The Story is Coming up…


Sorry for the delay, I had 11 images to create… In the last stretch.

Now, let’s see who this story will involve…

So… Karen and Sandra it is. (and a little surprise)

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3 thoughts on “The Story is Coming up…

  1. Which story was this?
    I haven’t been able to find the story, where you’ve used these artworks (fair, I haven’t looked through everything yet).

    Also, the other posts where you have her in a dungeon waiting on something.

    1. Okay, I got it.
      It was a long shot!
      It is not obvious after 2 years but here it is:

      The actual photo-story is in two parts.
      The first part is “Expecting”.
      In that part, Karen is in “storage”, secured and tied up, waiting for an adventure. I sort of “reveal” that when she’s not required, Karen is simply tied up in a dungeon somewhere. (Which happens to be a little bit of my own fantasy – never realized). Suddenly, noises. The door gets unlocked. Someone is coming. Who could that be? Phil? Derek? Lynda? Who will be with her in that new adventure?

      In the second part, (this post) It is revealed that her co-star will be Sandra. She is getting Karen out of storage to live another adventure.

      Said adventure being “The Convention”, the next adventure featuring Karen and Sandra.

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