Karen – Remote Controlled.


Author’s note: Working, these days, on a REAL remote controlled cell, of course, it gave me ideas. The story is fictitious, as always, not all gadgets are feasible, although…

With the last padlock clicking, she knew her fate was sealed, for the next 6 to 8 hours. That was her deal.

She heard that her friend, Derek, was good at building gadgets and stuff. One day as they were having a cup at a local coffee bar, he looked at his phone.

“Oops. Forgot to add water for the cats.” he said, punching a few keys. “There. Done.”

“What the hell are you talking about? You give water to your cats by phone?”

“Yeah, a little gadget I built. I controlled it over the Internet through my phone. Simple app, see?” he said, turning his phone around and showing it to her.

“Oh, nice.” she said, her eyes wandering off.

A few days later, she called him back.

“Say, I have, you know… this silly idea.” she began to say.

After a few meetings to go over what she wanted, the cost and stuff, they came up with a deal: She would have to, ahem, suffer her gadgets for 6 hours. Anything before that and he would walk out with all his gadgets, and she will never see those again. At the six hours mark, she would keep the gadgets but have to pay for them. At 8 hours, everything was free.

The problem? For her anyway? She had no clue of anything he built. She wanted the surprise. He asked a few questions, after all, he had to have some kind of clue of what was needed, but the rest was literally dark.

The first “Oh shit, what have had gotten myself into” came when he began to stick electrode pads over her naked body, half-spherical pads around her tits, pads on her inner thighs, other thighs and two bads at the base of her neck, half way between the sides her neck and her shoulder blades. With the  help of little pieces of surgical tape, he fixed all the wires going down toward her crotch, where they met more wires coming from a buttplug and from her dildo.

“Geesh! I feel I’m going to be lit-up like a Christmas tree.” she had nervously said.

“I’m sure in your mind, that will be the feeling.” he said with a devilish wink.

Putting on the thick and very tight complete neck entry catsuit was complicated with the wires. He fed the wires through the crotch zipper of the suit and lightly tape them going up her back. More was to come, of course.

She picked her corset. A brand new one she had just ordered, made of purple brocade-like latex. Derek gladly positioned the garment and began to pull the laces. And pulled. And pulled.

“Wow, that’s tight.” she said at one point.

“How come? You’re used to wearing a corset, right? It’s certainly not the first.”

“No, but it feels a lot tighter. I might have been a little too… aggressive for the size. I figured I was up to a tighter one, but, darn…”

“Uh-ho. There’s still about 2cm to go, dear.” he said.

“You… you’re joking, right?”

“No. Well, if it’s too tight, I can just stop now. That’s no big deal.

“Well… that’s the thing.” she said. “It HAS to close. I ordered a new, fixed sized chastity belt, you know, to go with the brand new dungeon cell, and, well…”

“It’s been ordered to be the same size of the corset. Got it. Suck it in, then.” he said as he gave a very strong yank, pretty much lifting her off the floor.

The surprised pull caught her off-guard and her stomach gave in easily, but he continued to pull, tightening the chest portion, before going back to the hips, tightening it again. Her eyes were getting pushed out of their sockets!

“That’s… very… tight.” she said between two breaths. “I wonder if…”

“There. It’s closed.” he said, ending the arguments.

She stood there, panting, stuck midway between “I love it” and “I can’t breath.”

Derek looked at her with a puzzled look.

“You’re quite red. I’ll leave it for you to decide. Okay, the footwear?”

“There.” was all she could say as she pointed to a pair of ballet booties on the dresser.

“Really? Ballet boots? I told you that you would have to spend quite a lot of time standing up. Sure you don’t want to go with something a wee bit less extreme?”

“No… Ballet… Boots.” she said, each time with a short breath.

“Geesh. Almost doesn’t need a gag with that corset.” he said, laughing.

She laughed too, but it was almost painful.

He grabbed the booties and helped her get them on, as she stood up, coping with the corset.

She usually gets some kind of rush, feeling the footwear slipping over the attached latex toe socks of the suit, but she was more concentrating on her breathing.

He fastened their laces tightly, then grabbed a set of white and red leather cuffs he tightly wrapped around her ankles before locking them in place.

“Still okay?” he asked.

As she nodded yes, he added more locked leather cuffs around her wrists and upper arms. 

Already, sweat was building. She could feel it. She liked it.

She rubbed her latex covered fingers over her constricted waist, feeling its tightness, feeling its incredible shape, its awesomely small size. And feeling the steel rings of her cuffs hit the corset was a blast.

She was still panting but things were getting better.

“You know, you can always revert to your regular corset and old belt. I don’t mind and it won’t affect anything.”

“No, I’m getting used to. The organs are taking their new places. It’s more bearable now.” she said, yet still breathing in relatively short breaths.

“Just remember our deal. Even an emergency release will count.”

“Yes. I know.” she said with a devilish smile. Oh  yes, she knew it. She specifically asked for it, to put more incentive on her, to make sure she wouldn’t call it quits for any shitty reason involving a false medical one.

He inserted small air-pod like earphones into Karen’s ears then saw the latex hood on the dresser,  picked it up and gently pulled it down over Karen’s head, feeding the rather large yoke under the suit’s collar. The hood had basic eye holes, nostril holes and a round hole at the mouth.

It was followed by a rigid and tall posture collar, forcing her head up and pretty much locking it in place. She could turn it, but barely, and looking down, especially with that corset, was very difficult, having mostly to bend at the hips. Damn! She loved it!!

Derek then came up with the second surprise after the tense pads: her modified gasmask.

She made wide eyes as she saw it: inside the snout was a large and long penis gag, which would surely go deep, very deep inside her mouth, and… wires. That thing would be plugged into the control box? But… what for?

“Open wide” he said as he pushed the mask forward.

And wide she had to open. The circular hole of the hood over her mouth was smaller than the gag, and would seal it. As the mask was put in place, she quickly realized that she would have to inhale through her nose and exhale through her mouth, which is an exercise in itself.

He fastened it tightly, sealing the outer lip against the rubber hood.

Her world was getting smaller and smaller, with the corset, and now with the gasmask with its gag and narrow eyeports. With the gag going that deep inside her mouth, she couldn’t produce much sound except for a faint grunt, dampened by the mask itself.

She heard a cracking in her ears  as she saw Derek get a smartphone to his mouth.

“You hear me in there?” he asked.

She nodded  yes, but her whole upper body made the movement, which made him laugh. She completed the answer by giving two thumbs up.

“Very good. Are you still going with that corset? Do I put on the chastity belt? Once it’s locked, it’s over, you know? No turning back before the end of the deal. You still have a chance to back off.” he said.

She took a few deep breaths. Thanks to the corset, they were rather shallow, but you get the idea, then she nodded again, with her full upper body, YES and gave two thumbs up.

He unpacked the indeed brand new stainless steel belt and wrapped it around her waist.

“Darn! Even then it’s going to be a tight fit.” he said as he pulled hard on the waistband to get it to fasten. Then he pulled the crotch strap,which had Karen generate a muffled yelp as the dildos were pushed in much deeper than she had anticipated.

“There. The deal is sealed.” he said, looking at her in the eyes. 

She put her hands at her crotch, feeling the cold steel locking her dildos in place, locking her too tight corset on, making pretty much anything difficult to remove.

Derek added more locks on the gasmask, preventing her from taking it off, then taking more padlocks, linked her wrist cuffs to rings on the side of the chastity belt, then using a very short chain, drew her elbows as close as they could go in her back. Like that, she could wiggle her fingers, but her hands were pretty much useless, now.

He took a black plastic box, fixed to a leather harness and installed it in her back, between her elbows and her neck, fasting the harness around her breasts, then plugged in all the wires that were dangling.

Karen’s breath was getting faster in anticipation. What will happen? What will go on?

Finally, he bent down and linked a short hobble chain between her ankles. He took his phone and smiled, walking backward toward the door.

“Come.” he simply said.

Under her gagged gasmask, Karen had a devilish smile. She would test it right off the start.

Derek waited a few seconds, took his phone and pushed a button.

She immediately felt a disturbing shock at the base of her neck. Not painful but not pleasurable either.

“This is the lower setting.” he said, waiting.

Karen stayed put. She got another shock, this one a little painful.

“This is level 3. I should mention that there are 10 levels.” he said.

That was enough for Karen. She followed the order and began to hobble her way out of the room.

After each time he talked, the sound was totally cut-off. She couldn’t hear her heels clicking as she made her first steps toward the door, arms locked, legs hobbled, upper torso rigidly bound, head frozen in place. It was a weird experience. And the dildo and butt plug, pushed deep by the chastity belt were creating a quite disturbing sensation.

She hobbled her way, following Derek. Getting to the cell room, he took a small RFID keyring, unlocked the door, and opened it for Karen.

She entered the cell room, where the walls have been painted dark grey. A strip of LED was running all around the upper wall, brightly lighting the room with their cold white light.

Karen could see a few items she recognized, like a cage and a chair, but there were also markings on the floor, and a strange platform raised about 3cm off the floor. He led her to the opposite wall from the door,  having her backing up to it until she was touching the wall. He yanked the back ring of her collar toward the wall and she felt something click.

She couldn’t move away. He bent down, taking the hobble chain and yanking the center link down until it also clicked.

She was pinned down and pinned against the wall. She could barely let  herself fall down that her collar was pulled.

“Okay Karen” she heard through her earphones, “The timer starts now.” he said, turning toward a large digital clock showing a countdown from 08:00, “but since, according to our deal, you’re not to have any time reference…” he said, pressing a button on his phone, which made the display turn black.

He then silently walked out of the room and closed the door behind him, leaving her alone.

She tested her bounds but it was no  use. She was firmly held against the wall. So she waited. Patiently. Slowly squirming.

She was restrained, alright. Plain and simple. She could feel the tightness of her suit, the rigidity of her bounds, the unyielding setup, the deep throat gag, her huge plugs, the dreadful corset. She could hear her breathing through the one-way valves of the gasmask, having to concentrate on inhaling through her nose and exhaling through her mouth. Anything else was blocked by the one-way valves.

After a while, not being able to move much, she regretted her choice of footwear. But the only person she could blame was herself. Derek had warned her. She chose to forgo the warning.

“Me and my fucking overconfidence.” she said to herself, promising to be more careful, more down to earth. Next time… for the zillionth time.

She was bored. Just standing there, doing nothing, not moving, just feeling her setup. Then it was probably Derek’s gold, to make her feel how imparired she was, how much she was at his mercy, the true implication of her setup, of her choices. She had no clue, but she could be spending the next six hours like that.

All those electrodes, all those gadgets were perhaps non functional, and it was just a whole joke, just to tease her. Derek was willing to offer everything because, well, it didn’t cost anything. It was all fake.

She moaned. She tried to trigger some sensation by moving her hips, by contracting her butt muscles, but nothing came on.

Then the room became red. All the lights changed for the color of blood, or danger of…

She felt a gentle vibration at her crotch. Oooo. That was welcomed. That was good. If only it could get stronger, but it stayed the same,  She pulled on her neck link, a sort of way to show her frustration, that she wanted it stronger, but it stopped. Dead. silent as the lights of the room became blue.

She pulled on her collar to show her dissatisfaction.. The lighting changed to white and she stood there, feeling nothing.

After some time, the lights changed to red again and the vibration resumed.

Gosh! That was welcomed. She slowly squirmed then pulled on her collar. The lights turned blue and the vibration stopped.

“Fuck!!” she yelled through her gag, pulling hard on her neck again, and the lights turned white.

“Wait a minute?” she thought. Could it…”

The time of the white light was quick, and they turned again to red.

Involuntarily, she pulled on her neck. The lights changed to blue. She refrained from showing her frustration and after about 10 seconds, the lights reverted to red and the vibration resumed.

“Fuck you, Derek!” she yelled in her mind.

That was fucking devilish. If she tugged the lightest on her collar, the teasing would stop. If she tugged while the lights were blue, she would get totally denied, each time for a longer time.

She had to get vibed at the crotch, but her body couldn’t respond. That was not anticipated at all. She figured she would get tied up and teased without seeing anyone, but that was totally different. 

Damn! That was devilishly frustrating. At one point, she struggled so hard that it got Derek concerned. He rushed to the room and looked at her.

“Do you want to get out?” he asked, ready to get her out of everything.

She stared at her. Hell, yes she wasted out, to punch him in the face! That was not what she had signed for. She wanted pleasure, not frustration. She had told him that, well… he did asked many times what her limits were, and her only answer, every time was: “as long as I don’t get permanently harmed”, followed by a laugh.

Basically, she had given him a blank check. Then it dawned on her! Fuck! He could do pretty much anything he wants!

The tease and denial resumed and when she was finally released, she couldn’t even tell if she orgasmed. She was exhausted.

She didn’t wait for any order, any permission. As soon as she was freed, with her feet and legs aching, she literally ran (a hobble-run, of course) to the chair and collapsed on it, trying to compose herself. Her steel chastity belt hitting hard on the wooden chair, jolted the toys inward even more, making her bounce of surprise.

She would have giggled, but she was too exhausted for that. She wanted to rest, even doze off if she could.

From his point of view, through a webcam, Derek smiled. She did exactly what he expected. Things were going to be fun. Karen might disagree, tho.

Shortly after she sat down, she leaned backward to find a more sleeping comfortable position, and the lights turned from white to red.

“Oh shit. Not again.” she mumbled to herself. She wanted a break. Not being teased right away.

She waited. It started with a faint tingling sensation on her nipples and on her inner thighs. And on her butt, or rather inside her butt. The electro-pads!

It was disturbing, yet an interesting feeling. She wanted to rub her tits, to stroke her crotch, but, well, she couldn’t.

Then her dildo gently vibrated. Very faintly, but since she was sitting on it, it felt a lot stronger.

She got off the chair to reposition herself. The lights of the room changed to blue and everything stopped.

“FUCK IT!!!” She yelled.

But now, things were silent again, and she wanted to doze off. She closed her eyes. As her head gently tilted to the side, well, her whole body tilted, the lights turned red and the teasing began again, which woke her up.

Damn! She wanted to rest. She knew how to stop it, tho. She raised from the chair, the lights changed to blue and everything stopped. She stood still for a moment then, she was smart, she figured that if she leaned right off the start, the system would not discover her movement. She threw her head backward as much as she could, and immediately, the teasing resumed.


It took her a few attempts but she got it. Somehow, there was a level detector linked to the position of her head. She had to keep her whole upper body straight. Any leaning, whatever the direction, no matter if it was before or after, would trigger the teasing.

Her legs would rest, but her mind didn’t

“Well, on the floor it is, then.” she said to herself, gently lowering herself on the floor from the sitting position. It wasn’t easy with her arms linked and her ankles tied, but she managed. Well, she had experience.

However, less than a minute after she laid down and closed her eyes, the lights flashed red and white and she felt a very disturbing sting at her neck.

Apparently, she wasn’t allowed. Don’t she had any fucking way to relax?

She struggled to get back on her knees and tried to grab a hold of the chair.

“If you want to rest, go in the cage.”  she heard in her earphones.

“Fuck you!” she tried to yell back, but she got the message out by giving the finger. Twice!

She crawled, on her knees, to the cage. She entered, but the cage was small and she would have to bend to get fully inside. She stayed all stretched out, but the stinging continued.

“You have to get completely inside the cage to rest.” said Derek.

Moaning, grunting, pesting, she bent her hips, her knees and managed to fit inside the cage. She figured that once the teasing would stop, she would slowly relax her legs and extend them again, but… the door closed! It had been motorized and was remote controlled.

Now, the stinging stopped but she was all cramped inside the small cage. She tried to kick it open, but didn’t succeed.

“Listen, Karen.” said Derek. “You’re not at the health spa, you’re inside a dungeon, a place to make you feel miserable, a place where the only goal is to torture and tease someone.”

He waited. From his room next door, he checked on her, awaiting to see the “I quit / RED” signal, but she stood still, probably pondering her choices.

Yes, it was hard, yes it was devilish, and yes… she loved it! This is what she had signed for. Teasing, denial, rorture, both physically and psychologically. That made her instantaneously hot.

After what seemed like an eternity, the door opened and she could stretch her legs, but it didn’t last long before the stinging resumed. She had to find a place to go, something to do.

Next to the chair were a circle painted on the floor and a raised platform. She figured that, no matter what location she would choose, she would have some challenges to sustain. She tried the raised platform.

Just stepping on it proved a challenge as it was unstable, as if standing on top of a sphere. Keeping stable on it was quite a work-out. Once more, she regretted her choice of footwear.

When she was steady, dead center, she would get teased and tormented. As soon as she was leaning, no matter 

 She learned that if she stepped on the raised platform, it was wobbly, and she had to keep it stable. Any leaning, on either side would stop everything.

When she finally got down, again, she aimed for the chair, this time, not caring about the small teasing, but she was so hot and stimulated (and denied) by her ordeal on the wobbly platform that an orgasm built up, quite rapidly, going higher and higher, and when she was about to launch… her air was cut off!

Oh fucking shit! The rush! It sent her past the orbit of Pluto, into another solar system, into another universe. Her body was shaken by uncontrollable convulsions, her mind short-circuited. She slowly slid down the chair, laying on the floor, body shaking, her mind getting fucked as well as her body, the teasing, air getting cut on and off as every tens pads were fired, every vibration was put to its maximum.

Her body became limp as her brain shut down, overloaded by the rush of hormones, the rush of sensations.

Derek smiled. It’s only been three hours.

When she came back to her senses, she was feeling the faint stinging at her neck. She crawled to the cage and cramped herself in so she could rest.

When she got out, she tried the circle, where she couldn’t move a muscle or risk being denied or shocked.

Then the chair again, and another powerful orgasm, followed by another “no one’s home” period.

When she awakened, she heard Derek.

“Hello there. Still in this world?” she heard him giggled.

She raised one thumb up, although this simple gesture was asking for a lot of effort.

“The six-hours mark has been reached while you were, ahem… sleeping. Want to get out or do you still aim for the eight hours goal?”

“Damn!” she thought. Could she handle two more hours of that? Would she end-up in vegetative state, orgasming again and again? Would she retain her sanity? But this was so good…

She gave him two thumbs up sign.

“Okay then.” he said.

Karen heard some electrical motor noise. She turned around and she saw a winch hook getting down from the ceiling, the hook stopping a cm before touching the ground.

The stinging resumed.

“Get your ankle chain inside the hook.” she heard Derek command.

She crawled to it, the stinging slightly increasing in intensity, or was she imagining things. She turned on her back and managed to lift her legs and put the chain in the hook.

The winch got into action and quickly lifted her off the floor.

There she was, upside down, and the teasing, denial, the breath control, the brain torture, began again.

When she reached the orgasm, she squirmed like a fish at the end of a fishing line, but he didn’t lower her down. He kept her there, which triggered another orgasm, and another one, until she passed out.

Shen she came back to her senses, she was untied, the gasmask had been removed as well as the posture collar. The chastity belt had been removed and the corset loosened. She was laying on a mattress on the floor of the cell.

He laughed.

You should see your face, or at least your eyes. You’re okay in there?”

“Yeah.” she managed to say. She felt stoned and drunk at the same time.

“Need help to get out of it?”

“Oh, I’m in no rush. I like wearing latex, you know?”. She said.

“Okay then. I’ll go fix some coffee and something for you to eat. You’ve been out almost two hours.

A few moments later, still wearing her complete latex suit, she was sipping a cup of coffee, while Derek was putting the final touch to her spaghetti plate.

“You know, Derek, I’ve been thinking, I have a deal for you.”

“A deal for me?” he said as he put the plate down then sitting across the table and taking his cup of coffee in his hand.

“Yes.” she said. “Right now, I don’t owe you anything. But what if there’s another challenge where, if successful, I get to pay you back everything you invested?”

“Wait, what? You would pay me back if I torture you again?” he asked, taking a sip of coffee.

“No.” she giggled. “You’d be the one in the cell.”

He spit out his coffee.


© Pete,

January 17, 2021

No, no story in the works for the “male in the cell”. I leave that to your imagination.

Some technical notes:

Look out for Arduino, ESP-8266 Wi-Fi Modules, the website blynk.io and their app for Windows, Android and IPhone.

This story is based on the possibilities those things offers. I’m not there technically, but I’m working on it. I do have a wifi-controlled tens unit that is working on my workbench. Awaiting the parts to put it all together. (on/off only, no control over the power output or which pads are fired, but… everything is possible)

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