A Dream


There I was, frantically typing the scenario that my brain just came up with when I heard a strange noise coming from somewhere else inside the house.

It sounded like a cat growling but my two cats were right there besides me, one on each side of the computer screens.

I put it to my imagination, but there it was again, louder and longer and more… melodious? Sounded more like moaning.

Puzzled, I got up and walked to the corridor to listen. There it was, again. Clearer. Yes, a moan, coming from the far end of the house, from… my bedroom?

I walked toward it. A strange eerie red glow was emanating from the room. I never put any red lights there. I heard that moan again. Definitely a moan. A woman’s moan. As I reached the bedroom door, I was startled.

There she was, on my bed. Well, not exactly. My regular, plain bed was gone, replaced by that strange steel framed bed, and on it, tightly stretched in a spread eagle position, a woman.

The eerie reddish glow of the room was reflecting on her latex covered body as she slowly squirmed in her bounds.

What the hell?

I approached her gently. She was slowly squirming. The shine of the latex seemed to almost flow like liquid as she slowly moved within the little room the heavy chains holding her to the bed were allowing. She seemed to enjoy it. Yes enjoying it but on another level.

All I could see of her was her red lips protruding around the large ball gag she had deeply inserted in her mouth.

All she could see was the darkness provided by the blindfold covering her eyes.

Nervously, hand shaking, I gently touched her thigh. Her hot, smooth, silky, shiny latex covered thigh. She immediately reacted by thrusting her hips upward accompanied with an inviting moan.

I rubbed my hand over her thigh, up to her hip, then back again, toward her knee as I slowly and carefully got on the bed to lay down with her.

I placed myself, kneeling between her wide opened legs, placing my hands over her tightly latex corseted waist, sliding them downward toward her hips, her thighs, gently rubbing them, squeezing her thighs in the process, feeling the latex on my fingers, returning them to her corset and gently lowered my manhood over her cold steel chastity belt.

I could feel the vibrations of the toys inside her through the belt and my added weight on her crotch only increased the moaning. Oh yes, she liked it. I didn’t mind either.

I gently grabbed her firm breasts out of my latex covered fing… wait, what? Latex covered hand? I looked down and there I was, fully clad in latex now, neck to toe. I smiled. I liked that.

I slowly let myself lay over her, rubbing her latex stretched out arms with my latex hands, easily gliding over the lubed rubber. I could feel her hot breath as I approached my mouth from her ball gag and gently kissed her, while laying my whole body over hers, taking the same spread eagled position.

Her lips tasted like strawberries. What I could touch of them anyway, and I could even smell a small hint of fruity perfume. The vibrations of her toys, through the belt, were reaching my manhood who reacted accordingly.

I slowly began to rock my hips, stroking my manhood when something changed.

As if I had melted with her, I was suddenly not over her but… under her. I tried to bring my hands to her breasts but couldn’t. She slowly retracted from the kiss and the ball gag stayed in my mouth.

Now, I was the one stretched on my back, spread eagled on the bed, while she was slowly getting off of me, rubbing her latex hands over my chest, down my… corseted waist, feeling my… chastity belt.

I moaned. I liked it.

She smiled. She liked it.

She played with the belt a little as I felt something vibrate in my rectum. She smiled and looked at me with bright brown eyes, sexily biting her lower lip, her breath hot over my latex covered face.

She slowly got up, the red glow reflecting on her incredibly shiny suit and her wonderful sculpted figure as she stood effortless on ballet toe boots, then walked toward my head which was now fully wrapped in latex. She bent down and gave me a soft kiss on the ball gag.

I tried to grab her, to keep her with me but the chains were not allowing any movement.

She slowly walked away backward toward the door, taking a sexy pose on the doorframe, making a teasing smile, before turning around and walking away.

I could hear the heels of her extreme boots in the distance.

I laid there, testing my bounds, squirming. Damn! That felt good. As the blindfold appeared over my eyes, the erection felt suddenly painful. The red glow, the steel framed bed disappeared to be replaced by my regular, boring, plain bedroom with the ceiling fan slowly rotating over my head.

Oh, I had an erection, alright. Painful as my cock was folded on itself, jammed in the tight latex briefs I was wearing,  half way out of the penish sheath. I squirmed, and reached for it to let it expand within the sheath, under my faux-leather leggings, feeling the high heel boots on my feet as I squirmed along.

Yes, folks, I often sleep wearing some tight leggings or some spandex / PVC catsuit and high heels, depending on the weather (chilly nights preferably) – Well, you’re a fetishist or you’re not. And on weekends, like this was, I will often wear latex underwear.

I turned on my side, trying to get back to sleep, looking at the alarm clock at the same time: 03:33… Was that a sign? Half devilish, I thought.

Although I was still very well aroused, my erection was disappearing as fast as that strange dream was fading away. I was well awake by then, so I figured I had to write it down before it completely vanished from my memory, like all dreams do.

I got up, steadied myself on my high heels (always a fun part), feeling my manhood take its place within its latex compartment (always a fun part too) and walked to my office where I sat down at the computer and began to write that weird dream.

So, there I was, frantically typing the scenario that my brain just came up with when I heard a strange noise coming from somewhere else inside the house.

© monsterp63

December 11, 2021

p.s. YES, I do sleep like that, and often with ankle cuffs chained to a steel rod at the foot of the bed. What do you think I am? Some vanilla weirdo?

P.p.s Yes. I did have that dream. Of course, I “novelized” it a little.

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