Karen – One Rainy Night


The first encounter.

She was soaking wet. Her car had broken down on that deserted road, during that pouring rain. She had waited, but no one else had come. 

“You’re in deep shit this time Lynda.” She said to herself. “I think it’s time you seriously look for a new car.” She added out loud with a sigh.

It was the middle of the night. Her best hope was to find a house. She remembered seeing one about one mile down, so she decided to walk. The rain hasn’t stopped at all and her light dress quickly became soaked. She walked the distance to find herself knocking at the door of a stranger’s house. There was light, so she assumed there was someone. She was cold and shivering.

No answer.

She knocked once more, harder this time, banging the huge brass handle as hard as she could on the thick wooden door. The house appeared quite huge, two floors and a large balcony.

She waited, giving time to the occupant to get up, awaken and pretty much sleepwalk to the door. She rubbed her shoulders trying to generate some heat.

She knocked a third time. After waiting, it was obvious that either there was nobody inside, or she was not welcomed. She had walked down the staircase of the balcony when her foot slipped on some mud, throwing herself up in the air, landing on her back. She was completely covered with mud. She sat there. Her dress had torn with the stunt. On the verge of crying, she came to the conclusion that she would be better off sitting on that balcony than to return to the rain. When she reached the door for the second time, she tried knocking again then tried to open it.

It wasn’t locked. Gently, she pushed it.

“Hello? – Anybody home?”

She entered carefully. Logs were burning in the fireplace. There was no one around. She walked the house, calling for someone. There was no answer. She decided to make the best of it. While she was searching, she found the bathroom. She took a long hot shower, and then wrapped herself into soft and thick dark blue towels. She took place close to the fireplace. The warmth relaxed her, and within a few minutes, she was asleep.

A stinging pain on her left shoulder woke her up. She startled as this tall woman was standing beside her, poking her with the tip of her umbrella.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my house?” asked the woman from a soft yet firm voice.  Lynda quickly turned around, the towels slid down revealing that she was naked. She quickly grabbed the towels back trying to cover herself.

“I… I’m sorry. The door wasn’t locked, and I… I… My car broke down and I was wet, and… and…”

The woman raised her hand in a gesture asking Lynda to stop.

“Relax. I understand, now. I think I saw your car down the road. Just let me remove that raincoat and I’ll be right back.” She answered with her soft voice. Lynda’s heart was still pounding. After all, she was a stranger in this house.

The woman walked away, each step clicking hard on the floor. She was wearing a glossy black PVC floor length raincoat. She heard the woman shuffle it to remove the rain, then she walked back to the kitchen. 

At first, Lynda thought she was dreaming. The woman walking toward her had long blond hairs held in ponytail, and was wearing a complete black leather outfit. It looked like a catsuit. Her waist was slim and appeared stiff as if she was wearing a corset. The leather was very tight fitting all over her body, and her hands were gloved. Her feet were encased in 5 inches stiletto heel boots going up just below the knee and tightly laced. She had a dominant look, and Karen realized that she was facing a dominatrix of some sort.

“Shitty weather, don’t you think?” said the woman walking back, strolling with experience with the high heels. She had to twist her body for each step, as the leather catsuit was so tight, and make small steps.

“Oh, how rude of me. I’m Karen.” She said extending a hand. Lynda shook it.

“I’m Lynda. Thank you… Karen, or should you prefer… Mistress.” She said with a fainting voice.

“Mistress? Why on earth would you call me that? I’m no dominatrix.”

“I’m sorry. I mean your clothes, well.”

Karen laughed.

“I understand. It’s the leather outfit. Well, I wear almost nothing else. A bit of latex and PVC, but that’s about it. I simply love tight, embracing, hot leather. Don’t you?”

Visibly, Lynda was not at ease talking so openly. After all, all she wanted was some rest, dry clothes and a tow truck for her car. Karen realized that she might have gone a little too far, a little too fast.

“I’m sorry. Why do I bother you with my fantasies? Listen. It’s the middle of the night. Stay here until morning, and then we’ll see to have a mechanics checkout your car. The guest room is available… unless you prefer to sleep on the floor.” She said with a wink.

Lynda laughed.

“Thanks, I’ll take the room.” She said, shyly. 

Karen led her to her room. Her tight fitting leather was making creaking noise with every step, releasing a strong musk scent and her heels were resonating on the old hardwood floors of the house.. 

The room was richly decorated, the queen size bed covered with dark green satin sheets, the windows draped with rich dark green velvet, hard wood on the floor. The cabinets were made of solid oak. It was a princess room.

“This is your guest room? Wow.” said Lynda.

 Karen giggled.

“Yes it is. If that’s not enough, I can provide you with my room…”

“It’s way enough.” Cut Lynda. “WAY enough. I would have been happy on the sofa.”

“Very good then.” Said Karen. “You must be exhausted. Good night, see you tomorrow.”

Karen left, leaving Lynda. She had a quick stop by the adjacent bathroom and she slipped into the satin sheets. She fell asleep within minutes.

The sun shining through the window woke her up. She stretched on the bed, having had a good night’s sleep. She suddenly realized that she wasn’t home. She looked around. She was in the guest’s room at Karen’s house. She got up and passed by the bathroom. Once back to the bedroom, the bathrobe she had the night before was nowhere to be found. She couldn’t wander around the house naked. She opened the closet and was startled by its content. 

Nothing but PVC, latex and leather clothing. And on the floor, high heeled shoes and boots, nothing with less than four inches heels. “That woman is nuts” she thought. She browsed the different garment and found a bright red PVC raincoat. She put it on. She decided to go barefoot.

“It’s not exactly the kind of bathrobe I was hoping for, but it will have to do.” She said to herself, tying a knot with the PVC belt.

She gently opened the door. She was on the second floor. She could hear some noise downstairs. Perhaps Karen was already up. She walked down to the living room, following the noise back, to the dining room, and to the kitchen. The smell of bacon and eggs were filling the air, and the grumble in Lynda’s stomach indicated that she should get some.

“Oh, hi Lynda. How was your night?”

“Very good, thank you.” Said Lynda a little embarrassed by her bathrobe and by Karen’s suit. She had a very tight white PVC Catsuit, combined with 6 inches platform sandals, also white. She had clear latex gloves, like the ones used by doctors. The catsuit had a high neck, raised at the back, but the front zipper was stopping at the base of the throat. The fabric was almost stretched to the breaking point over her breasts, and was tightly compressing her waist. Karen caught the embarrassed look of Lynda.

“You don’t like this?” she asked, raising her arms that stayed tightly wrapped in the tight PVC, demonstrating how really tight it was.

“Well… I must say that this is not something I see everyday.”

“Most people call me nuts. I might be, I don’t really know. What I DO know is that I’m loaded, I will never be able to spend all my money within my lifetime, and that I should enjoy every minute of it. This is one of my fantasies. I wanted it, I tried it, I liked it, so I kept it. If it offends someone, so be it, I don’t care. I’m the one wearing it. If they don’t like it, they simply have to look the other way.”

“Your point of view is noted.” Said Lynda. 

She didn’t know how to react. She had mixed feelings. Yes it was bizarre, but at the same time… appealing, and she had to admit that the PVC coat she was wearing was somewhat arousing her. Then she remembered the coat.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I browsed in the closet and found this, since I didn’t have anything on. I hope you don’t mind.” Said Lynda.

“Not at all, these are some of my leftovers. In fact, I had hoped that you would have taken something else, but it’s your choice. As for your clothes, you probably know that your dress is trashed. Your underwear is in the washing machine, but they’re pretty damaged by the rain and mud. Silk doesn’t usually like that. The only salvageable items are your sandals. When I picked them up, it felt odd. After all, it’s been years since I took flat soles sandals in my hand. No offence.” She quickly added, putting the two full plates on the table. 

She removed the surgical gloves, only to reveal that she was wearing another pair of latex gloves underneath, but these seemed much thicker and longer and were skin toned.

The phone rang, and Karen answered. “Yes… uh, uh… ah… yes… okay, do it. Yes, thank you.”

“That was the mechanic I had your car towed to the town garage early this morning. The mechanic said that he needed a new computer for it, and that the fastest he could do is four days. Your car is rather old and beat up, and there’s not a lot of spare parts available for it.”

“Yes, I know.” Said Lynda with a sigh. “If I had the money, I would get another one, but I’ve been laid off a month ago, my boyfriend dumped me, I have no family, and now this… How will I ever be able to pay for the repairs…. No, just give me the phone, I’ll call the garage and tell the mechanic to leave it and give me whatever the car is worth. I’ll take the bus home. Could you drive me to the nearest bus station?”

Karen put down her fork.

“You seem very desperate. Tell me more about it.” She said, leaning forward, her PVC suit creaking with the movement. Lynda couldn’t repress a shiver. Karen noticed but didn’t say anything about it. She let Lynda talk.

She was alone. Her parents had her when they were into their forties. Her mom was supposed to be sterile, and then one day, a small miracle occurred and she was born. Her parents died separately of illness. Her mom was the last to die, 2 years ago. So now, at 28, she was alone. No family at all. Her parents left her pretty much nothing, and she moved from underpaid job to not-much-better jobs for the past 5 years. Her last boyfriend left her because she was not up to his standards. She was too poor. And now, she was there, unemployed, lost. She began to cry. Karen extended her latex gloved hand to touch her hand. Lynda reacted by removing her hand.

“And I’m stuck in a strange house, with no clothes in the middle of nowhere with a lunatic wrapped in plastic.”

She got up and ran to the guest room, slamming the door behind her. She threw herself on the bed and cried.

The Offer

Karen gently knocked at the door about an hour later.

“May I come in?” she said through the door.

“Yes…” answered a faint muffled voice.

Lynda was buried under the satin sheets. She was too ashamed to look at Karen. After all, she treated her for being a lunatic. Karen sat on the foot of the bed. She had changed. She was wearing a burgundy leather kit with tight leather jeans, 5 inches boots under the legs of the pants, a tight fitting jacket over a white PVC shirt. Her hands were encased in black leather gloves. The jacket was zipped up to below the breasts.

“I understand how you feel, and I don’t blame you for what you said downstairs. After all, I’m used to that sort of comment. I was born a rich girl, my parents were disgustingly rich. We were two children. Me and my brother Brad.  I’ve always had fantasies about tight clothes, latex, and that kind of stuff that I had bought secretly. On many nights, I slept wearing weird outfits. Life was good. But my dad’s fortune dragged in some enemies. One day, when I was 17, one of them set the house on fire using Molotov cocktails. One of them was thrown in our bedrooms.

Brad was burned to death. I was on 80% of my body. My face is pretty much what escaped the flames because on that night, I had slept with a Spandex catsuit and a leather hood. The Spandex fused on my skin, but the leather hood actually protected me. Both my parents died.

I ended up with their fortune, plus the insurance, plus the fine to the enemy because of my burns. I have close to 250 millions in the bank.

I’ve had many surgeries, but nothing can replace skin. Since I already liked wearing tight clothes, it was the best time to do it. I “had” to keep my skin covered because of the burns, why not make it appealing by wearing outfits I would like to wear. So, I became an open wearer of tight leather and PVC. 

Many said that the incidents rendered me crazy. But like I said to you yesterday, at this point, I don’t give a damn. I’m happy with my life. Of course, I would like to have perfect skin all over my body, but I have to live with it. And if I can have some fun while at it, why not.”

She got up toward the door.

“I didn’t know your dress size, but I guessed it, and I had delivered a sweater and some jogging pants. Your underwear is clean, and with the rest of the clothes. The mechanics gave me $100 for your car. I added $400 more. With that, you should be able to take the bus back home. The number for the cab company is next to the phone downstairs.”

“I know you’re alone, and don’t really have a place to go. If I’m not too lunatic for you, you can stay for a while, the time you put your life back in order. That would be to one condition. I noticed that the PVC you were wearing had some impact on you. I saw you shiver at the breakfast table. Knowing that, if you decide to stay for a while I would like you to dress in my liking. “

“I’m leaving a box with different clothes that should fit you, since many are stretch fabrics. I’ll be gone for the rest of the day. I might be lunatic, but I do have investments to follow. If you decide to leave, I say goodbye and good luck, and you’re welcomed back here anytime. If you decide to stay, well, see you at dinner.”

She stayed at the door for a moment, waiting for a reaction from Lynda, but there was none. Karen left, and Lynda closed her eyes, sobbing.

She heard the car rolling off the driveway. Lynda slowly got up, and got dressed with her underwear and the jogging pants provided. She opened the bedroom door and was about to leave when her curiosity won and she looked at the box. 

She carried it to the bed and opened it, laying the clothes around. There was a purple Spandex catsuit, complete with attached feet, gloves and hood, a black leather knee length dress, a PVC catsuit, red, with attached gloves, black leather pants, a white satin corset, two pair of shoes and two pairs of boots, all with heels higher than 4 inches. 

She sighs. All of this was somewhat interesting, but… she didn’t know. 

She walked out of the room, and walked to her right, where there seems to be a balcony. It was surrounded by windows, and from the second floor, she could see the domain. There was a big field with horses wandering around.

“She has horses?” she said out loud. 

Almost just below the balcony was the large swimming pool, the Jacuzzi, and even a sauna. There seems to be a long walking trail going through the woods. She decided to go there and have a look. After all, according to Karen, she wouldn’t be back before the end of the day, so she had time to profit from the mansion before leaving.

She ran downstairs and out. She walked the trail. It was covered with a fine compacted dust, making its surface almost as hard as concrete. The trail was winding around, passing close to the horses pound. One of the horses, a brown one, came to her. She nervously pats his nose, thrilled to touch a horse for the first time.

Walking back to the house, a dip in the water seemed appealing, but she didn’t have any swimsuit. Diving into chlorine with her underwear was out of the question, and she wasn’t up to go in naked, in case someone came by. She removed her pants and sandals and dipped her legs in it. The water was inviting. A look at her watch, and she ran upstairs, browsing through the clothes in the closet. 

The closest thing she found to a swimming suit was a black latex bodysuit with high neck and long sleeves. She had to get some talc powder from the bathroom to pull it on. It wasn’t her size, a little too tight. 

With struggle, she managed to get the back zipper up. Passing in front of the mirror, her reflection startled her. She looked awesome, her body gleaming into the black fabric. She surprised herself at rubbing her fingers at her crotch. She thought that a good dip would cool her.

She plunged into the water. The temperature was just perfect. The effect of the water over her latex bodysuit was something special, like lots of tingling. She let herself float for a while. Then she tried the Jacuzzi. Again, the combination of hot bubbling water and the latex suit turned her on, and without even realizing it, she ended up playing with herself. She cooled off by another dip in the pool. 

She heard the old clock ringing inside the house, indicating it was 15:00 (3pm). It was time for her to leave the property, as Karen would surely be back soon. Reluctantly, she climbed out of the pool and walked to her room. After drying herself out and putting back the jogging suit, she looked at all the clothes lying on the bed. She laid down with them, caressing the latex, PVC and leather.

She took the PVC catsuit and started to put it on. It appeared too small. Of course, if it was made for Karen, who was slimmer than she was, it had to be too small for her, but the fabric stretched, and once the front zipper was up, she felt tightly embraced by the fabric. Every move was giving her a massage. 

Looking at the shoes, she tried a pair of lace-up, knee high platform boots with 6 inches heels, made out of black kid leather. She looked at herself in the mirror. The tight suit emphasized her waist and breast, and the high heels boots elongated her legs. She found herself stunning except that the arms were too short. The trail popped to mind, and she decided to have a quick walk there. She never walked with boots like that, or with anything that tight. To her surprise, the heel didn’t sink into the highly compressed dust. Each move brings awesome sensations, massaging her body, the crotch seam rubbing with every step, the position she had to keep to balance on the heels. 

But it wasn’t long before the boots, too small for her feet, started to hurt. She returned to the house and removed them. Amid the shoes, were open toes sandals with a 5 inches stiletto heel. She put them on, but to her taste, didn’t look good. They would be better off with pants. She had no shirt to go with it though. 

She decided to keep the catsuit as the “undergarment” and put the leather jeans over. That proved to be impossible. She was about 3 inches too big at the waist to fasten them. These were not made for her. Unless….

She picked up the corset. Maybe she would be able to get what she needed. She wrapped it around her waist and started to pull, but never having put on a corset before, she struggled with the laces. She was getting nowhere, and she was so concentrated that she didn’t hear Karen coming back in the house. 

Karen, who was sure that Lynda had left, opened the bedroom door without knocking to retrieve the box of clothes. She was surprised when she found Lynda, wearing the red PVC catsuit, leather pants at her feet, struggling with a corset. She smiled, as Lynda tried to hide the fact that she was wearing all of this.

“I… I just wanted to try something… I…”

Karen laughed.

“Relaxed. I understand. Want some help with that?” she asked, pointing at the corset.

“Uh? No, forget it. It’s not for me. I was just trying to put on the leather pants, but they were too small. I thought that with the corset…”

“But that’s a very good solution. How much reduction do you need?”

“Well… I think that 3 inches should be okay.”

“That corset, fully closed on you, should give you 5 inches, so I’ll stop at three. It won’t be as comfortable as one made out for you, but should be okay for awhile.”

With expert hands, Karen took the laces and started to tighten them, starting at the top and going down to the middle, then from the bottom and up. She tied up the laces at the back.

“There. Should be enough. Want to try the pants now?”

Lynda didn’t say a word. She simply complied. The legs fit very tightly. Karen has to use all her strength just to jog the pants up. Then Lynda laid down on her back on the bed, and Karen proceeded to close the zipper. It was impossible. Karen got up and left the room, coming back a moment later with a pair of pliers.

“That should do it.” She said with a smile, taking place over Lynda and pulling hard while Lynda pulled the two sides together. When it was up, Karen collapsed on the bed beside Lynda who was panting, looking for air.

“This… is… so… tight… can… hardly… breath.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Now, let’s get up.”

Karen helped Lynda who was as stiff as a steel bar.

“Relaxed. Yes, it feels stiff, that’s the corset along with the tight leather pants. If you relax, you will realize that you can move. Not as much as if you were… free, but you can move.”

Lynda walked around, rubbing her thighs, feeling the overly tight leather compressing her body, the satin corset compressing her waist. She had a look in the mirror.

“Red white and black. Not the best color coordination, but it looks…”

“Awesome. The word is awesome, Lynda. You look Awesome in this, and wait until you add the heels.”

“High heels with that? I won’t be able to walk out of this room. Besides, the shoes are too small. I was about to try the open toe sandals there.”

Karen helped her try them, but they were too small. Her toes were spreading out, and her heel was not fully supported by the shoe.

“We’ll have to get you new ones. That is assuming that you’re staying?” said Karen with hope in his voice.

Lynda thought. She had no job, no money, and no family. She could have a place to stay, a friend, and even get some pleasure out of it. The choice wasn’t very hard.

“Well,” she started shyly, “I’m willing to give it a try. But I don’t promise anything.”

“Great!” almost screamed Karen. “I’ll get you something. Wait here… No, come with me.”

“But…” said Lynda opening her arms to show how she was dressed.

“I don’t care, and where we’re going, they don’t either.”


Lynda couldn’t believe that they’ve actually taken a private jet to go to the City, only to shop at a fetish shop. The lady at the store had been a pure angel, helping Lynda get at ease with everything Karen was buying for her. She never saw the bill, but she was sure it was close to $10000. It took a delivery truck to bring everything back home. 

It was past midnight when the riggers finally left, leaving a dozen boxes of stuff on the living room floor. Karen and Lynda collapsed on the sofa, exhausted. Karen was still wearing the same outfit as in the morning, but Lynda had much improvement; she had on a white PVC bodysuit over which she had a black satin corset. A pair of tight black leather jeans was embracing her legs, ending with 4 inches black pumps. That was the highest she could wear without more practice. Finally, she had a tight fitting red leather jacket.

“Okay” said Karen “Let’s go prep for the night. See you back here in half an hour.”

“Okay” said Lynda. 

She walked to what was now her room, carrying one box that contained what she had chosen for pajamas. A hot pink Spandex catsuit with attached feet, gloves and hood. It was made out of the heaviest Spandex, and very tight fitting. 

Karen has suggested that she should wear high heels at all times to get her feet accustomed to their new position, so she chose 6 inches sandals that she would wear only to sleep. To go back downstairs, she put on 4 inches slippers. Karen arrived almost at the same instant, wearing her white PVC catsuit, similar to the one she was wearing in the morning. She preferred PVC to Spandex. She had on 6 inches granny boots, that were her sleeping shoes, but she was able to walk in them too.

Karen took Lynda’s hands in hers.

“This is the start of a new life and I hope a new friendship that will never end.” She said. “Welcome to your new home, Lynda.”

“I… I don’t know what to say. I hardly realize what is happening.”

“Reality will struck tomorrow morning.” Replied Karen repressing a laugh. “Come on. Good night.”

“Good night Karen.”

They parted to their rooms.

Karen was right. When the sun shined through the window, reality stroked. Lynda was in a new home, with another woman that she hardly knew, wearing weird and bizarre outfits. She felt shy walking down the stairs to the dining room wearing that Spandex catsuit and high heels slippers. While eating, Karen noticed that Lynda was surprisingly silent.

“Something wrong?”

“I don’t know. My mind tells me it’s wrong, but my body…” she rubbed her thighs sending tingling sensations all over her body “… my body tells me it’s good.”

“You’ll get used to it. Are you ready for your first day of your new life?”

“I think so. Probably.”

“We’ll have to work on that. Come on, let’s go finish to get you installed, so we can prep you up, and then you would be able to help me.”

They carried the boxes in the room, emptied them on the bed, put everything that was in the closet and drawers in the boxes, and put them in the hall.

“I don’t know what to do with all this stuff. It doesn’t fit me anymore, and it doesn’t fit you.”

“We’ll see to that later. Now, MY stuff.” Said Lynda with enthusiasm running back to the bedroom.

On the bed and the surrounding floor, there was all sort of clothing, from cotton to latex to Spandex, to PVC to leather, everything was there, with one common point: body covering and very tight fitting.

“I think I’ll go for the bronze latex catsuit.” She said, while starting to put everything else on hangers and into drawers. 

She kept the catsuit, black shoulder length latex gloves and white patent knee high lace-up platform boots with a 6 inches heel. With the platform being 1.5 inch, the real heel height was 4.5 inches. The highest she had ever worn.

She put the gloves first so that the arms were completely covered with two layers of thick and tight latex, and the gloves impossible to remove without removing the suit first. Then the boots were on. To top it, she added a red latex corset squeezing her waist 2 inches. The corset was going from her hips up to the neck, ending with a clipping closure at the back. That gave a collar feeling that she didn’t dislike at all. The steel boning gave it a good rigidity.

“Isn’t that collar lockable?” asked Lynda.

“Yes it is. Isn’t it fun?”

“Where is the key?” asked Lynda, a little nervous.

“Don’t worry, I know where it is. You know you look fabulous. Now, it’s my turn.” Said Karen with anxiety.

“Why are you so… electric? It’s not your first time.”

“No, but it’s been awhile since I put on that suit because it takes some help. I can’t put it on alone.”

“What kind of suit is that?”

“You’ll see.”

They entered Karen’s bedroom. It was the first time Karen ever saw it. It was as richly decorated as hers, but there was a lot of stuff on the walls, especially D rings, even on the ceiling, what looks like a winch on one wall and even some tubing linked to a weird machine. Karen disappeared into her walk-in closet to come out a moment later carrying a large and heavy box.

“This is it.” She said while dropping the box on the bed. “My ultimate fantasy. At least, as close as I can get to it.”

The box contained an extra heavyweight black latex suit with molded ballet toe boots.  Karen laid out the suit on the bed. There were inserts in the crotch area, huge dildos that would invade the rectum and the vagina. There was a long back zipper, heavy duty, the same kind as the ones used on diving suits. 

Without a word, she poured some lubricant inside and proceeded to spread it everywhere. Lynda helped and the feeling over her latex covered hand was quite unique. Then Karen removed her PVC catsuit, revealing to Lynda for the first time, her scarred body. It wasn’t pretty to see, and Lynda understood why she stayed “covered” at all times. The scars were stopping just over her breasts, making an almost perfect circle on her shoulders. 

“That’s where the yoke of the collar of the hood was.” Said Karen as if she had heard Lynda’s question.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want to stare at you like that.” Said Lynda. “It’s just…”

“I know. No need to remind me. Just help me get into this thing, will ya?”

Karen slid each leg into the suit, pulling hard. There was no zipper or laces to help the feet go into the built-in boots. Only the stretching of the thick rubber held them there. It took time. Inch by inch, the foot went in and finally popped into place.”

“That was nothing compared to taking it off.” Said Karen.

Lynda answered with an ironic smile. Karen got up and carefully worked the dildos in place, and finally pulled the lower portion on. She was covered from the waist down. 

She stretched her arms forward while Lynda slid the sleeves on. Again, the suit was very tight, too tight to Lynda’s taste. They had to struggle and pull hard for the arms to go in. The hands popped into the molded gloves.

“You have to put the hood on before working the zipper.” Said Karen pointing at the lump of latex still in the box. Lynda took it in her hands. 

It had a very short zipper at the back. On the inside, a huge ball of rubber could be seen with a hollow tube running through it. There were dark lenses for the eyes. Lynda approached the hood. Karen picked it up.

“I won’t be able to talk once this thing is on, and hearing will be difficult. If I put my two hands up to my throat it means that I’m in trouble, and you have to take it off as quickly as you can. Take scissors and cut it open. I won’t mind. Understood?”

“Yes, but how will I know that you will have enough and want to get out?”

“Once I’ll be in the suit, go to my first drawer. There you will find instructions of what to do with me for the next couple of hours. Just follow the instructions number 1 carefully, and don’t do anything else. Is that clear?”

“Yes it is. I follow the instructions number 1 in your first drawer.”

Karen smiled and proceeded to put on the heavy latex hood. She put the gag first then rolled the hood over her eyes, working the gag in place. Her hairs ran down underneath the hood. Lynda pulled down the zipper. Karen was now mute, almost deaf, and practically blind as the lenses were so dark. Lynda pulled on the zipper. The job was hard as the suit was as tight as if it was a corset, but without laces to tighten it gradually. Inch by inch, she worked the zipper up. Karen felt the suit getting tighter and tighter with each pull of the zipper. She grew with excitement. 

She was balancing on her ballet toe boots, the dildos stimulating her with every move. Finally, the zipper was up to her neck where the wide collar of the suit covered completely the yoke of the hood. On the last bit of the zipper, the handle came off, surprising Lynda who ended up flat on her butt on the ground. She rapidly got up, showing the broken zipper to Karen.

“I… I broke it. We can’t remove the suit now.” She said almost shouting to overcome the deafness. 

Karen gestured to her to calm down, and pointed to the drawer. Lynda picked up the instructions number 1 and read.

Rubber isolation instructions number 1: to be followed completely.

If the zipper handle came off, it means that the suit is now locked. The device to put back the handle in place is in the safe. The safe will open 12 hours after the red button is pushed. If the zipper has not come off, pull hard on the handle so it does then push the red button.”

Lynda looked for the safe. It was on the desk with a red button on top. She pushed it and it lit. She returned to the letter.

The next instructions are to be executed at the specified time. I, Karen, have barely a slight idea of what they are. It’s ideas punched into a computer than ran through random cycles that came out with these activities. Just carry them as they are written. I should be back in the real world in 12 hours. – Karen.

Lynda browsed the list.

“This would be as tough on me as it will be on you.” 

But Karen didn’t answer. She simply didn’t hear. All that she was hearing was the sound of her breathing through the tube and her heart pounding at the expectations of the next 8 to 24 hours, because she didn’t have a clue at how much the computer had set the timer of the safe. Only Lynda did by reading the letter.

Lynda continued with the letter.

“There is a wooden box next to the safe. Take the collar inside and apply it. There’s only one adjustment hole, and it has to be set there. Then attach the leach on the front ring and go to the next step. Do not read more than 2 steps at a time, so not to break the pleasure…”

Lynda looked inside the box. There was a three inches wide thick leather collar closed by two leather straps. In front was a large D ring held by a chromed box. She approached Karen and wrapped it around her neck. 

“This will never fit.” She said.

 She had to pull the straps very hard to get them to the only adjustment hole available. She looked at Karen. She signaled that she was ok. Lynda attached the leash and gave it a tug. Karen followed for the first instructions.

Lynda led her to the trail. She had to follow it completely, all three miles of it, having Karen in tow. It didn’t seem too difficult for her to walk with the ballet toe boots. Looked like she had a lot of practice. 

It wasn’t long before the sun began to heat her up under her own latex catsuit, which became a portable sauna. They drank water on a regular basis, serving Karen by the hole in her gag.

The first mile and a half went relatively easy, as they followed the winding trail, welcoming the shades given by the trees. It took them close to an hour to complete that first part. Lynda had to tug on the leash a couple of times as Karen was trailing off. Then they arrived at the bottom of a hill. There was stairs for part of it, but most was through a steep trail, even some rock.

“That will be somewhat difficult for you, Karen.” Said Lynda, forgetting that she couldn’t hear her. She began to climb, and had to tug hard on the leach to force Karen.

“Come on. You said you wanted to go through all of this… Why am I talking to you?”

Karen followed the tug. The stairs were easy; it was another thing when they reached the dirt. What Lynda didn’t count on is that Karen wasn’t new to that trail, as she was. Expertly, Karen climbed the hill, taking a grip on rock and even on the ground to get up. Once on top, there was a wooden bench where they sat for some rest.

At this time, Lynda was ready to take off her catsuit, but she was locked in it by the corset. She was panting, looking for air. Surprisingly, Karen didn’t seem to suffer that much. After a 10 minutes rest, they were back on the trail. This time it was a gentle down slope, all the way back to the house. Having read the next step in advance, when they walked by the pool, Lynda pushed Karen in it, and followed. The cool water was welcomed. They swam for a good half an hour. Lynda got out, but it was obvious that Karen was not interested. She plunged back, took the leash and pulled her out. Karen didn’t have any other choice than to follow.

The fun thing about latex is that you don’t really have to use a towel to dry out. It just runs off. So, once out of the pool, they went back inside where the next assignment would take place.

Lynda installed Karen in the living room, went to the kitchen and came back with three boxes of breakfast cereals. She opened them and spread the content on the floor. She then showed a small broom and a dust bucket to Karen. The broom was no larger than two inches, and the bucket, merely 4 inches wide. Two swipes and it would be full. She then gestured to Karen the task she had to perform. She filled one bucket then walked to the front door, 20 ft away, to empty it. 

She handed the tools to Karen. She had one hour to do it, but one of Lynda’s tasks was to walk within the spread cereals and spread them more, putting bits where they had already been removed. She had to do it every 10 minutes, and not to go easy on her. She was forbidden to take some in her hands to carry them farther. Only use her feet.

She tugged on the leash to give the go signal, and Karen went to work, getting down on all fours, grabbing some bits, having to cope with her stiff neck and her dark vision, then getting up, and walk on her ballet toe boots to the trash can, and start all over again.

Ten minutes later, Lynda went to work. It proved not easy to spread the stuff with high heels, as only the toe portion of the boot could be used. The heel wasn’t of much help. She ended up panting almost as much as Karen, only to realize that once she had finished, ten minutes had elapsed and she had to start all over again. Needless to say that Karen was progressing slowly.

An hour later, Lynda pulled again on the leash to stop Karen, then handed her a regular broom and dust bucket, but what was left was put back into one of the cereals box. One and a quarter of it was filled. It was noted.

Lynda looked at the clock. In all, only 6 hours had elapsed. There was still 6 more to go, and it was also time to get something to eat. She prepared a diet milkshake for each of them. Drank hers, and helped feed Karen. That should give enough energy for the next 5 hours, as they took one hour to eat, as much as it was allowed in the list.

The next instructions led them to the barn. There, Lynda had saddled the white horse with the white saddle. The white horse was easy to find, and, quite surprisingly, seemed to recognize Karen under all that rubber who went closer and patted him on the nose. 

Lynda found the white leather saddle. It was made of very fine patent leather, and had some unique features. She had seen saddles before, and this one was having some kind of “rib” in the middle of it, running from front to back. The person sitting on that would be quite uncomfortable as this “bump” would be right under… Karen’s dildos! She understood the purpose. She brings the saddle closer to the horse, but there was one little problem: she had never saddled one.

Karen did most of the job, showing it to Lynda at the same time. Lynda was impressed that, even though Karen was quite impaired by the suit, she was able to perform most of the tasks. Once done, Karen climbed on it, and it was Lynda’s turn to finish the setup.

First the feet had to be secured in the foot holders. That was another modification to this saddle. The foot holders were made to measure for Karen’s ballet boots. They had a cone shape shell, and one ankle strap that, once secured, would make it impossible for her to remove her foot. Also, the holders were secured to the side of the horses by leather straps. So, once her feet strapped in them, only very little leg movements were possible. 

Next, Lynda used a stepladder to get at Karen’s height and tightened the two thigh straps, securing her to the saddle, and pushing up the “rib” up her crotch. Karen moaned. 

Then, she took more leather cuffs and straps and secured Karen’s hands in her back, with cuffs over the elbow and at the wrists. The instructions insisted on drawing the elbows together. Finally, the leash on the front D ring of her collar was linked to the head harness of the horse, so if he decided to lower her head, Karen had no choice but to bend forward, but still firmly attached to the saddle. Lynda feared for Karen’s life. This was so hard, so extreme. She didn’t take any chance and put herself in front of her, and asked very slowly and firmly if Karen could understand her. She nodded yes. Then she asked clearly:

“Do you want to get out?”

Karen nodded no.

“Is everything okay?

Karen nodded yes.

“Do you want to continue?”

Again, Karen nodded yes.

With this cleared out, Lynda proceeded for the next step. She dragged the horse outside and tied him to a carousel before turning it on. The carousel was turning slowly, leading the horse in a no-end circle. 

Karen was being subjected to every move of the horse. With each bump, the dildos were getting pushed inside her, giving a pleasurable pain. Soon, she was exploding as an orgasmic wave passed through her entire body. She wondered if she would survive all this. She knew it was going to be at least one hour, but how much exactly, only Lynda knew.

Lynda watched as Karen got jerked side to side. Sometimes she saw her arching, and she pretty much knew what was happening at this moment. She felt hot looking at this, and she surprised herself at gently rubbing her pussy. 

Her bronze latex catsuit had a back zipper, so hard to reach, but with that corset locked on the collar, it was even more impossible to reach that pleasure area. Lynda hated Karen for that. She rubbed her pussy, through the latex suit as much as she could. She became quite horny, but was never able to hit the orgasm.

She got quite frustrated, and decided, since Karen had the key, to make her pay for it. It has taken one hour to get Karen fixed on the horse, and the instructions called for a 1.5 hours ride, followed by a 1 hour rest. 

When the 1.5 hours was over, Lynda decided that Karen would get her rest on the horse, standing still. So after her ride time, Lynda brings the horse back into the barn and put it into his booth, but left Karen on it. 

For one hour after being subjected to orgasmic stimulation, Karen had to stay there, with the occasional jolt of the horse shifting his weight, that would move the dildos, exciting her, but never enough so she could reach orgasm. She didn’t recall having setup this option in the choices of the computer, and would have to check it out with Lynda. That was very disturbing.

There were two hours left. One of them was used to get Karen off the horse, remove the saddle and do some grooming of the horse. For the last hour, according to the instructions, Karen was led back to the house, and tied to the St-Andrew’s cross located in the basement. At the same time, Lynda discovered a very well equipped dungeon.

Finally, the 12 hours were over, the safe opened, and Lynda had access to the key liberating Karen from her prison catsuit. Her first action once out was to run for the toilet. Once that was done, she relaxed into a long shower.

When she got out of the shower, an hour later, Lynda was waiting for her at the door, fulminating.

“You could have, at least, gave me the fucking key, so I could get out of that damn suit and relieve myself? It’s been 13 hours since I went to the bathroom!”

With a laugh, but realizing the situation, Karen ran to her room, took the key under her pillow and handed it to Lynda.

“It was there all this time? Damn!”

She was so eager to get out of the suit that she was unable to reach the lock behind her neck. Karen helped her, and she was quick out of the suit, and running for the toilet. Then she also took a long shower. When she got out, a PVC bathrobe lined with plush was waiting for her. She put it on and went downstairs. Karen was there, preparing something to eat. She was back into her white PVC catsuit.

“You never get out of it, don’t you.”? Asked Lynda.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I was happy to get into that latex suit, but I was also happy to get out, and that warm plush feels great on my skin, but you are already back into tight vinyl.”

“You have to understand that my skin doesn’t feel as much as it used to. I feel more pressure than the softness. And besides, I like it. In fact, my ultimate dream would be to be totally encased in latex, totally sealed, and never getting out of it.”

Lynda stayed silent. She had read some fetish stories about that, but never actually met someone who would like that. Come to think of it, she had never before met a real fetishist either.

“That’s pretty much extreme. What is preventing you from doing that? You have way enough money to pay for whatever procedure, if they’re possible.”

“Oh, the procedures are possible, all right, I know a doctor that would do everything. But once in it, I would be totally dependent on exterior help, and for that, I would need someone totally devoted, who would spend the rest of his or her life taking care of me. That’s a huge commitment.”

“Yeah, I understand.” Answered Lynda pensively while yawning. “It’s been a long and rough day. I won’t stay up too long.”

“Me neither, and more, I have a board meeting tomorrow.”

They ate their dinner, a light salad, and headed for bed. Lynda was about to get into bed, naked, when Karen stopped her.

“You’re not about to sleep like that, don’t you?”

“Well, yes. Why?”

“Out of the question. You have to get dressed”


Karen didn’t give any answer. She simply got out of the closet a PVC catsuit, complete with attached gloves, feet and hood.

“I’m not going to sleep with this on.”

“Yes you are, and you won’t regret it. After all, you have no choice. It was a condition of your stay, and you agree.”

Lynda thought it wasn’t that bad, and if she didn’t feel comfortable enough, she could simply remove it. But what was ahead was not part of her idea of the night.

Karen helped her get into the suit. It was very tight, and Lynda was surprised at how thick the PVC was, so thick in fact that it was hard to stretch. Once in it, she felt compressed all over. The hood was covering her head completely except for eyes holes covered with a white screen blurring her vision, a mouth hole and two nostrils holes.

“Let me guess. These are not air conditioning holes, aren’t they?” asked Lynda pointing at the two holes at her crotch.

“No, those are to allow these to fit in place.” She said, producing two huge dildos.

“You want me to sleep with these monsters in?… Might be quite interesting.” She said, picking one, applying a lot of lubricant and pushing it gently in place. 

They were ending with a large flange that prevented them from going farther in. They ended flush with her crotch. She balanced from one foot to the other, to get them at the right place.

“Okay, now lay down on the bed, on your back, and spread your arms up.”

Lynda complied, and Karen quickly grabbed her right wrist and cuffed it with wide leather cuffs. Lynda didn’t react. She somewhat expected, if not hoped, that. Then the same thing for her feet. She was now spread eagled on the bed. Karen then put a large ball gag in Lynda’s mouth, fastening it tightly. That was not expected at all and she protested, but to no avail. It stayed. 

Karen took a long steel bar and placed it between Lynda’s ankles, linking it to the leather ankle cuffs. She then took another bar, one end had a semi circular steel plate on it. That was pushed against Lynda’s crotch. It was perfectly covering the two dildos. The other end got screwed to the ankle spreader bar, putting tension on everything, especially the dildos in her crotch. Karen plugged a wire to the crotch rod and it started to gently vibrate. She then approached Lynda who had wide eyes.

“Do you think I don’t know that you came quite excited out there today, and you couldn’t get any pleasure? It’s your turn, but you won’t decide when to stop. I will. That last part is to pay for keeping me on that horse. That was real torture… and I just loved it, but I just can’t let go that easy. See you in the morning.”

With that Karen left and turned off the lights. One could hear the gentle hum of the vibrating dildos, and the soft moaning of the bound beauty. Although Lynda found it quite pleasurable, she wondered if she would get any sleep at all.

The Intruder

Lynda slowly got out of her trance.  Karen had removed the hood and was looking at her eyes.

“Feeling okay?”

“Uh-uh.” Was the only thing she was able to answer. Karen laughed.

“You seemed to have enjoyed it quite much.” Continued Karen while removing the leather cuffs and the rods. 

Lynda moaned when she slowly pulled out the dildos.

“I think I’m fed up with sex for the next year.” Said Lynda.

“Han! Just wait a few hours. You’ll want more. Now, hurry up and get up, you have work to do today. I’ll be waiting for you downstairs in one hour.”

“Work? What for? I wanna sleeeeeep.”

But Karen had left and closed the door behind her. Lynda stretched on the bed, getting the feelings back in her limbs. Her crotch was very sensitive, and with reason. She got up and took a shower. When she walked back into the room, clothes were laid out on the bed.

There was a complete clear rubber catsuit, and a black maid outfit, along with 5 inches stiletto heels pumps.

She walked downstairs, her heels clicking on the floor got Karen’s attention. She was wearing a white PVC bodysuit with long sleeves and red hot spandex disco jeans, so tight that they seemed ready to tear open. She had on 5 inches sandals to complete her part of the 80’s look.

“What’s this all about?” asked Lynda showing her maid outfit.

“You don’t seriously think that you’ll live here for nothing. We never talked about it, but I was expecting some help from you as your payment. After all, I give you food and shelter, not counting the pleasures of life.”

 “There. I knew there was a trick somewhere.”

“It’s no trick. I offered you to stay or take the bus. The offer is still valid. If you want out, I give you what I offered you and you leave, of course leaving all the new goodies here. If you want to stay, you have to dress fetish, and I don’t think it’s asking too much to help around the house.”

Lynda felt ashamed.

“No, of course not. What can I do.”?

“I’ve prepared a list of things to do, but first, have something to eat.” She said, pointing at a full breakfast plate. 

Lynda ate with appetite, as last night was quite demanding. Once it was done, Karen asked her to follow her to the living room. There, she handed her a double dildo panties. These had a locking belt. 

Lynda knew what to do with them, as she inserted them carefully and fully, before Karen tightened the belt to the last possible notch around her waist and locked it. Then she locked leather cuffs with an 8 inches chain between them at her ankles. She joined her wrists together with more locking leather cuffs, this time with a two inches chain between them. Finally, she produced a large ball gag, which she inserted deep into Lynda’s mouth, before locking it at the back. The gag came with a complete head harness, locking her jaw in place, with straps going over the head to keep it well in place. Then she handed her the list. Lynda muffled something.

“Don’t worry. I don’t expect you to do all of this today. I just put enough to make sure that it would keep you busy for the time I’ll be gone, which is between 6 to 8 hours. I think you’ll be able to hold your belly for that long, and as for food, with that breakfast, you have plenty, and you can always use a straw for water or a diet shake if you like. See you later.” Said Karen, leaving. 

Within a few seconds, Lynda found herself alone in the house, plugged, gagged and bound with a list of chores to do. She looked at them: vacuuming, dusting, grooming the horses, cleaning the pool, doing the laundry, the dishwashing, every possible task was there.

She decided to start with the dusting. The easiest thing to do. In the afternoon, when it would be hotter, she would clean the pool, and surely, accidentally trip and fall into the water. That’s what she would say anyway as the reason why she took a swim while working.

She started upstairs. It has been about half an hour when she heard the door being worked. She had a glimpse out of the room, expecting to see Karen having forgotten something, but who she saw had short black hairs and was wearing tight blue jeans and a T-shirt, definitely not Karen’s dressing habits. But who was she? An associate? Probably, since she seemed to have the key to the house. Does she know about Lynda’s presence? Should she show herself? For now, her best bet was to stay put and not attract attention. She was probably just coming to get some files for the meeting, and would leave soon.

One hour passed.

Then one more. Finally, 5 hours later, she got out of the house. This time Lynda had a chance to see her carefully. It was not someone she knew. She had black skin, and long black hair. She had on a red T-shirt and quite tight fitting denim jeans. She was also wearing wedge platform sandals with a cork sole. By this time, Lynda was hot, thirsty, hungry and had to go, but since she couldn’t do the last one, she restrain herself to a dip in the pool. It wasn’t time to eat.

One more hour later, Karen finally arrived. Lynda, still dripping wet, was jumping in front of her, trying to tell her to urge and remove the gag, but Karen heard it differently.

“Need to go, hey? I understand. Next time, drink and eat less.” She said, laughing, while unlocking the dildo belt. But Lynda stayed there, pulling on her head harness, doing frantic eyes. Karen became serious, and rapidly removed the gag.

“Ah, shit Karen! You should have told me that someone was coming. I had to spend most of the day hiding from her, because I didn’t know if it was okay for her to see me.”

“Someone came? What the hell are you talking about? Nobody was supposed to come here today. And she saw you? you had to open the door?”

“No, she had the key. She entered and headed straight for your office room. Looked like she knew her way around the house.”

“Who was she?”

“Gee, I forgot to ask her name…” answered Lynda sarcastically. “She was rather tall, black with long black hairs, red T-shirt, tight jeans and high-heeled wedge platform sandals. Her skin was rather dark, but she wasn’t black.”

“Doesn’t ring a bell.”

“If you want I could ask her if she comes back.”

“Ah, stop it. That wasn’t planned, and we have to figure out who she is. My whole estate could be in jeopardy. I’d like to know what she was looking for.”

“Dunno, but she spent 5 hours there.”

“I have to find out.” Said Karen.

“I have to go…” said Lynda.

After a few minutes, Lynda joined Karen in the office room, where she was carefully examining without touching.

“If she looked at something, she replaced everything back. Not that I know exactly where things were, but everything seems to be in place. Did she come out with anything?”

“No. I don’t know if she had something in her hands when she entered though, but she seemed to know exactly where she was going. I don’t think it was the first time she was in here.”

“Hummm. I’m gonna have to find out. The only time that I’m out of the house for sure is every Tuesday, when I go for the board meeting. I suspect that she might be coming here at that time. We’ll find out next week.” And, looking at Lynda with a large smile. “I have quite an idea forming here. You’ll gonna love it.”

Lynda tried to know what it was all about, but Karen said nothing.

They spent the rest of the week in fetish gear, doing all sorts of things, from chores to pleasure ride on horse. Karen had another one of her mystery sessions, and again, Lynda, for holding on, had a full night of vibrations. During all that week, Karen went out a few times without explanations, as well as making many phone calls.

The next Monday afternoon, a package was delivered. Karen was ecstatic. 

“Good, good. Just in time.”

“What is it?”

“Come with me, we have to do a fit try anyway.”

Lynda was puzzled. What sick idea did she have in mind? She got a glimpse of the answer when the crate was opened. Inside was a mannequin that appeared hollow.

“What’s that for?”

“To hide my camera.”

Lynda laughed. “Don’t you know that there are extra tiny cameras on the market that could be hidden everywhere, even in a book? You didn’t need that to hide it.”

“Yes I do, the one I have is too huge to put inside a book.” She said, looking straight at Lynda.

“What do you… Oh no. I’m not going to…”

“Oh yes. It has been made to measure. You’re going to be encased in that mannequin body, and will have a close look at what she’s doing. It’s way better than any camera.”

“Are you nuts? I’ll never fit in this thing.”

“That’s what we’re gonna find out.” She said throwing her a rather heavy box. “Go put this on.”

A few minutes later, Karen entered Lynda’s room with the mannequin in tow. Lynda was finishing pulling the zipper on her new suit.

“Why a neoprene wetsuit? Am I gonna be in the water or what?”

“It’s part of the package. The mannequin is made out of very strong carbon fiber. Directly on your skin, it would create bruises, so you have to wear some padding, hence come the neoprene suit.”

The suit had a smooth slick surface, and was, as expected, almost two sizes too small, although the body, arms and legs had the proper length. The feet were also covered, as well as the hands. Karen took place behind Lynda and undid part of the back zipper before pulling a neoprene hood over Lynda’s head. It was also thick, tight and was covering her face completely. It was thinner at the mouth area with some webbing allowing her to breath, but there was no hole, nor any gag. The eyes were uncovered. “You have to see what’s going on, so no dark lenses here… for the moment, anyway.”

She tucked the yoke of the hood under the suit and pulled the zipper up, sealing it. She grabbed Lynda’s arm and led her to the mannequin. It was lying down on its back. It had the shape of a woman, with both arms flexed at 90 degrees, kind of ready to hold a service plate. The legs were slightly apart, and were fashioned with high heels platform, with a heel as high as 8 inches. Karen removed the top part, leaving only the back part on the ground, and invited Lynda to take place. 

She sat in the chest area and put her feet down the shoes, to realize that her toes were not binding.

“These are disguised ballet toe boots. Your feet will be straight up. But don’t worry, encased as you will be, your body weight will be equally distributed.

Lynda then settled into place, lowering her body into the middle part of the mold, and putting her arms in place. She had to push hard on her neoprene covered fingers to get them in place. At the same time, that sunk her deeper into the mold. She mumbled something.

“Yes, it’s going to be a tight fit, but isn’t that wonderful?” said Karen while lowering the upper part. 

Then, using a battery-powered screwdriver, she proceeded to fasten the two halves together. There was about one screw every six inches. She was tightening them a little at a time, going in opposite screws. Gradually, the mannequin closed, squeezing Lynda inside. With each turn of a screw, the pressure increased. Her neoprene suit getting compressed more and more. 

Once everything was done, Lynda estimated that the suit was about twice as thick as what was really needed. She felt in a body vise, unable to move at all. The mask had clamped her mouth shut, rendering unnecessary any other gagging method. The eyes of the mannequin had just tiny holes, but were filled with glass, acting as lenses, giving Lynda a wide view of her surroundings. 

She felt, and saw her being lifted up. She was standing on her feet, looking in a mirror, Karen besides her. No one could tell that there was someone inside that mannequin. Karen talked to her, but she didn’t hear anything. She was totally deaf. That might not be very useful though, and she would have to notice Karen about it. Karen was smiling, indicating that she was satisfied with the result.

The test was done, she was ready to get out. She tried to move, but nothing happened. She tried to speak, but nothing got out. She was totally helpless. She saw Karen wave goodbye and left.

“No, come back! Let me out!” she tried to scream, but only an unperceivable mumble came out.

She struggled to shake herself out, trying to tip over the mannequin, but the pedestal held on. It didn’t move at all, and nothing showed on the outside.

Exhausted, she let go and tried to relax, slowing her breathing. After what seemed a long moment, encased in all that rubber and carbon fiber, getting quite warm, she started to doze off.

Something was shining on her. She opened her eyes and blinked. A harsh light was blinding her. She tried to scream, but she was still encased into the mannequin. The light drew back and she could see Karen, who asked, articulating clearly.

“Are you okay? Blink slowly twice if yes, once if no.”

Lynda blinked twice. Karen smiled. “I’m getting you out.”

She felt being tipped on her back, and slowly, the pressure decreased, until the top of the mannequin came off. She took a long breath. Karen helped her out. 

Lynda was unsteady on her feet. She felt all the gravity again. Karen helped her take off the dive suit.

“How long was I in there?” asked Lynda.

“About three hours. You fell asleep. After two hours, I started to get worried, that’s why I shone that light in your eyes.”

“I don’t know. Being all encased got me sleepy. It’s odd to say, but it felt so… comfy once I got used to it.”

“Really? I’m gonna have to try that someday.” Answered Karen. “So the test was conclusive. Very good.”

“What? You really mean that I’ll spend tomorrow in that thing? Do you know I can’t hear a thing in there?”

“Yes. It has to be soundproof, so that no one would hear you. It has to be the perfect disguise.”

“Whatever…” trailed off Lynda. “? I’m so exhausted, we’ll talk about that tomorrow.”

She got her pajamas, a PVC catsuit, on and slid under the satin sheets. Sleep came fast.

Karen woke her up the next morning.

“Hurry up, I’m gonna be late, and we have to prep you first.”

“What? We were supposed to talk about that this morning.”

“No time. I overslept, and so did you. Hurry up.” Said Karen, pulling her out of the bed and pushing her into the bathroom. When she came back, Karen dragged her by the arm to the bed and gave her the suit.

“No time for a shower. No need anyway.”

“I don’t want to…”

“Shut up. Besides, it’s gonna be fun.”

Lynda couldn’t argue it was difficult to stay in the mannequin, since she actually slept in it. She had no arguments. She put her legs into the suit, and then noticed something.

“This is new.” She said, pointing at the two dildos protruding.

“Yes. Well, I want to make sure you won’t fall asleep while watching, after all, that’s what this whole setting is all about.”

Lynda smiled. “I think I will like that day, finally.” She said, putting the dildos carefully in place. 

She never noticed the thin wires hanging down from the crotch of the suit. Karen helped her pull it up, put the hood in place and zipped the whole thing shut. She confirmed with Lynda that everything was okay, then Lynda was put into the mannequin. The thin wires were fed through a small hole in the butt crack of the mannequin. The top portion was put in place, and tightened. 

The whole procedure pushed the dildos even farther, and by then, Lynda was sure that she wasn’t going to go to sleep this time. The mannequin was then dressed up as a maid, with rubber of course, then carried downstairs on a trolley. She was put in the corner of the office, a service plate between her hands, with a flowerpot and some candies in a bowl. The base of the bowl was made out of thick dark glass. 

Karen ran the dildo wires through the clothing up to the tray, where she fed it under, and passed it through a small hole where the candy bowl was sitting. Once in place, it was impossible to see. She shined a light through the eyes and asked for the safe word. Lynda blinked slowly twice. 

Karen smiled, waved her goodbye and walked out. 

Lynda, left in that hot and compressing confinement began to relax, and it wasn’t long before she started to doze off. She kept herself awake by playing with her butt muscles, stimulating her. It was good, but since she was unable to do more, the pleasure was short, and before long, she fell asleep. Just before leaving, Karen pushed the button of a remote control. Lynda was deeply sleeping.

Rachel entered the office and startled. The lifelike mannequin on the other side of the room surprised her, but she relaxed when she realized that it was the surprise Karen had talked to her about. She took a large piece of paper, wrote a note on it and placed it in front of the mannequin.

The dildos started to vibrate in unison, waking up Lynda. She opened her eyes, and after a few blinks, was able to see the room. Someone was there, and it wasn’t Karen. It was the same woman as the other day. She was approaching her, looking carefully then turned around, walked to the desk and wrote something before hanging in front of the mannequin’s eyes.

“Hi Lynda. I’m Rachel, Karen’s lawyer. Have a nice day.”

Rachel sat at the desk, and started to browse the documents, took a file, put it on the desk and started to read. Shortly after that, the dildos stopped, just before she was to climax, leaving her frustrated. She was starting to relax when Rachel moved to flip the page, the dildos started again.

“Shit!” Thought Lynda. “This was all a setup and that brat put the vibrating dildos on a motion sensor!”

For the next 5 hours, Lynda was jolted according to Rachel’s movements. At one point, she came back to the mannequin to take a candy, smiling at her, and returned to the desk. She climaxed quite a few times, but she was left frustrated much more often.

Finally, Rachel left, waving her goodbye and leaving Lynda to the last jolt. That whole day was pretty much a waste. Well, not exactly, since she enjoyed the experience. Nevertheless, she was eager to get out and move her limbs again.

When Karen arrived, about an hour later, she unplugged the wires, got the mannequin upstairs, and removed the top portion. She was welcomed by the stinky smell of neoprene, perspiration and body fluids as Lynda was not able to hold herself with all that stimulation. Her limbs were numb, and Karen had to help her get to the bathroom. She took a long warm bath. When she came out, a good nice meal was waiting for her.

“So,” asked Karen, “Did Rachel come?”

“Yes she did, and you’re gonna pay for that little prank.”

“ I sure hope so.” Was Karen’s answer.

“Now, who is she?” asked Lynda, pissed off.

 “My best friend and my lawyer. I should have warned you about her possible visit the first time, but the temptation to play a joke on you was too strong. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, right. I bet you are.”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it.”

Lynda didn’t answer. 

They all met a few days later, and all had a good time. Rachel was a fetishist too, but more to the tight jeans kingdom. She liked rubber and PVC on occasion. What Lynda didn’t know, is that Rachel was doing a background check on her, checking her out for Karen’s big project.

But Lynda had Karen pay back, buy putting her own instructions for Karen’s heavy sessions, and Karen got her revenge by putting her back into the mannequin, outside, with the motion detector aimed at a target hung to a tree, blown by the wind. She was almost passing out when she was let out of the suit.

The Big Project

Two months later, Lynda had cleared out, and Karen was ready to present her the big project. Rachel was present.

“Total rubber encasement?” asked Lynda, not believing it. “That’s a big commitment.”

“That’s why I want you to be a part of it.”


“By undergoing the same procedure at the same time.”

“Why?” she asked nervously. “What make you think I would like that.?

“Don’t you think I haven’t noticed how much you like it in the mannequin? You get quite horny every time.”

Lynda blushed.

“Is it so obvious?” she asked softly.

“Yes!” answered in chorus Karen and Rachel.

“It’s going to be a long process before we go ahead. Rachel will take care of my estate and our well being, and we’ll take care of each other.  We would be medically monitored on a regular basis, and if anything goes wrong, we’re out of it. I have full confidence on Rachel. What do you think?”

Six months later.

They were both naked, their hairs totally removed, and waiting for their turn to be prepared. The room was dark and cold, covered with light gray ceramic tiles. Dr. Morgan came in. Karen was the first to undergo the procedure. 

Dr. Morgan started with intubing Karen. She inserted the feeding tube through her mouth until the proper length was achieved. Then the breathing tubes were inserted through the nose. These tubes prevented her from choking if her nasal passages became blocked by mucus. 

She then applied a lubricant to Karen’s eyelids and lips. She then inserted tubes in her lower orifices for evacuation. From now on, only an enema would take care of the solid matters.  Again, a lubricant was applied to the skin around the tubing.

 She was then led to a corner of the room filled with tanks and pumps and hoses. Dr. Morgan asked her to stand still, while she took a spray gun. She started to shoot at Karen. Her skin gradually became covered with a black shiny substance.

Karen felt the hot liquid rubber being applied, starting on her back. Following commands from Dr. Morgan, she slowly turned on herself, exposing every side of her body. Her head was shot last, and the Dr. made sure that a lot of rubber entered the ear canal, effectively sealing it. When it was over, the only thing left uncovered was the soles of her feet. But that was soon to be taken care of. She hung there to dry for about 15 minutes, then she kneeled on a stool while her soles were shot. 

While she was waiting for them to dry, Dr. Morgan continued with the proceedings. She easily peeled off the rubber from her eyelids and lips, helped by the lubricant put earlier. She then proceeded with inserting the inflatable gag. 

The feeding tubing was fed through the center of the deflated balloon. There were no straps holding the gag in place, just a wide flange covering her lips totally, merging with the surrounding latex covered skin. Small flanges were installed around the tubes from her nose. In both cases, the tubes were still protruding a good six inches out of the orifices. 

Finally, the Dr. installed dark spherical oval lenses over Karen’s eyes. Her vision was greatly diminished, as they were quite dark tinted. By that time, the soles were dry and she was asked to stand up. The crotch tubes were taking care of, and then another coat of rubber was applied, following the same procedure as the first one. When she was all dried out, she was asked to sit down. Her feet were fitted in carbon fiber molds, made out from the newly created material. They were shaped in ballet toe boots, but without any heel. She would have to stand on her tip only. The boots were covering the leg up to just below the knee. They were made of two halves held together by tiny interlocking clips. 

That was for a starter. A special glue had been applied and as soon as the two seams touched each other, the vulcanizing process took place, fusing the two pieces into an unbreakable single boot. 

Two inches wide photocarbon rings were fitter around her wrists, and over the elbows as well as over the knees. They had small threaded inserts in different places that would find their use later. There were similar inserts at the ankle of the boots.

The Doctor’s assistant approached with a ring light, about one foot in diameter, and handed it to Karen. She took it, and put her right feet in the middle. Slowly, the carbon fiber started to shrink, contouring her leg. She applied the light where she wanted the fit tighter. A flip of a switch, and the light changed color allowing coming back and loosen the fabric. After 10 minutes, she was satisfied with the boot and the rings.

For the next step, she had to get up. She was fitted with a carbon fiber corset. 

The torso was installed. It came in two parts, front and back, and fit snugly on her. The same fastening technique was used and within minutes, the two halves were making one. It was covering her body from under the crotch, arched over her hips, encased her waist and chest, and going around her shoulders. Her neck was also covered with a half high neck collar. 

Next, another piece was applied to her head, covering it completely except for the eyes. It has been molded from her face. It was again in two parts and was fastened the same way as her corset. The headpiece and the corset were joined at the neck with a slight gap. Two stainless steel flanges were installed there. That would allow the head to turn from side to side, but not to bend in any directions. The corset and the headpiece also had metal inserts in different places.

This time, she was led to a larger ring light where she took place in the middle. A remote control in one hand, she guided the mechanical drive to get the light up and down, and to add or remove tightness of the carbon fiber. She took close to 20 minutes. When it was finally done, her upper body was one stiff piece from the hips to the head. She could only turn her head, but that soon would be diminished. First, she had to make sure everything was okay. She was put aside to rest and give time to the different pieces to take their place. 

She was balancing from one foot to the other on her tiptoes. There was no possible way for her to stay standing still, she had to move all the time to keep her balance. In the meantime, the same procedure was applied to Lynda.

When Lynda was done, Karen had already made some new adjustments to her photocarbon pieces, especially tightening the waist part of the corset a good two inches, and was ready for the next step. Dr. Morgan made sure that she was still willing to go on, and Karen gave all the right answers. She was ready. Her body was lit with a harsh ultra-violet light that froze the molecules of the photocarbon in place. From now on, there was no adjustment possible. 

Dr. Morgan then proceeded to fill the blow-up gag, not with air, but with more liquid latex. In time, it would harden, and would be impossible to remove without surgical procedures. It was filled and almost pressurized until Karen signaled that she couldn’t take it anymore. There was no place for expansion, as her cheeks were covered by the hard photocarbon. Her mouth was totally full. 

Following was two more coats of liquid latex. A thin nylon mesh body glove was put all over her body, then two more coats of rubber were sprayed. The excess tubing was removed, and one final coat of rubber put on. 

Once finished, she was encased in a thick coat of protective rubber, which was almost impossible to tear off due to the nylon meshing. There was no easy way to get out of it. She looked like a gleaming black female body, standing erect on long legs and with an extremely tiny waist.

In the meantime, Lynda had done pretty much the same thing to her photocarbon parts, tightening them, especially the waist. It was then her turn to get rubberized.

The two women were identical, except that Lynda was taller. Their upper body was one single solid block. Their head, with the help of the steel rings, could rotate but were stiffen by the rubber coating over the rings, allowing them about a 15 degree range of movement on each side. Dr. Morgan made a final check on their health, and willingness to proceed. They both agreed.

They had to be transported back to the house. But of course, carrying two latex slaves was not going to be an ordinary transport.

The Transport

They were led to metal frames made of square tubing. Dr. Morgan and Rachel took each one a doll and proceeded, with small metal detectors, to locate each and every metal inserts that were embedded in the photocarbon pieces. 

When an insert was found, the rubber was poke with a pointed tip, and a stainless steel flange screwed to it. That flange had another threaded hole to which different accessories could be fastened. The flange screw was coated with metal glue, so once linked with the photocarbon insert, there was no removal possible. 

Next, the two dolls were led inside the metal frame, climbing on wooden blocks, raising their feet about one foot off the ground. They took hold with their hands to the frame to steady themselves. A bunch of aluminum rods were brought. One was used to spread their feet about 2 feet apart. It was screwed in the newly installed flanges. 

On each foot, three more rods were attached, front, back and side, and each linked to the surrounding metal framing. One last rod was linking the middle of the center ankle rod to the bottom of the frame. The same attachment procedure was used at the knee. The four sides of the waist were equally linked to the frame, as well as the neck and the top of the head. One another bar linked the top of the head with the top of the frame, as well as a rod running from the top of each shoulder to the top frame. Their arms were linked together at the elbows, and a long screw ran through the link to a flange in the upper back, fasting them to the body. The wrists were screwed together, and linked with a rod to the back frame. 

Once everything tightened each one of them was one solid block with the steel frame. Rachel kicked the wooden block from under their feet, and they didn’t move a fraction of an inch. They were suspended in mid-air by the metallic frame. Tubes were routed for their breathing, feeding and body tubes to a pump system located in the lower portion of the frame. That would make sure they’re okay for the week trip ahead of them. 

Finally, a rod with a weighted spring was screwed to their dildos. With each bump on the road, that rod would kick the dildos. Just something to keep reminding them that they are latex sex dolls. The sides of the metal frames were covered with plywood and screwed in place. The crates were transported into a delivery truck, secured in place, and their life support system plugged to the electrical supply of the vehicle. They were battery powered and could sustain for 24 hours, but the power from the truck would make sure their batteries are kept fully charged.

Confined in their rubber cocoon they had no way of telling time. It was a good thing, because the trip that Rachel had planned would be quite long, taking every possible bad shape country road, to give them a joy ride.

It wasn’t long before their body began to ache, due to the total immobility they were in. They would have wanted to stretch their legs, their arms. For a moment, they both had second thoughts about their latest choices, but as soon as the truck was back on the road, they forgot all of these little discomforts, as the randomly shaking dildos were giving them quite a pleasurable ride.

Home, at last.

It was quite a feeling to feel gravity the way it should after having spent 10 days suspended in the steel frame. They had to get used again to their new ballet toe boots, to their constant balancing, to the dildos that were gently moving with each pace, each movement. Their new stiff upper body darkened vision and complete deafness.

They spent their days swimming in the pool, riding horses, and just laying around, but they got bored rather quickly. They had to do something creative, something that would tie them up at having to do something. 

They setup a web outlet for bondage and fetish gear for the heavy fetishist. So they have to maintain their site, pack the sold garments, fill the invoices, check their inventory, all that within the confinement of their rubber skin.

Who knows, perhaps the person filling your next order would be some rubber-encased woman.

© Pete / monsterp63, July 2002

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