For a Good 2022


“As you can see, we’re all training really hard to give you the best predicaments for 2022.”

So, I raise my glass to the greatest 2022 of all time*, best wishes, health and wealth to everyone.


*Well, there was a 2022BC, right? And according to the Chinese calendar, we’re heading for the year 4719 (so they’ve had a 2022 some 2700 years ago), also year 230 according to the French Revolutionary calendar, 1443 by the Islamic calendar, 2563 by the Buddhist one, and according to the Cosmic calendar, we are in the year 4.543 billion (+/- 50 millions)… I would bet that the Cosmic year 2022 was not all that good…

Yeah… One drink too many already.

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One thought on “For a Good 2022

  1. Hello Pierre,

    I wish you a good year too.

    Thank you for all the great art you had produced for us. And of course I hope there will be more.

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