Karen – A Fantasy Story


“ Ah… The perfect jeans chase again” Thought Karen upon entering the small remote town. She has been looking for the perfect pair for a long time, and was never able to find THE perfect pair of tight jeans. They were too tight at the waist, and not enough at the hips, or too tight at the thighs, and not enough at the waist, or too narrow at the bottom. Never perfect. And they were rarely tight enough, and when they were, the zipper would break, or the seam would rip-off.

She parked the van, and got out. Only a few people here and there on the sidewalks.

That day, as always, she was wearing jeans tight enough to attract attention, especially in a small village like this one, but surprisingly that didn’t seem to be the case. It was almost like they didn’t care, or that they’ve seen a lot of women wearing jeans that tight.

She stopped in front of the store. “The Jeans Emporium”. Sounds kind of flashy, she thought. She had seen a small ad in the newspaper about that store. She found it odd, since it was about 500km away from the city where the newspaper was printed. Not exactly a regional thing. 

She made sure her light blue cotton-lycra halter top was well in place, looked down at her heeled shoes, and opened the door of the small boutique.

A young girl was getting out. Karen evaluated her age at 16, no more. She was wearing a very tight pair of acid-wash jeans, and she was definitely learning to walk in those. But she had a very large smile on her face. She nodded Karen on the way. Karen responded the same.

“Her first pair.” said a woman from the back of the store.

“Sorry?” said Karen.

“That her first pair of tight jeans. Her mom would not allow it until she reached 16. Today is her birthday. She’s 16.”

“She looks quite happy,” said Karen.

“She sure is,” said the lady. “She’s a true wearer. She knows what it is, and she likes it.”

Karen had a look at the lady. Stretch long sleeve shirt, platform running shoes, but looked like they had a 4 inches heel elevation, and a pair of very tight dark blue jeans.

“And how may I help you, Karen?” she said with a soft voice.

“Well, I read an ad about your store in a news… Hey, how do you know my name?”

We know a lot of things Karen.”

“Do you know why I’m here?”

“But of course, since we made it happen. But you have to tell us to get it.”

We? Us? Who are You?”

“We’ll keep it to a bunch of people dedicated to making others happy. But that’s not important. Not for now anyway. Now, tell me what you’re here for.” she said without losing her warm smile.

“Err, well… Oh, what the hell. I’m here to get a pair of the Perfect Tight Jeans. The ones that will be awfully tight, evenly from the thighs to the waist, that will not break apart, and that will not hurt, that will make me look great. The Perfect Pair that I will want to wear all the time, and never want to take off.”

“Well, that was easy, wasn’t it?” said the lady with a broad smile. “Let me go check if we have a pair in your size.” she said before disappearing behind a curtain.

Karen stood there, startled. Where had all that she just said came from. She never meant to say that. Yes, it was how she felt, but she just wanted to ask for a pair of tight fitting jeans. She never intended to spill her guts like that.

The lady came back with a pair of faded blue jeans, and handed them to Karen.

“Wow, said Karen while taking them. They feel heavy.”

“Don’t worry about that,” said the lady. “Why don’t you go try them?” she said, pointing at one of the dressing rooms.

Karen went and came back a few minutes later.

“Well, the length and waist are okay, but they are way too loose.” she said, shaking the loose denim hanging from each side of her hips. “I think you misunderstood. I would like to have TIGHT jeans, more like the one I was wearing when I came in, or the ones you’re wearing”

“You’re wearing the same model I am,” said the lady. “It’s just that they haven’t been activated yet”.

“Activated? What are you talking about?”

“Come here.” she said, while getting a piece of paper out of a drawer. “Sign this, and the jeans are yours.”

Karen looked at the paper. It was filled up with text from an alphabet she hasn’t seen before.

“I won’t sign this. I don’t know what it means. Are you making fun of me or what? Listen, I came here for a pair of tight jeans…”

“No you haven’t” cut the lady, strong and hard. “You came here for The Perfect Pair of Very Tight Jeans. Do you want it? If yes, sign this, and I’ll explain everything after. If not, give me back the pants and get out. But you will never be able to change your mind and come back. This is your one and only chance.”

Karen looked at the paper, let out a sigh and picked the pen.

“I hope I won’t get myself in any tro… what the heck is going on?”

As soon as she had signed the form, the jeans began to contract, getting tighter and tighter. She felt them compress her waist, hips and thighs, like if they were in a vise.

“Oh my god! That’s…”

When she couldn’t stand it any longer, the compression stopped. Karen stood there panting, eyes out. She looked at the lady who was repressing a laugh.

“Satisfied?” she asked with a smile.

“Y… Yes” panted Karen, looking for air. “What happened? How is this possible?”

“I’m unauthorized to give any answer for that. All I can say is that the jeans will react to exactly what your mind wants, and you’ll be surprised at what it wants sometimes.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’ll learn as you’ll wear them.”

“How much will all this cost me? Maybe I can’t afford it.”

“Oh yes you can, and you just paid for it, when you signed the paper. As a matter of fact, you’re going to pay for it for the rest of your life.”

“What? How much? I refuse. I want to cancel that… whatever I signed”

“First of all, Karen, that’s impossible. And second of all, it’s not going to cost you any money. In fact, you might well save some, since you won’t have to, or rather won’t want to buy any other jeans ever. We don’t want money. We thrive on emotions. On emotions of pleasure. What you signed stated that you will give us a small amount of your pleasure in exchange for our services. You see, you didn’t find us, we made you come. We know that you will feel enough pleasure wearing these that even if you give us some of it, you won’t be affected. Now, go on with your life, and enjoy it as much as possible. And don’t worry about the jeans, you will never wear them out. Goodbye Karen. Nice knowing you.”

The lady went back behind the curtain. Karen followed her a few seconds later, but there was nobody. The small back room was empty, and there was no other door. She came back in the store, back to the dressing room. She put on her high heels back, picked up her old jeans, and froze.

“Hey. Those are so tight, I shouldn’t have been able to bend to get the shoes, yet I was able… How can…”

She tried to bend down again, but was restrained by the tight jeans. She was limited to the movement jeans that tight would allow. “The jeans will do whatever my mind wants,” she thought. “This is weird.

She got out of the store, and back into her van. Again, the jeans worked to let her sit, always keeping the right amount of pressure, so that she’s able to do what she has to do, with a maximum of pleasure.

She drove off. A few kilometers away, she has a thought. “How can I reach them if anything happens?” She turned around and headed back for the village. When she reached it, there was nothing. Just a field, no house, no people, and no jeans store. She got the roadmap she had to guide her to the village, but it wasn’t on the map anymore. And the ad on the newspaper? Replaced by a real estate ad. Was it just a dream? A look at her tightly enclosed legs gave the answer. She drove away.

“That can be very interesting.” she thought. “I only wish my red leather jeans were that tight”. Then she heard some kind of creaky noise, and felt something on her legs. She looked down and almost drove off the road. The denim jeans were replaced by bright and shiny red leather jeans, just as tight.

She drove back home. On the walk from the van to her house, there was a small wind chill. She took her denim jacket that was laying in the van and put it on. 

“All that would be missing now, is a jacket that would go along with those pants.” she said to herself.

On the front porch, there was a box in brown paper wrapping. The return address stated “The Jeans Emporium”. She rushed into the house, and opened the box. Inside, was a small paper. “We forgot this…” and in the box, a denim jacket. Karen put it on, and it compressed her to perfection before changing to leather, like the pants. Karen was enjoying every moment of it. She “tried” a few models, thinking of them, and the pants took the appropriate properties; denim, leather, cotton, PVC, thick spandex, latex, she even tried steel, but that was way too stiff… although interesting. Then a sexy thought… How about the tight denim with a vibrating crotch?

Her eyes rolled out as she let herself down on the bed.

Somewhere, in the vast universe, a species of aliens was receiving a big load of emotion rush… And everyone was happy.

© Pete / monsterp63, Sept 9, 1999

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