May The Fourth (2023 edition)


I think I downloaded the wrong Star Wars Movie

I know the cow of the franchise has been milked dry but come on… Oh wait. I would go see that one.

-For those living in a cave, “May The Fourth” is a play of word from “May The Force”, a classic saying from the Star Wars Franchise.

Oh gosh! Droids! Totally forgot the droids!!! It wouldn’t be “Star Wars” without at least one droid. Now… let me think… Ah yes. Why not Alita? Or at least, my take on Alita?

Now, that’s better.

Oh, wait, I found another character to put into that scene:

So, let’s see… Darth Vader, Catwoman, Samus, a Stormtrooper, Deadpool, Alita… Yep, definitely downloaded the wrong Star Wars movie. (also corrected some poses and enhanced Alita’s butt)

Now, that’s the “Avengers” or the “Suicide Squad” or the “X-Men” I would like to see!!!

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