours!

“Well, here we go.” he said, as he gave a sharp yank at the string.

Karen twitched.

“Are they both on?” he asked.

“Efff” she mumbled through her gag.

He smiled. He grabbed her wrists and, using a chain, linked them, through the crotch and the chastity belt, back to the front D ring of the belt. Without a word, he continued hoisting her up.

Just a few feet would have been enough, but Karen wanted to be really high, enlightening her predicament.

He had her pretty much as high as the crane would go and stopped.

Slowly, she squirmed in her bonds, tried to lift herself by bending her knees, making herself gently swing around.

The dim lighting was making sexy reflections on her highly polished latex catsuit. Each lightning bolts adding another layer of spookiness to the scene.

The orgasm was building, quite rapidly. Karen was squirming more and more, and that’s why she needed that crane: Phil had tried to make some kind of frame to suspend her in her apartment, but he was no handyman, and when she began to squirm too hard, the frame collapsed. She ended up with a sore shoulder for a week.

So, she said that she would not do it using homemade supports. She wanted something sturdy, industrial.

That’s when Phil had an idea. He was working at the warehouse of the manufacturing plant. It closes every weekend. That would be perfect. And there they were.

Karen began to move more violently. Being suspended, tightly bound and vibrated, upside down, was a blast. The orgasm built more powerful than she ever experienced, and when she exploded, from Phil’s point of view on the ground, she looked like a fish getting lifted out of the water at the end of a fishing line. He laughed.

When the orgasm subsided, he called up to her.

“You okay? Want to get down?” he asked.

“MO!!” she clearly answered. “FMOFGRE”

“You want more? Well, we have a good part of the night, but we have to get out of here before the sun goes up.

Karen didn’t answer his remark, she simply moaned, louder and louder as another orgasm was building, stronger yet!

Again, she twisted, bent, jumped, swung at the end of the line like a fish out of water.

She was reaching the summit of her third one where there was another lightning strike, but this time, it touched hard and very close.

The whole inside of the warehouse lit up. Sparks flew from the steel roof all over the place, including to the crane where an eerie purple glow wrapped around Karen, on which she squirmed like never before. Then, everything went dark.

Karen screamed, her voice echoing with the last thunder rumblings.But it wasn’t exactly a scream. It was coming from her throat, from her guts. It didn’t sound like pain. It was a very weird sound.

“Karen! Are you okay? Are you hurt?” asked a very concerned Phil, trying to operate the crane with the power out, the warehouse only lit now by the few battery operated emergency lights near the exits. Of course, the crane didn’t respond to his commands.

No answer

“Karen! Shit. Karen, Answer me, please.”

He heard a soft moan, and he saw her move, balancing, gently squirming..

“I’ll get you down, but… I need power… Damn. Hang in there…” then realizing what he had just said. “Just… just stay put…” then, lower to himself: “Stupid, that’s as stupid as the first line…” To Karen again: “I’m… I’m working on a solution here.”

He was looking around for a flashlight, a ladder, gravity boots, jetpacks, anything that could get him up to Karen. His phone rang.

“Hello? Oh, Hi boss… The storm? Yeah, I’ve seen it… The warehouse? Really?… The power is out at the warehouse… okay… NO!, … I mean no need for you to come, I… I  was on the road, I… I parked because it was pouring too much to be safe… I’m merely 5 minutes from the warehouse, I’ll go in to check. Absolutely no need for you to come, I’ll take care of it… Yes… Sure…I’ll keep you posted. Good night.”

He frantically walked around, trying to find a solution. He spotted an extension ladder. It was long enough to barely reach the bridge portion of the crane. He climbed on it and at Karen’s head height, shine his flashlight in her face. She blinked and moaned.

“You okay?” he asked.

She answered by nodding her head in a yes movement while slowly blinking her eyes.

“I saw the lightning wraps around you. Sure you’re okay?”

She nodded yes again, slowly moaning, twisting her hips, evidently still enjoying her situation. Her mouth was dripping with drool, which was running down her latex hood, accumulating on top of her head, slowly beginning to drop on the floor. She was evidently smiling under her large gag. He could still hear the vibrators humming, but they sounded strange.

“I’ll get something to cut the padlock off the head harness. I’ll be right back.”

Karen nodded no, but he didn’t care. He searched through the drawers but all he could find was a small electrical wire cutter. He climbed back to her.

As he tried to reach the harness, Karen moved away, preventing him from doing so.

“You don’t want the gag out?”

She nodded no.

“Well, you have no saying on that now. We’re in a dangerous situation and I need you to be able to freely communicate with me.” he said, stretching dangerously on the ladder, grabbing the harness and pulling Karen closer to him as she was merely an arm length away.

He put the cutters on the padlock and tried as hard as he could, the padlock resisted. After all, they might be small, they are still tempered steel, and he was using small cutters. He gave a last try, and it gave away, but to his dismay, the cutters had given out, breaking in half at the pivot point, not the lock.

“I’m gonna have to cut the straps…” 

He didn’t had time to end his phrase. Karen was twisting enough for him to lose his grip. Again, she nodded no.

He wanted to stay by her, but her feet quickly got tired, standing on the ladder.  Ensuring she was okay, he climbed down and sat near the drool pool she was starting to create.

He could see her moan, twist, struggle in her bounds, having another orgasm. Being all tightly encased in rubber, tightly bound, inverted, was the blast she never thought possible. And there was more.

Phil was beginning to pace back and forth. It’s been over three hours since the power failure. The sun was beginning to rise. Yes, it was Sunday, but people would come in to inspect the warehouse, even if Phil called his boss back claiming everything was fine. An inspection done with a flashlight compared with one in broad daylight was different. Everything is more visible. Everything.

He startled when the power was put back on, almost falling off his chair. He quickly grabbed the remote control for the crane and had a sigh of relief when it worked flawlessly. He got Karen down on the floor. He fondled to remove the quick links to free her, but couldn.

“Damn! They’re stuck… ALL OF THEM. I’ll try to find some tool… What the heck?” he said, as his ears picked up a car door slamming shut. He saw shadows getting by the entrance door, the same he took to come in.

He quickly grabbed Karen by the feet and dragged her out of the way, hiding her behind some empty crates and boxes. He came back from there as the door opened.

“… called me to say that everything was al… Phil? You’re still here? I thought you’ve gone back home.”

“Oh, hi boss, hi Pete.” he said to the two men entering. “Well, I wanted to make sure everything was fine. I was waiting for daylight to bet brighter to do a thorough inspection. I didn’t think the power failure would last that long. I waited at my desk and fell asleep. I awoken a few minutes ago when the power came back.”

“So, verdict?”

“As I said, the power is just back on. I was about to start a round of inspection.”

“We’ll do it together, then. Is that your car, down the road? Why isn’t it in the parking lot?”

“The… The gate wasn’t working.”

“Really? Funny, the generator is supposed to keep it functional. Might be the lightning strike. Pete will look at it later. The security camera in the parking lot is fried. It might be related. Shall we begin?”

“Yes, sure. Okay, why don’t you go check upstairs in the offices and Pete can go have a look at the electrical room. I’ll start by taking a tour of this area. I don’t have the keys for most of the offices anyways.” he said, trying to send them away from where Karen was.

His boss agreed. He began to walk away on his side, while checking for his boss to be out of sight. When he was, he ran to Karen, scooped her, still moaning, and ran out, picking Karen’s clothes his boss hadn’t noticed by the door. He didn’t have to care about the camera, it was easy to notice it was fried, there was nothing much left of it. He carried Karen behind the dumpsters, covering her with her clothes.

“I’m sorry. You’ll have to wait for me here. Try… try to keep it… quiet.” he said, noticing that the vibrators were still running loud. That was strange. Their batteries should be drained by now.

He quickly ran back inside and, for the next hour and a half, they made a tour of the warehouse, even going on the roof, where, if looking carefully, one could see a strange shiny black shape behind the dumpster, almost like wet garbage bags piled up, as Karen had evidently moved and her clothes slipped off of her. Phil’s boss didn’t notice.

They were out. The boss offered Phil a ride to his car, which he accepted, and waited for his boss to be gone before driving into the parking lot, down to the dumpsters. He opened the trunk. It was a small sports car, and all bound up like that, would be difficult to fit in the passenger seat, not counting that her rubber covered head with the gag harness would attract attention at traffic lights.

“Sorry for that.” he said, closing the trunk, then driving off, being very careful. It was not the right time to be pulled over and his car inspected.

He reached home half an hour later. Now, how to get her up to their apartment, on the fifth floor, without attracting attention? He remembered seeing a large cardboard box by the recycling bin. He fetched it. Karen would fit in, but she had to be… fixed.

He got a roll of duct tape from his emergency roadside kit and began to wrap her into a ball tie, then not so gently, lowered her down the cardboard box before taping it shut.

He went to his locker and retrieved a wheeled buggy, grabbed Karen’s box with it and carried it to the service elevator.

Fifteen minutes later, he was taking her out of the box and putting her on the bed.

She moaned as she stretched out on it, the vibrators still humming strong.

Phil retrieved the keys to remove the locks, but none of them opened, it was as if they were… welded shut, fused!

“I can’t take the locks off. I will need to go to the hardware store to get a bolt cutter, but it’s Sunday and it won’t open until 13:00. Still okay in there?”

She nodded a soft yes, again evidently smiling, squirming.

“Fmy fmee fmmuuupff”

“What? Tie me up? Is that what you said?”


“To the bed? You want me to tie you up to the bed?”


“You’re nuts, or that lightning bolt did something to you. I don’t know if it’s for bad or worse…”

He grabbed rope and tied her collar to opposite corners O rings (already there!) as well as her ankles. He was pulling as hard as he could on the rope, stretching Karen tight, and she was asking for more.

“To be any tighter, I would need ratchet straps or something.”

“Gffet kemm”

“You’re serious? Okay, I’ll be right back.” he said, getting down to his locker, fetching two ratchet straps and then back up.

He fixed them, and when Karen was finally satisfied, she was pretty much sinking into the mattress.

He looked at her, and couldn’t help himself. He softly climbed over her, putting his groin on her chastity belt, immediately feeling the still strong vibrations. The added weight sent Karen to another orgasm.

He began to gently rock himself. It wasn’t long before he jerked off, then, rolling on his side, exhausted by the sleepless night, he quickly fell asleep.

 A few hours later, he awoken. The vibrators had stopped and apparently, Karen was sound asleep.

He went to the hardware store and bought the necessary tools, along with a new set of small padlocks.

He removed the ratchet straps, which awoke Karen. He cut all the locks off, including the chastity belt one. Karen walked, like a drunk person, to the bathroom, to come back a long moment later, out of her latex catsuit, covered by a silk bathrobe freshly showered, holding a blackened box in her hand along with two twisted, half melted dildos..

“Is that the battery pack?” he asked.

“What’s left of it.” she said. “I don’t know what that lightning bolt did, but it kind of boosted up the pack, while giving me a shock through the dildos. For the rest of the session, I was vibed stronger than I ever was, and I was shocked from time to time, pretty much at random. Damn, that was awesome.”

“Well, as long as you’re not hurt.” he said, giving her a kiss.

“Oh, I never felt better in my life. I want to do it again.”

Phil startled.

“You what? How do you want me to do that? I can’t create a lightning bolt.” he said laughing.

“No, but, you know, you can get a tens unit, modify vibrators, stuff like that.”

“But I’m no engineer, Karen. I’m a warehouse worker that can barely put a picture frame on a wall.”

They rested for the rest of the day.

It was business as usual for the rest of the week, then, Friday evening, Karen, all clad in tight leather, made it clear she wanted to… abuse her boyfriend. He gladly obliged, getting into his own neck entry catsuit. She tied him on the bed, all stretched out, and played with him until he jerked off and his member became flaccid.

Sitting on his chest, gently rubbing her butt, dildos humming, she played with his dick. He felt something cold on it. He tried to ask a question, but gagged, nothing really came out, and Karen didn’t give any explanation.

Finally, he heard, or rather felt a click and Karen gently slid off of him. He raised his head as much as he could, as his arms were still tied to opposite corners of the bed, and saw something metallic, as well as felt something quite heavy on his cock. He looked at Karen with question marks in his eyes.

“Well, it’s simple. An ordinary orgasm simply doesn’t do it for me anymore. I want the electrifying one. So, as long as I can’t have one, you won’t get any.” she said, dangling a small key on the tip of her latex covered fingers. “Yes, you’re caged. You better start working on it.” she said, laughing, leaving him all bound up, stretched out on the bed.

He had an erection. It was painful.

© Pete / monsterp63, August 2017

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