Karen – Halloween Night


The thick fog was quietly wrapping the area into its whitish blanket, only backlit by the full moon, creating an eerie scene.

In the distance, a dog was howling. Or was it a wolf?

The overly silence of the night was only cut by the rapid succession of the unmistakingly sound of high heels.

Karen was walking fast. She was not really that brave. She couldn’t exactly remember how she got there, but there she was, walking that dark street, passing by that eerie cemetery. Nothing to help her anxiety.

Making rapid but small steps, wiggling her butt in her overly tight skinny jeans. She had her arms crossed, trying to keep her warmth, making her tight leather jacket creak. She was shivering. Her jaws were clacking.

What time was it? She had no idea.

The sounds of the nights were broken by the loud screech of a cat. Moments later, a white cat ran across the street down from where she was. It stopped upon reaching the other side, and sat, looking at Karen. It was a fluffy white furball. Fluffy or… fuzzy?

She slowed down, looking at the cat, at his eyes reflecting the moonlight, making it look like a ghost.

It meowed at her and turned around, slowly walking away, before stopping, meowing some more and starting again. Almost asking her to follow it.

Karen hesitated. That was not helping her anxiety either.

She stood there, cold, shivering, dancing from one foot to the other like a stopped marching band, trying to keep her legs warm, clicking her heels every time, the sound echoing in the night..

“It’s rare you see a cat do that,” she said to herself. “Someone might be in trouble”.

She made a few steps toward the cat and it moved further, waiting for her to get to the same distance before moving away. The mysterious cat was leading her somewhere. But where?

The strange cat then disappeared behind a bush.

“Hello? Kitty? Where are you?” whispered Karen, her steps suddenly unsteady as she left the concrete sidewalk for grass. “Please, come out…” she whispered.

As she passed the bush, she saw the old abandoned building, a few storeys high. The cat was there, by the broken door, waiting for her. Indicating to go inside.

“What the hell is this place?” she asked, but the cat only meowed. 

Slowly, she climbed the few steps leading to the door, and entered, using her arms to remove the spider webs that were covering most of the entrance door.

She pushed the door open and it made a creepy sound before breaking and falling on the floor with a loud noise, scaring the cat away and making Karen jump.

“Kitty? Here, kitty. Where are you?” she asked,  hoping to see the cat back. She didn’t want to be left alone.

The cat was nowhere to be seen. She decided, against her anxiety attack to get in, walking slowly, her high heel boots making crunching sounds as she was walking on debris and broken glass spread across the old floor.

She couldn’t believe what she was doing. She would have never done that. What the hell was happening to her. 

What the hell was happening. Period.

“It looks like a… hospital.” she said.

The only light was the one given by the full moon, an eerie bluish light, entering through the broken window panes.

Nervous, hands damp, and to clean them from the sticky spiderweb, she rubbed them on her thighs, feeling the tight fabric wrapping her legs, making the tight sleeves of her leather jacket creek along, awakening feelings. She just loved her jeans, her clothes, as tight as they could be. She was surprised that she would be… aroused in such a situation.

With every step, her high heel boots seemed to make increasingly louder cracking noises as she walked.

“Kitty? I’m… I’m not staying longer now… Where are you?… Well, too baa.. What the f…” 

She said, as she saw something, or someone moving. It looked like a nurse. Or was it a doctor. It wasn’t very clear. They almost looked like… semi-transparent…

There, again, on the sides of that door, leading to that room. It’s a nurse and a doctor. But what are they doing here?

“Hey! Hello?…” she tried to say and hold her voice at the same time, which came out as a loud whisper, her voice echoing in a creepy way inside the room, but they didn’t turn back. They continued their way, with only the sound of their footsteps.  “Are they deaf or what?” she said as she walked closer, her own crushing footsteps resonating in the large room.

She reached the entrance of that smaller room. Slowly, like afraid they would jump on her, she entered very slowly


But there was nobody. She heard the cat behind her. She turned around and she ended up face to face with the doctor and the nurse. They seemed to be surrounded by an eerie glow. The doctor was sporting a long apron, much like a butcher, and the nurse had a very short and shiny white dress and thigh high, high heel boots! Not your usual doctor and nurse setup. They had both a white hat hiding their hairs. Only the doctor was wearing a surgical mask.

They were all dressed in white. From head to toe.

“Oh… Hi… I’m sorry to… disturb… you…” she said, but they were just looking at her, and smiling. A cold, almost artificial smile. Their skin seemed very oily or shiny, like plastic. Even their clothes looked like plastic. They were simply walking forward as Karen was walking backward.

“Don’t worry.” they said. “We will not harm you.”

They said that together, as one voice with two tones.

But their mouths were not moving. Although the doctor’s mouth was covered by a surgical mask, his jaw didn’t move. They were only smiling. That same, cold, dead smile. Where did that voice come from?

Karen walked backward, the only sound echoing was the sound of her heels crushing broken glass and dirt.

In walking backward, Karen hit a steel gurney that was pressed against a wall, and with them moving forward, she found herself stuck, as they gently pushed her on it.

They didn’t exactly pushed her. Karen actually stepped and sat on the gurney, as if she felt compelled to.

“Don’t worry” they said, again. “We will not harm you.”, again with their unique two-tone voice.

The nurse put her left hand on Karen’s right thigh. She felt it cold, as cold as ice. She wanted to move, to get out, to run away, but her anxiety simply froze her in place.

Everything became fuzzy, turning. It lasted a few moments, or was it a few hours. She couldn’t tell. The only thing she knew was that she was now in another room, that looked like… oh darn… a morgue!

And she was naked.

The doctor and the nurse were there again. The nurse was holding something dark. Well, black and shiny.

“You need to wear this to fully appreciate this night” they said, again, from their perfectly synced voices, as if it was… just one.

They approached Karen’s feet. She didn’t resist. Her brain was a mess. She wanted to run away, but at the same time, she felt compelled to obey, or to accept her fate. As the nurse raised her legs, the doctor began to feed the strange, soft, cold… rubber thing. What the hell was that? Were they feeding her into a rubber sack?

No, she could see sleeves and legs, yet they were putting it on by… the neck? What the fuck was that?

To her surprise, that small hole stretched to engulf her legs, and as the doctor pulled that hole upward her body, the nurse was feeding the legs. Tight legs.

Karen shivered. She loved everything that was tight, and this was… wow.

It even had attached feet with each individual toes made out.

The fabric, the rubber, felt cold to the touch, but seemed to quickly warm up.

The collar, stretched to what she thought was its breaking point, had stopped just below her breasts, while the nurse was still pulling on the legs of the suit.

But something was wrong. There was something inside the suit. She was feeling hard things hitting her inner thighs.

“I… I think you forgot to remove something inside it.” said Karen, from a very faint voice, almost afraid of herself, afraid at the thought of… not being afraid of being stuffed inside a rubber suit by eerie strangers.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you.” said the voice(s) again.

The nurse gently pulled Karen’s legs apart while the doctor looked for the loose things. He found them and gently guided them to Karen’s crotch.

“Just relax. We won’t hurt you.” they said again, as  he pushed those huge things inside her, one for each hole.

Karen gasps. She did play with toys, but never something that big, and never in the back hole. That one proved to be quite disturbing.

She didn’t feel the need to hold back. Those people were playing with her private parts, and she didn’t care? What was wrong with her. Was her anxiety crisis totally robbing her of any decision making thoughts?

She moaned as the intruders were pushed in. Actually, she liked it, and even more when they continued to pull the suit on, stretching the crotch seam upward, pushing further on those intruders as the doctor gently stretched the collar again to feed her arms, one at a time.

When her second arm was pulled inside, the suit rose up her shoulders with a sucking sound, sealing her from the neck down to the tip of her attached gloves and attached toe-socks, squishing her breasts, pulling on her crotch, pushing on the dildos, tightening around her body.

Yes, the suit was tight, and she liked it. It was like a constant massage.

Her breath was shaking as she was breathing in short gasps. That suit was very tight around the waist, and seemed to become tighter, until she actually looked down and she saw them applying something around her waist: a corset.

They gently asked her to get off the table and stand up with her arms up.

She did, which only pulled that one-piece latex catsuit tighter on her crotch.

As she was softly moaning, they fastened the corset around her already thin waist and began to lace it, getting tighter and tighter. She thought she was being crushed in half when they finally stopped and let her go.

She had wide eyes, mouth opened. She rubbed her gloved hands over that smooth, silky, shiny suit that was reflecting the blueish light of the moon in a very sexy way with each movement, even with every short breath.

As they were turning their backs on her, she felt the tightness of her suit over her arms, her legs, the tight corset crushing her waist, the back lacing… nope. There wasn’t any back lacing. The back of the corset was totally smooth, as well as the front. How do they get it on? She was sure she saw, or rather felt them lacing it.

She reached for her crotch, for the intruders. She could feel them, through the harder patched of the suit. No zipper. No way to reach them and take them off without taking the suit off.

Things got an even weirder turn when they turned around, each one holding a long tube that looked like high heel boots, but without heels, and with the toes pointing down.

They invited her to sit. They didn’t say a word, Karen just knew it, and then they proceeded to feed her legs into these strange boots, lacing them tightly up to her knees.

Each one taking one of her arms, they helped her get down from the table, standing on her toes.

Wide eyes, she realized that she could actually do it: she was standing on her toes, like a ballet dancer. She was used to high heels but those were… extreme.

She looked down at her shiny legs, getting a hold of the table, she raised her left leg, to have a better look, at her leg, at the boot, at the light reflecting out of its smooth surface… smooth surface? Didn’t they just lace her in?

Things were getting weirder and weirder. When she raised her head, a puzzled expression on her face, they were there, again, with their plastic-like smile. The doctor was holding what looked like a rubber bag in his hand.

The nurse went behind Karen and began to bundle her hairs as the doctor opened that bag and aimed for her head.

“Don’t worry. We won’t hurt you” they said… again.

The hood was lowered on her head. It too had something huge in the way, which the doctor fed to her mouth, forcing it open, and going deep inside her mouth, almost triggering her gag reflex. The hood had two dark tinted lenses over her eyes.

From behind, the nurse pulled down a zipper, tightening that hood over her head, very tightly, squishing her against her face, forcing her jaw shut, forcing her teeth to enter a groove on the rubber gag, locking it in place. She wouldn’t be able to spit it off, no matter what.

They let go of her, walking away, like preparing something, but as everything else, they seemed to get everything out of thin air, because there was still nothing on the table they were working from.

With her gloved hand, she felt her head tightly encased in this thick rubber hood, feeling the tight smooth surface at the back of her head, going down to her suit where it met but… she felt no zipper. And she should feel her hair somewhere, but it was if it was her skin, directly under the hood.

Panicking, she tried to take the hood off. She fondled around her neck, but she couldn’t find the seam.

The doctor and the nurse turned around again, Karen was slowly walking around the spooky embalming table, her extreme boots crushing more broken glass, making the only crushing sound… the ONLY crushing sound? Yes, she could have heard the doctor and the nurse footsteps, but it was as if they were walking on a perfectly clean floor. How come?

The nurse and the doctor approached Karen with another device, this one being one long triangular tube, again with lacing.

They asked Karen to turn around and put her hands in her back.

What was that? What were they doing? She could have fled, run, well as fast as those extreme boots would allow her, out of there, but somehow, she felt compelled to stay, like hypnotized.

She saw the cat again, jumping on the same working table where the doctor and the nurse were making their devices out of thin air.

They pulled this strange tube, also made of rubber, around her arms, pinning them together. They fed straps from under to over her shoulders, pulling the tube tight against her back, grabbing her arms tightly together.

She just realized that, now she had no way to defend herself. She had no use of her arms. She began to struggle, to try to walk away.

“Don’t worry, we won’t harm you” they repeated, tightening the laces on that strange bondage device, bringing her arms together, making her elbows touch.

She moaned. She couldn’t do anything else.

They had her gently lay on her back on the table and, out of nowhere, a large rubber sheet appeared. They covered her with it.

Karen began to panic, but it was just the beginning. As soon as the latex sheet rested on the table, it began to shrink, as if attracted by an invisible force, wrapping her, pinning her down like a sheet of plastic wrap being vacuum-sucked. Within a few seconds, she couldn’t move. Every time she tried, the rubber sheet was bringing her back in place, like zillions of small elastic bands wrapped between herself and the base of the table.

Then what was inside her began to live, to move, to vibrate, to pulsate, to twist, to grow, to shrink.

Unable to move, she was experiencing a sexual stimulation like she never did before. The pleasure quickly rose, and she totally forgot where she was, how she was set up, how strange and creepy all this was. She was on the edge, and, somehow, those devices knew it. They kept on the edge, getting her just lower, then to the edge again.

She tried to arch her hips. She succeeded, but it was like *they* sensed it, lowering their frequencies, their pumping, to keep her on the edge.

This was devilish. She was kept there, for what seemed like a long time. She was panting hard, struggling against her bonds, trying to screw herself by moving.

Suddenly, the orgasm grew again, powerful, she was about to cross the fence when her air supply was cut off.

She struggled for air and at the same time, the devices gave her the last push.

The orgasm came hard and extremely powerful. From the outside, firmly held down by the vacuum cover, she was barely moving, but from the inside, she was experiencing a 10 scale earthquake, mixed with a hurricane and a volcano eruption.

Her crotch was on fire. Her lungs were on fire. Her brain was… goo.

As the orgasm died down, she relaxed, feeling again the compression of her latex catsuit, the tightness of her vacuum confinement.

She drifted into the dreamless world of exhaustion.

Her brain was slowly coming back, with her thoughts: “Damn! That was so good! But what the  hell happened?”

She opened her eyes. Everything was dark. Not exactly dark, but black. She still had her arms tied in her back in that strange sleeve, but she didn’t feel pressed down like when the vacuum was applied.

She rolled on the side and the latex sheet that was covering her slipped down.

She looked around: she was alone. Perhaps the doctor and that nurse were just in the next room.

Slowly, she managed to put her feet and legs over the wide border of the embalming table. She struggled with her hands in her back, to keep a hold while she let herself slowly down the table, on her strange pointed toe boots.

She stood up. She was unsteady, but she could barely believe that she was able to do it.

Her tensed legs, her tensed buns only squeezed the large intruders she had inside her, every step making them move, bringing… pleasure.  Yes she liked it. It was a total surprise to herself, but being confined like that didn’t make her panic. No, she liked it. It was as if she was in the middle of her own small cocoon, experiencing everything a thousand times stronger, like if she was isolated… wait a minute. Was that the sensory deprivation she heard about?

She was now by the exit doors. She walked out in the corridor. On her right, the outside world. On her left, more rooms. 

Would they be there? Does she want to see them?

One thing for sure, she couldn’t go back home like that. Well, yes, perhaps, but for that she would have to know where the hell she is right now, because that neighborhood was unknown to her.

Confidently walking on her toes, to her own surprise, she chose the path toward the street, walking along the narrow sidewalk. It was not easy to keep her balance with her arms in her back. She had to slightly bend forward, and walking with those extreme boots, had to walk one feet directly in front of the other, which squeezed her thighs with some… quite desirable effects.

She was feeling another orgasm build up. Really? Could it be?. The smell of rubber, the tightness of the overall outfit, ehr head encased, the gag, the toys, the corset.

All this was all so weird.

She was feeling the wind hitting her. She felt the cold of the air, but she didn’t felt the air itself. That rubber thing was making strange things.

She was now standing in the middle of the street, turning in a circle. She was alone. From a distance, only her soft moans, the rubber creaking and her heels clicking could be heard.

The fog came back, in a large wall, softly wrapping her. When she faced the old hospital, she saw them, looking at her through a broken window.

She wanted to go back, but she just couldn’t move. It was like the fog was holding her.

She felt cold, wet, shivering. The fog engulfed her, her vision getting whiter and foggier.

Dizziness grabbed her and she fell backward, so the thought. She was preparing for the shock of hitting the ground.

But instead, she felt the softness of her… pillow?

She was cold, shivering. She pulled the bedsheets over her head, but it only made things worse. She felt… damp.

Did she pee in her bed, or was it this time of the month… already? And it didn’t wake her up?

Eyes wide in horror, she threw the bedsheet away and sat on the bed.

There was a large damp spot on the bed, at her crotch, but it wasn’t pee, and it wasn’t blood. She put her finger on it and brought them to her nose to smell… How the hell!

She didn’t remember having any wet dreams… although… scenes of a dark street, a strange doctor and a nurse, a strange rubbery suit, being held down by some invisible force and…

Nah. She was not a freak like those weirdos who dress up in rubber clothes and tie-up each other. No. She liked vanilla sex. She liked the classic things. She didn’t even like tight clothes.

As she looked up at her window, there was a shadow outside. The shadow of a cat. She pushed the curtains away and there it was, the white cat, sitting on the ledge of her window… ON THE THIRD FLOOR!!! How the heck did it get there?

The animal was simply sitting, staring at her.

Then it meowed. Karen felt a shiver run down her spine.

She turned around to look for something to hit the window with, to make the cat go away. She grabbed her pillow but when she turned around, the cat was gone.

She tried to find it. She was on the third floor. There was nowhere for the cat to hang on. How did it get there? Where did it go?

The sun was already up, lighting the colors of the trees, and the many leaves that had fallen on the ground. Fall was a pleasure for the eyes.

Fall. Halloween…

She put on her favorite mom’s jeans, three sizes too large sweater and flat shoes and headed downtown for a classic pumpkin spiced latté, the crave of the season, then, beverage on hand, decided to stroll on downtown streets, on that sunny Saturday morning.

She felt good but… there was something. She kept pulling on sweater, pulling on her pants, trying to get them higher… tighter? Nah. She hated anything that was too tight.

Construction work on the sidewalk had her make a right turn, for a detour, through a narrow street she never walked before.

As she was walking past it, her path was cut by a cat. That same white cat that was at her window. It went running from a small alley, and ran directly in through an opened door.

She had again those flashbacks of a strange dream, where she was wearing tight jeans, then that strange latex catsuit, and being vacuum-bring-to-extasium!

She became hot, aroused, biting her lower lip, lost in her thoughts, her memories, her dream.

Suddenly, her mom’s jeans were uncomfortable. Her flat shoes were hurting, her sweatshirt…

What the fuck was happening?

When she reopened her eyes, she had walked across the street and was standing by the opened door. She didn’t recall walking that street. Was she dreaming?

The cat was there, inside, on the counter, licking its front paw. It meowed.

Again, a shiver ran along Karen’s spine.

She was staring at the cat. 

“May I help you?”

Karen jumped and stared at the cat.

“Ahem… over here? The cat doesn’t talk.” said a soft woman’s voice.

Karen blinked and looked. It was a tall woman, with black hair and dressed in a very tight fitting black leather catsuit, standing on incredibly high, high heel boots.

“The… The cat.” said Karen.

“His name is Salem.” said the woman. “And I’m Lynda. Is… Is the cat a problem? I can send him away if you like. Not everybody likes cats.”

“What? Oh, no. I have no problem with cats, it’s just that, he… Oh my gawd!” exclaimed Karen, while seeing, by the side of that strange woman, a doctor wearing an apron, and a nurse, in a shiny dress and thigh high boots. “THEM!!! Who are they and what are they doing here?”

Lynda startled.

“Those? They are mannequins. Really beat-up ones, I must say.”

“What are you doing with them?” asked Karen.

“I sell latex clothes,” said Lynda. “Please come in. I don’t have any display windows, so only a few people know about this place.”

Karen fully entered the store and was struck by the strong smell of rubber and leather. On nearby racks, pants, jackets and full suits. On the nearby wall, rows and rows of high heels shoes and boots. On the far wall, strange masks that seem to completely cover the head. To the right, cages, crosses and other stuff.

“Geesh. That place doesn’t seem that big from the outside.” said Karen.

Lynda simply giggled.

“Would you like to try something?”

“I…” began Karen, looking at the floor “you will think I’m crazy but I had a weird dream last night…”

“Me? Think you are crazy? I suggest you look again at this place.” said Lynda, laughing.

“Yeah… right.” said Karen, realizing the situation. “Do you have, I mean, is it possible to have one of those rubber suits,” she said, touching latex clothes on the closest rack, feeling how smooth it was “without zippers. I mean, you have to put it on through the neck. Is it possible?”

“Oh, absolutely. They’re called neck entry catsuits. Would like to see them? They’re right here.” said Lynda, walking to a nearby rack with lots of hanging full suits. Every move she was making made the tight leather creak on her. 

Karen could hardly believe someone would wear something that tight. She approached the rack and touched the suits with her hand, again feeling how smooth it was. She shivered. She… liked it. She closed her eyes and she saw herself in that strange morgue room, in that full latex suit.

“Would you like to try one?” asked Lynda, getting Karen out of her day dream.

“I… I don’t know… I… suppose.”

Lynda estimated Karen’s size and picked a black suit, and directed her to a changing booth.

“Just use a lot of lubricant. And don’t worry about… body fluids. The suit has a protecting layer at the crotch.”

Karen entered the large dressing booth. She reviewed how it was put on in her dream and tried the same approach, but by herself this time. It was relatively easy, and she actually found fun the fact that each toe was individually wrapped in rubber.

When she reached the crotch section, she felt something inside the suit.

“Err… Lynda? There are… things in the suit.”

“Sure! Insert them. They’re real… kicker.” she said, taking a low sultry voice for that last word.

Not used to having things inserted like that, Karen went slowly, only to awakened hidden desires. She blushed as she got the suit higher and when she put her last arm in it, making the suit slide up, pulling at the crotch. She let out a little yelp.

“Yes, always surprising the first time.” said Lynda. “Just come out when ready.” she said.

Karen walked out, red faced, rubbing her hands over her shiny breasts that were stretching the rubber, down to her thin waist, to her hips. She nervously put her hands in her crotch, only feeling the hard plugs. No hole. No zipper.

“You look simply wonderful.” said Lynda, directing Karen to a long mirror.

Karen startled. It wasn’t her. Well, it was her, but it wasn’t… Her body looked fantastic, all deep black and shiny, the tiniest light reflecting on it. For some reason, she was keeping her foot high, on her toes.

“Oh, those scream for high heels. I think I have just what you need.” said Lynda, going by the shoe rack and taking two long leather tubes.

“Here, try those. They’re called ballet boots. Looking how you keep on your toes, they’re what your feet want.”

Karen was too stunned to speak. She sat on a nearby bench, which only managed to push the huge intruders deeper in. Bending down to put on the boots didn’t help, and she was more and more aroused by the minute.

Lynda helped her by putting the extreme boots on and lacing them tightly, then helped her get up on her feet.

Karen stumbled for a few moments before steadying herself.

“Wow! Amazing. You are really made for those boots. Please, walk around… Wonderful. You seem to have the hang of it.” said Lynda, as Karen was pacing back and forth as if she was wearing sneakers. Each step moving the dildos, and with those strange boots, she had to walk with her butt tight, squeezing the intruders even deeper in. She was getting really hot.

As she walked, she approached the row of crosses and frames. She backed to the X frame and spread her arms upward.

“Is this how it’s used?” said Karen, not believing that she was doing it. It was as if someone else was in her body. She would never have said that. Being tied up was not a fantasy of her.

“Yes, something like that.” said Lynda, approaching and fixing leather cuffs on Karen’s wrists and ankles, spreading them, binding Karen to the frame.

Karen pulled on her bonds, struggled to get free. It only aroused her even more.

“And you do like bondage. Did it before, I’m sure.” said Lynda.

“No… No, it’s my first time. I don’t know what’s coming over me. Maybe… Maybe I should go.” she said, pulling on her arms, but she was stuck. “Please, release me.” she said.

“What? No way. If you never tried it before and with your reaction, you HAVE TO really try it. Let… Let me add this.” she said, walking to the row of strange masks, taking what seemed like a heavy helmet.

She approached Karen. “This is a sensory deprivation helmet. I’m sure you’ll like it.” she said as she put the heavy rubber garment over Karen’s head, not taking her weak protests into consideration.

Karen felt the rubber glide on her face, a loose rubber bag dangling in front of her mouth. Wanting to move it away with her tongue, she opened her mouth, which only allowed it to move inside as Lynda was fastening the mask on.

The eyes were completely blocked. It felt somewhat loose until Lynda began to use the attached pump, inflating the inner layer, making it tighter and tighter, cutting all sound. Karen felt her world getting smaller with every pump.

Then her mouth began to fill as the loose bag began to inflate, filling it, pushing deep into her mouth, silencing her completely.

She couldn’t see, nor hear. The only smell was of strong rubber.

She felt something hard being pressed against her crotch. She pulled on her restraints but to no avail.

Then, it started to vibrate. Lynda had put a vibrator on a pedestal aimed at her crotch.

Karen’s brain was immediately on fire. Sensory deprivation my ass! She thought. She was feeling her body, the tightness of the latex suit, the sweat building up, her bound arms and ankles, and especially the vibration at her crotch, all seemed to be amplified.

The orgasm grew rapidly. She was trying to tone it down, to reject it. She was not about to have an orgasm in a store. No way.

But everything was too strong. The orgasm engulf her like a tornado, fucking her brain out like never before. Electricity ran up and down her whole body as if each cuff had been plugged to a thousand volts line.

She was shaking in her bounds, struggling against them, which only emphasized her orgasm, getting more powerful. She would throw her hips forward, to put more pressure on the vibrator. The orgasm only went on, and on, like non-stop fireworks, exploding in a series of bright flashes and loud bangs.

This was intense. Too intense. Her brain short circuited and she lost it, fading away in the blackness of nothing.

She was shivering. The soft satin sheets of her bed were slowly moving under the soft breeze. She opened her eyes. She was feeling… damp. In horror, she removed the sheets from her only to realize there was a large wet spot at her crotch, but it didn’t smell like pee. Oh no. This was the result of a… wet dream?

She vaguely remembered her dream, entering that strange shop with all this rubber clothing in it, being bound to a cross…

That was weird. That was gross. She would never do that. She was just to posh for that.

She got up from her bed, in her luxury bedroom, filled with satin, lace and other expensive items. The wind was blowing her rich curtains out. She saw something outside. She walked to the window, her silk pajamas whistling in the wind. There it was: a cat. A white cat. On her lawn. Worse, in her flowers! How dare he?

She banged on the window but the cat simply looked up. She hurry outside, passing her richly furnished living room, opening the large oak door to her large garden. Yes, she was disgustingly rich, and she had her standards. And a cat in her flowers was not part of it. When she reached the place, the cat was gone.

Mumbling profanities against the cat, she walked back inside. She had to get off her wet pajamas. 

She took a shower and dressed up with a soft and light silk dress and cute shoes with high heel pumps. Classic. She brushed her long brown hairs to perfection and applied make-up. She had to be perfect, wherever she was going.

The day wasn’t too cold or hot, although it was fall. The sun was shining. She just added a small jacket to her outfit, keeping her pretty, but warm. She drove her electric car downtown to the park, where she loved to walk by the sea on the long stone paved sidewalk. She loved the marine air.

She was walking, daydreaming, recalling that strange dream, where she was wearing a tight fitting… rubber suit? Come on. Who would wear something like that. This was so inappropriate. Yet… it gave her a strange shiver, she felt… pleasure.

“Ah, come on.” she said to herself.

Something brushed against her legs, making her snap out of her daydream. She screamed as she startled, only to see a white furball run away.

“A cat! Damn!” she said.

She realized at the same time that with her daydreaming, she had walked long past where she intended to turn around. Looking in the direction where the cat had run, she realized that she was quite near her best friend Lynda’s place.

She changed direction and headed for Lynda’s luxury apartment complex. She rang the buzzer.

“Yes? Who’s this?”

“Hi, Lynda. It’s Karen. I happen to be in the neighborhood. Would you care to join me for a coffee?”

“Oh, hi, Karen. Actually, I’m sort of busy right now but… hey, why don’t you come in? I’m getting the door for you.” she said, pressing the button, releasing the lock on the building’s door.

Karen entered, took the elevator to the 12th floor. She thought that she would never live there, especially that, when counting the balconies, that floor was in fact the 13th level. 

The elevator stopped and the door opened. Lynda’s loft was just three doors down. She knocked and Lynda opened, startling Karen.

“What the fuck are you wearing?” asked Karen, looking at her friend, sporting a shiny black catsuit and high heels boots.

“It’s my costume for tonight’s halloween.” she said, turning around showing it to Karen. Well, showing that the costume wasn’t hiding much. “I’m going as catwoman” she said.

“What… is this stuff?” asked Karen, approaching and touching the silky smooth fabric.

“It’s latex.” said Lynda, turning again, and moving, showing how stretchy it was. It was also very shiny, reflecting every light.

“Latex, like… rubber? How strange.” said Karen.

“But it’s so comfortable. Say, I have another one. I took two models. That other one is a little too tight on the waist for me, but it will be perfect for you. We’ll go as catwoman’s buddies! She said, picking up cat’s ears and putting them on.

“I’m not sure…”

“Ah come on! It will be fun. Take this!” she said, handing her a lump of smooth rubber. Karen turned it around on all sides.

“How the hell do you put this thing on? Where’s the zipper?”

“Oh, there’s none.  You put it on feet first through the collar. Come on, get naked, I’ll show you.”

Knowing each other since their childhood, there was no barrier between them to get naked. Karen stripped down to her underwear.

“No, everything!  Now, cover yourself with this.” she said, handling a bottle.

“Oil?” asked Karen as she began to spread it on her soft skin.

“And be generous. Good, now sit here and…” began Lynda while feeding the suit up Karen’s legs, astonishing her at how wide that collar thing could stretch.

Karen felt weird at the touch of the strange fabric, having flashbacks of her dream, putting one. She helped Lynda with it.

“Oh, looks like you put one before.” said Lynda with a wink.

“What? No, Never. I swear.”

“I don’t believe you. You know too much what to do.”

“Well, there was this dream…”

“I knew it… wait. Did you said dream? You dreamed about it?”

“Yes, last night. A very strange dream, where I walked into that shop full of latex clothes and I tried one.”

“Wow. heck of a premonition dream. Okay, now, don’t worry, there’s toys in there so… spread your legs.” she said with a wink.

Karen blushed but she felt the intruders. She pushed them in, thinking about her dream. She was so in it she didn’t realize that Lynda had put her arms in and the fitting was done until the suit slid and tightened around her neck with a sucking sound.

“Wow! You look stunning.” said Lynda.

Karen was frozen in place. The sudden pull on the intruders had unexpected effects. This wasn’t a dream this time. She felt it for real. With each breath, she had to fight the tightness of the latex over her chest. She looked at her hands, her fingers to tightly wrapped in the stretched latex that each knuckle could be made out, looking like tar fingers.

Her breath began to shake as she ran her hands down from  her breast, to her tiny waist, to her hips, to her crotch. Eyes closed, she breathed heavily.

“Want me to leave you alone?” 

Karen startled and came back to reality. Lynda was looking at her with an amused smile.

“For someone who never wore a latex catsuit, you sure are getting aroused.” said Lynda.

Karen blushed. Yes, she was getting aroused, against all her beliefs!

“I… I… I…” was all Karen could say.

“Don’t worry. I know what this is all about. Hey, say, why don’t you try the boots? They sent them by mistake. I’m about to return them. Here, have a look.” said Lynda, retrieving two long tubes from a box.

“Those are boots?”

“Yes, Ballet boots. Here, try them.” she said, almost pushing Karen on the sofa.

The sudden movements, and especially the fall on the soft leather covered sofa pushed the dildos in, creating a quite interesting effect. Karen moaned.

“Liking it, right? Okay, point your toes… okay good. Let me lace that one first, then… okay the next one. Perfect. One last knot.. Voilà! What do you think?”

“This is somewhat… extreme. You expect me to walk in that?”

“I dunno. Try it.” she said, offering a helping hand.

Helped by the sofa, Karen struggled to get up, and to everyone’s surprise, she managed, relatively easily.

“You’re going to tell me that you never wore boots like that before?”

“That’s true. Unless you count that strange dream.”

“Yeah, right. I wonder if it was really a dream, here. Looks like you had lots of practice.” she said, watching Karen walk as if she was on sneakers.

While Karen was concentrating on her walk, Lynda went away to return, walking slowly, sneaking behind Karen with a devilish smile.

“Why don’t you try these.” she said, swiftly cuffing Karen’s hands in her back.

“What are you doing? Let me go”. Said Karen.

“No way, and you better stop complaining.” she said, forcing a huge red rubber ball inside Karen’s wide open protesting mouth, silencing her, tightening the multiple straps of the harness, pulling the ballgag deeper in. 

Although she was panicking, she felt aroused even more now that she was tied up and gagged. Lynda wrapped a leather collar around her neck and pulled on the attached leash.

“Here, come. I have a surprise for you.”

Lynda led Karen to another room, what was supposed to be a guest room, but there was something odd about it. She led Karen under a hanging chain, linking it to a ring on the top strap of her head harness ballgag.

She then had Karen spread her legs as she attached a wide bar, forcing her legs wide open. She finally operated a button that pulled on the head chain, stretching Karen up until her feet were barely touching the floor.

Karen moaned. Lynda approached with a blindfold she snapped over the head harness, cutting her sight off.

Karen struggled but she was too secured. She only managed to move the intruders, stimulating her. She didn’t believe she was suddenly so open with her friend.

She was starting to relax. Nothing was going on. Then, all hell broke loose as something vibrating was firmly pressed against her crotch. Karen screams were muffled by the gag.

Oh, that was good, and while she was getting vibrated down there, Lynda was massaging her ample breasts, through their soft rubber cover, pinching them, squeezing them, pressing them, pinching them.

Karen struggled, but she only managed to balance, getting away, then closer to the vibrator. She could hear Lynda giggling.

The vibrations became more intense. Karen could feel the layer of sweat forming between her skin and the catsuit, slowly sliding downward, creating a little tickling sensation, arousing her even more. The orgasm was quickly building up, but as she was about to explode, Lynda pulled the vibrator off.

“Not this fast, let’s  have some more fun.” she said, playing with the vibrator, moving it around her crotch, gown her inner thighs, over her butt, up around her waist, back in front, up to her breasts, then gently down to her crotch, thighs, playing around, teasing her.

Karen was moaning. She wanted more. She wanted to explode. This was so good.

Lynda kept teasing her for what seemed like eternity, sometimes pressing hard the vibrator against the dildos for quite some time, only to completely remove it, leaving her there, without any kind of stimulation.

She was panting, the smell of rubber and sweat filling her senses, the constant pressure of the latex, the struggle to breath through the gag, the relentless vibration… she exploded, her body shaking so much Lynda thought she was to rip the pulley system out of the frame of the building.

From Karen’s point of view, she was a mess of pleasure, frustration, hormones and joy. She never felt something so powerful in her life, and Lynda was continually pressing the vibrator against her, forcing a second orgasm, which was way too much for her, as she fainted into darkness.


On the hospital bed, the body was shaking violently, held in place by thick tan leather cuffs and straps linked to the sturdy frame of the bed. A large strap was running under her ankles around the mattress, where her ankle cuffs  were attached, legs slightly apart. Another similar device was used to secure her knees. A wide strap was circling her tiny waist while her wrists were attached to the sturdy bed frame, on her sides.

A large head harness was holding her head still, with straps linked to the side and top. She had a mouth protector, a leather plug going inside the mouth to prevent her from biting her tongue. She was heavily shaking, putting the restraints to their limits.

“Doctor! Doctor! She’s at it again!” said a nurse, on the edge of panic.

The doctor rushed in, but all he could do was watch the restrained woman as her body seemed to achieve the maximum level of struggling before slowly going back down, until there were no movements at all, and her breathing slowed down to a relaxed state.

“Oh, you’re new here. It’s okay, nurse. She does that from time to time. Just check her diaper and clean it if necessary.” said the doctor to the nurse.

“Why, did she pee… Ew… That’s not pee that’s… juice?” said the nurse, puzzled. “Did she just had… sex?”

“Well, that’s the weirdest case I had so far. Apparently, she was in the middle of a sexual stimulation session, self operating a vibrator, when her cat, a white male cat, came in running, knocking over a lamp which fell down on a nearby table where she had a glass of water. That water fell down on a power strip, where the vibrator was plugged. A short circuit ensued, which followed the vibrator down to… her, where she was electrocuted while having an orgasm. That’s what the investigation came out with.

And she’s been like that since that time. She might be about 12 to 24 hours relaxed, then she would go into that uncontrollable jerking state, where we have to keep her heavily restrained so she wouldn’t hurt herself. We were never able to get her out of there. She seems to have… wet dreams day after day.”

“Oh… wow… And when did that happen?”

“On Halloween.”

“On Halloween? But it’s in a week.” said the nurse, puzzled. “Oh, you mean…”

“Yes… Two years ago…”

“Hey! What the fuck!” said the nurse, jumping back as a white fluffy cat jumped on the bed and curled up between Karen’s bound ankles. “What is a cat doing here?”

“That’s the cat that created the mishap.” said the doctor. We’ve thrown it out a few times, but he weasels his way back. So, we let him come. He sleeps there, and when she begins to struggle, he gets off and disappears, only to come back when everything has calmed down.”

“Oh… Weird.” said the nurse.

… While sitting on the wet spot on her bed, trying to figure out what the hell happened, she saw a cat, a white cat, on the ledge of her window. It was nothing special, she was living in a basement, in her small apartment. That’s all she could afford. When she closed her eyes, she had flashbacks of a strange dream, where she was bound and was wearing a rubber suit? What the hell…

© Pete / monsterp63, October 26, 2018

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