Karen – LocktoberFest2: Visiting Germany


Note: This is a direct sequel to Locktoberfest. Read that one first.

“So, the customer is happy?” was the message from her boss.

“Yes, totally satisfied,” typed back Karen. “He is looking to do more business with us and will recommend us to some of his business partners.”

“That’s very good, Karen. Good job. I understand they are still hiding your new, err… life and won’t talk or show yourself to me, right?”

She looked at her reflection on the monitor. She was not exactly “herself”, wrapped in rubber, gagged and bound.

“Yes, boss. Sorry. But don’t worry. I have my two weeks of vacation coming and you’ll see me back at work, fresh and relaxed and renewed,” typed Karen.

“Okay then. Enjoy yourself.”

“I will,” typed Karen.

She let off the keyboard and her wrists almost snapped back on her lap, pulled forcefully by the strong spring linking them to the floor. That was one of Mistress’ ideas and it was a harsh one.

She was tied up to a straight chair, barely able to move her neck. Her legs were restrained to the legs of the chair with wide leather straps, at the ankle, below the knees, and at her thighs.

Her chastity belt was linked to the back of the chair as well as another wide strap over her chest. Her upper arms were linked to the back sides of the chair with strong springs and her wrists, chained together, were linked to the seat of the chair with more springs.

The effort to be able to reach the keyboard was constant. And she had no choice. There were sensors embedded within the springs and if they were relaxed for too long, meaning she was just sitting there, doing nothing, her toys would zap her to get her back to work.

Technically, she somewhat deserved this treatment. She was falling behind, enjoying her bondage, getting orgasms after orgasms instead of working. 

Mistress made sure she would NOT fail under her watch. And since Karen made that little gesture using her middle fingers, Mistress showed no empathy toward Karen.

She honestly deserved it.

She honestly liked it.

But after one month, she was due for a break. She longed to chew her food instead of eating something smooth she had to feed between her lips and her gag through a canister opening of the gas mask. She longed to be able to relieve herself without having to ask permission, to have someone unlock the toys, while keeping the belt on, and re-stuff her afterward. She longed to have a real orgasm instead of having to get a faint one, holding a magic wand pressed against her crotch band.

She had been almost locked away from any sexual pleasure for one month while being constantly teased and tormented by the tight latex, the corset, the gasmask, the restraints, everything.

That day would be tomorrow.

For her last night, she asked Sandra to wrap her on the bondage plank, a narrow and thick plank held only on both ends, leaving the full length free. Sandra happily complied, first using a small hand-held plastic wrapper, putting her into an elbow tie before linking her legs together at the knees and ankles.

The plank had a special opening where her arms would go so that there was no excess pressure on them.

Once she was lying on her back on the plank, she began to wrap Karen’s body to the plank with a large roll of black industrial stretch wrap, pulling it as tight as she could, wrapping everything, even her head, poking a hole on the wrap at each turn so that she could breathe. After four layers of tight black plastic wrap, she cut it and pulled out duct tape, and added two more layers of half-width overlapping tape.

Karen could feel her world literally shrink with each tighter than the previous layer. Her breath was shaking. Damn, it felt so good! She loved it. She was unable to move at all, tightly compressed, tightly wrapped. h eck, breathing was difficult.

Sandra inquired about her well-being and after the agreed signal, she left her to her immobile dreams.

She dozed on and off, awakened by the immobility, or by a pleasure wave running through her, but denied because of no active toys, or simply because.

She had no way to tell time. She was in complete darkness and in complete deafness with all those layers of plastic and tape.

And she waited. And waited. And waited.

She didn’t have track of time, but she could feel it had been a lot longer than she had anticipated. Wasn’t Mistress coming early in the morning because she had a flight to catch or something?

That’s what she remembered being told at mistress’ last visit a week prior.

Then again, Karen’s German was not perfect.

She was beginning to feel worried. Did she have been forgotten there? Is Sandra still there or gone somewhere, expecting Mistress to free Karen, who didn’t come?

She felt a presence near her and her wrapping released, starting at the feet, gradually moving across her legs, her thighs, her waist, her chest, and finally, her head.

She opened her eyes, smiling under the gas mask, expecting to see Mistress but… she saw Sandra.

Puzzled, she looked at Sandra who seemed equally concerned.

“It’s mid-afternoon, Karen and I haven’t heard from Mistress. I tried calling her but she didn’t answer. I really don’t know what to tell you.”

Karen shuddered. What else could she do? She was in no life-threatening danger. Oh well, just another day or two of frustration.

Sandra left while Karen did some stretching. She had been tightly wrapped for over sixteen hours! She went downstairs and took a small walk in the neighborhood which was used to seeing her by this time. She enjoyed the late afternoon sun on her black skin and breathed some sort of fresh air through her gas mask. Yes, she loved it there.

When she came back inside, Sandra stopped her.

“I have some… bad news,” she said with a concerned look. “Mistress finally called back. There had been some misunderstanding apparently. She thought you were going back as soon the job was over and she was going on vacation. She’s already gone, she was on her flight, that’s why she didn’t answer. She’s now in Australia.”

Karen made wide eyes. What now?

“Since she thought you would be home by now, she sent the keys to your home. She didn’t know you would spend two more weeks here. She said she was sorry but there were no spare keys. I’m sorry Karen but there isn’t much I can do… except use bolt cutters and power tools to take everything off.”

Karen got a scared look and immediately gestured a “no, no, no”! She grabbed a piece of paper and a pen from Sandra’s entrance desk.

“I’ll be fine. It’s just two more weeks or so. And I was thinking how weird it would be not to have the belt to visit all that I wanted to visit, in other words, dressed vanilla. Now, I will do it in full rubber! Yeah, that’s a win-win to me!”

Sandra was relieved.

“You took it better than I thought. Well, suits you. Want me to lay out the tourist attractions in the area?”

“For the whole of Germany, YES!” she wrote back. “I’ll get my stuff ready.”

Karen returned to the dungeon while Sandra put down a list of attractions. When Karen walked down, Sandra had a little grin and refused to hand over the attraction list.

“I called Mistress to tell her what you intend to do. She’s fully supportive but with one condition: you have to be hobbled chained and wrist chained.

Karen looked down at her cuffed hands, then nodded an appreciative “yes” and gave two thumbs up. It would be even more pleasurable!

And so she went, feeling the tug of her hobble chain with every step, forced to walk with her hand in front of her, not naturally balancing, forcing her to move in a certain way,  head held stiff by the tall posture collar, vision impaired by the dark lenses of the gas mask as well as limited by the narrow eyeports.

Everything was arousing.

She visited known landmarks nearby. The real test was when she tried to take the train to go to another city. The boarding officer looked at him with a weird face but apparently, it wasn’t the first time something like that happened.

She had weird looks from fellow passengers, some asking questions. Good thing she had a tablet with her so she could write down what she wanted or the answer to the questions.

In most places, she was getting more attention than the place itself, especially inside museums where she was more looked at than the actual exhibits.

But for her, everything was nothing less than pure pleasure. Pure frustrating pleasure because she knew she would not orgasm, but she was nonetheless constantly kept aroused by the challenges of the ballet boots on cobbled streets, or the climbing up and down stairs. She could always feel the rigidity of the corset, the constant massage of her latex skin, especially every time she was getting out of an air conditioning place down to the street, under the sun, which quickly heated up her suit.

Eating was the only drawback, but most restaurants understood her requests and put her in a far-away corner, away from regular customers. She was still quite stared at, but she didn’t care. It wasn’t as if she was to be recognized.

The police stopped her a few times, inquiring if she was alright, and let her go as all was fine.

One day, she was standing some distance from a historical building, admiring the architecture. She saw a shadow from the corner of her eye. A woman walked toward her. She was expecting a question or being offered help, but the young woman simply took place beside her. Karen noticed that she was in high heels and tight jeans. Nothing really special.

Then she saw another shadow coming from her right. She turned her head, or rather her upper body, thanks to the rigid corset and posture collar, to have a look. She was stunned. There stood a man, in a full black latex catsuit and high heels. He simply took place on her right side. No words were exchanged.

Karen found it weird and was a little creeped out. Were those two about to abduct her? There was no one else in a 10m radius, why did they come right next to her?

Not wanting to look intimidated, she waited for a moment and casually walked away. She had seen what she wanted to see anyway, so why just stand there for nothing, right?

She heard the man say something in German as well as the woman, sounding like they were complaining about her leaving the place. But she didn’t turn around. 

She walked away, visiting other places. Around two hours later, she was walking in the middle of a bunch of boutiques. She was not looking at them. She was more concentrating on how her whole outfit felt. She admired the reflection of her shiny look from the display windows. she concentrated on her gasmask, on the gag filling her mouth. She couldn’t repress the feeling she got from the constant tug of the chain linking her wrists. She couldn’t deny the pleasure she got from the sound of her hobble chain and the tug she felt with each step. 

Then she began to notice that the people she was walking toward to, were giving her a quick look, but were more looking behind her, some making smiles, some making weird faces, some even pointing something out. She tried to catch a glimpse of it from the display windows but her neck was too stiff.

She stopped, turned around, and was stunned by the sight.

Behind her, was a group of latex-clad people, men and women, in different outfits. There was even a man (well, it looked like a man) secured to a wheelchair, being pushed by two latex-wearing nurses.

She stood still, spellbound. She gestured a “what the hell?” sign.

“Du bist… auch geknebelt?” asked a red-haired woman in a purple catsuit and thigh-high, high-heeled boots.

Karen signed that she didn’t understand.

“Oh… English? Are you gagged too?” 

Karen nodded yes.

“Wow! Cool,” answered the woman, turning to the group to explain in German. There was a bunch of head nods and one of the  men even applauded.

“We just want to share the pleasure with you,” said the man. “I hope you don’t mind if we all walk together.”

That was quite unexpected. Karen didn’t know  how to react to that. She had a bunch of followers now? Darn! She shuddered. After all, she didn’t mind.

So she went on with her walk, the red-haired woman walking closer and asking her what she was doing here, all dressed like that. Karen was prepared. She took out her tablet, selected the pre-typed text, and handed it to the woman.

“My name is Karen. It’s a long story but it’s my choice. I am visiting from Canada. I am locked into this outfit and can’t get it off until I go back home because the release keys are there. I’m fine and well, and yes, I really like it.”

“That’s cool,” she answered. “I’m Hailey, by the way, and this is my partner, Erik,” she said, pointing to the man who made a simple bow of the head as they continued walking side by side. Hailey evidently translated the message from Karen to Erik and the group which all nodded in appreciation. Then it was silence. Well, the conversation is rather blunt with someone who can’t talk.

“It’s… getting late. Nightfall will happen soon… Hum… Where… where are you going to spend the night?” asked Hailey.

Karen grabbed her tablet and punched another ready-made answer, listing a few BnB or fetish-friendly hotels Sandra had laid out for her.

“Oh, yes. Ja, those are good,” said Hailey, sharing the list with Erik.

They both exchanged in German and quite enthusiastingly.

“Say… hum Karen. I’m not sure how to offer this but… you can stay at our place,” said Hailey.

“I don’t really know you. I don’t know. Why? What’s better than a BnB? Or do you own a bnB that is not listed there?”

“No, we don’t have a BnB, but we are…” she said, opening her arms in a “look at us” gesture, “we are fetishists too and it would be a pleasure to receive you for dinner with our friends here, and you can stay for the night as well.

The whole group seemed quite fun and friendly. After a moment of t thinking, she accepted. It might be fun to be with like-minded people for a time, after being alone for so long.

Hailey led the way with Erik. They had to take public transit to get to Hailey’s place. They did attract a lot of attention boarding the but, although some passengers looked at them with weird expressions, most smiled or simply didn’t care.

The bus ride took quite some time and Karen began to worry as they were heading out of the city center. All the way, Hailay was pointing out historical buildings and areas and explaining them to Karen. They finally got off the bus in a residential area composed of narrow streets and full-size, individual homes.

Erik gestured toward one of the large homes, directing Karen toward it. He led the way and unlocked the door, made a few steps in, and let Karen enter, her heels clicking on the tiled floor. Hailey was just behind.

Karen entered. She saw the Kitchen and the living room. But she had a strange feeling. The house was giving up a strange vibe. A weird vibe. Not a scary one but, something else she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Hailey invited her into the living room.

“Would you like some tea?” she asked, to which Karen accepted, and Erik disappeared into the kitchen.

Hailey offered a seat. All the furniture in the living room was made out of shiny leather and Karen took place on the sofa while Hailey took place in an armchair, their latex catsuit creaking hard in unison as they rubbed against it.

“So… how do you find Germany so far?” asked Hailey.

Conversation is difficult when one is gagged. Karen answered with two thumbs up. She sort of showed her outfit with a broad gesture of her arms and made another two thumbs up.

“Ah, ja, people here are generally open about such displays,” said Hailey. She then simply looked at Karen, smiling.

This was odd. Karen didn’t know what to make of it. Perhaps it was a bad idea to come and she should excuse herself. Erik came in with a tray with the teapot, cups, and all the trimming, including biscuits and cookies, putting it on the table in the middle of the living room.

Once the tray was put down, Erik turned to Hailey and walked to her armchair, putting her finger in some very specific spots. Suddenly, rings began to appear and he was quick to link Hailey to it. Her neck was linked to the back, her ankles to the base. Her right arm was firmly linked to one of the arms while the other had some length of chain.

He then poured her a cup of tea and handed it to her free hand.

“We do nothing in this house without being properly set up,” said Hailey. “Do you prefer to stay as you are? Erik can fix you properly, although you are already slightly impaired,” she said.

Karen was stunned. She nodded yes and Erik made rings appear, linking her collar to the high back of the sofa and her ankles to rings on the base. Bending over her, he produced what looked like a car safety waist belt from under the fold of the junction between the seat and the back, wrapped it around her corseted waist, and pulled as hard as he could on it making Karen actually sink into the soft leather upholstery. Damn! She just loved it!

“Ist das zu eng?” asked Erik.

Karen had heard this question before from Mistress. She gave two thumbs up. No, it wasn’t too tight. It was just perfect. And quite unexpected.

And she realized that this was the feeling she had. That was it. As she looked around, she could see it. She could see the “strange vibe” this house was giving her. All around, everything in this house was for one purpose. Everything was made with restriction in mind. This was a fetish-purposed house! Her dream house!

Erik gave her a cup of tea, providing a straw she could put through her gas mask. He knew what he was doing.

He then took place on the second chair, linked his ankles to foot rings, strapped his knees together, and linked his neck to the high back of the chair before linking her wrists with long chains to the armrests. Well, someone has to be able to get out of the restraints.

“So trinkt man Tee richtig,” he said, lifting his cut in a toast-like fashion.

“Yes, the perfect way to drink tea,” repeated Hailey.

After the tea, they chatted, playing the telephone game between Erik, Hailey and Karen, who answered by writing on her tablet, translated by Hailey to Erik.

It was fun but it was also exhausting. And visiting clad in latex, waist crushed by the corset, and walking on ballet boots with a hobble chain, all this drained energy and Karen’s head was starting to fall forward as she failed trying to remain awake.

Erik untied Hailey then both untied Karen and helped her get on her feet.

“This way,” said Hailey. They stopped in front of a closed door. Hailey put her hand on the doorknob and looked at Karen with a broad smile.

“This is our… guest room,” she said as she opened the door.

Karen stood in the doorway, registering the sight:

Bondage table, bondage bed, large steel bed with lots of attachments and forged head, wrists, and ankle restraints. There was also a St-Andrew’s cross, an X-frame, a few benches, and steel rings pretty much everywhere else.

“Well… how do you want to spend the night? If you prefer as-is, we’re fine, but I’m sure you want more,” said Hailey with a devilish smile.

Karen looked around. Damn! such choices. What to choose? She pointed at Hailey and then at the room. What she meant was “your choice”.

“Oh, yes sure… Erik? Was schlagen Sie vor?”

Erik looked around then smiled, pointing to a simple long table with a soft rubber sheet that seemed to be surrounded by a tube or some sort of bumper to keep whoever was on it within the edges of the table.

“Vakuumbett,” he said, smiling.

“Good choice! Come, Karen, we’ll get you set up. Ever been in a vacbed before?”

She nodded no.

“Well, you need more to experience it than the explanation. Here, just take place,” she said as Erik opened the rubber cover on the long side. “You should put your hands on… yes, right. Erik?” she said, showing the padlocks.

Erik nodded and disappeared out of the room.

“He’s a hobbyist lockpicker. He’ll have you out in no time,” she said.

Karen wasn’t sure. After all, being tied up was Mistress’ orders. Erik came back and began to pick the locks and in no time the chains were removed, wrists and ankles.

“Don’t worry, we’ll put them back tomorrow morning. Now, just take a relaxed position,” said Hailey as she removed the cap from the center hole of Karen’s gas mask, fitting a tube in it. Karen felt the fresh air go in. Then they carefully put the latex sheet over her, aligning the breathing tube to a hole in the sheet. She felt the sheet being tugged and somewhat attached to the side of the bed.

“Just relax and let it go. You’ll love it. If something is wrong, just wiggle as hard as you can. That’s pretty much all you will be able to do. Ready? Here we go,” said Hailey as she gave a head nod to Erik who flipped a switch.

There was a whooshing sound and within a few seconds, Karen’s world literally collapsed. She was pinned down on the table by some force exerting pressure everywhere. But she could move, but that force was pulling her back into her original position. Damn! That was fun. the more she struggled, the more she felt how restrained she was.

No chain, no rope, now tie-down, just the pressure of the atmosphere pressing down on her body, everywhere. Her only wiggle room was the stretchiness of the latex trapping her.

Something was put against her crotch, pressing on her chastity belt, making her squirm. She felt hands caressing her, gently squishing her inner thighs while another set of hands were firmly squishing her breasts.

She squirmed. Damn, that was good.

“Good night, Karen. Sweet dreams,” she faintly heard as Hailey spoke very close to her ear.

She tried to respond, to turn her head but the latex sheet pulled it back immediately. Oh gosh! Whoever invented this thing is a genius… or a pleasure devil. And that was just the start.

After a few moments of silence, whatever was pressing on her crotch began to vibrate.

She squirmed even more. That was good. Her immobility and the vibration transmitted through the chastity belt to her rigid toys were awesome! And she couldn’t move away from it. But she didn’t want to move away from it. She wanted to be closer, for the vibration to be stronger… No, lighter, she wanted the vibration to stop. No, she wanted them stronger! She wanted to move. No, she liked being forced immobile.

Her brain was a total mess. She wanted everything at once! The teasing was strong, very strong but would she reach the orgasm? She was never able to since she put on the belt. Now, she was horny as hell, having accumulated 30 days of arousal.

She had tried to get herself to climax, using different methods, on her own, because Sandra wouldn’t help, having been instructed by Mistress to NOT bring her to orgasm. But this wasn’t Sandra, and they were not under Mistress’ orders.

Just a little more. Just a little more strain against the rubber holding her down. Again, forcing her hips up, then down, trying to move her hands toward her crotch but, although she felt she had moved them 10cm, they had barely moved and the strength of the latex envelope brought them back to their original position. 

And there. Suddenly. Her world, her mind, turned into the brightest flash she had ever experienced, as the thirty-plus days of tease and denial were released in one gigantic explosion of orgasmic pleasure.

All of her limbs, all of her body was harshly jerking within her confinement, throwing herself from one side to the other, lifting her whole body meters off the table, only to fall back down hard, enhancing the pleasure.

In her mind anyway. For any exterior witness, she was struggling but she hardly moved, the vacbed keeping her firmly in place.

Waves after waves of pleasure engulfed her body, from her head to her toes. her torch was on fire and it felt like a nuclear reactor was burning out of control there, melting down.

Her mind flew off of her confinement, and she was floating, swimming in a sea of pure pleasure. She wanted to stay there. She would stay there her whole life. To her, it felt like an eternity while in the real world, it had been close to ten minutes. TEN minutes of constant arousal, or constant orgasmic pleasure.

Her brain shut down, overloaded, and her body quickly came to a rest as she fell asleep from exhaustion. Latex gloved hands operated the power switch and the magic wand was pulled away from her crotch.

“Geht es ihr gut? Was zum Teufel ist hier passiert?”

“Don’t worry, she’s perfectly alright and in her happy place, Erik,” answered Hailey, smiling. “as for what happened… you will never know,” she said as she gently tapped his caged manhood tucked under his latex catsuit. “You will never know.”


She opened her eyes. Everything was dark. She tried to move but couldn’t. Damn, what happened? Was she paralyzed? What… uh… OH! Yes, she remembered now. That vacbed thing, the confinement, the immobility, and, oh yes, the orgasm! That felt so good. She squirmed in the confine of the vacbed, waking up some leftover pleasure waved. Moaning, she tested her range of movement and felt it was still the same as before, meaning barely anything, she closed her eyes back, enjoying it, gently struggling against that strange force pinning her down.

A hand touched her. She responded with a soft moan.  Two hands, then four hands touched her, gently caressing her legs, her arms, her torso, her breasts. She squirmed in delight. That was a very good way to be woken up.

The pressure around her body gradually released and she was able to move. A strange feeling it was. The latex cover sheet was removed and although sheathed in her own latex skin, she felt the rush of airflow over her body.

“Easy,” said Hailey as she helped her sit on the edge of the bed, and then stand up. “Come with me, I’ll take care of you while Erik prepares  your breakfast. Don’t worry, I know how to handle people… plugged as you are,” she said, directing Karen to the restroom.

She came out sometime later. It felt strange to her to walk totally unrestrained. The hobble chain hadn’t been replaced nor the wrist chain. It was weird NOT to feel the tug of the hobble chain on every step or to have her hands forcibly held in front her her. 

Erik was waiting with a large syringe, almost scaring the shit out of Karen, as he approached her gasmask with it, removing the feeding port plug and carefully pushing the end of a long rubber tube between her gag and her lips. He then gently pushed on the syringe plunger while Karen swallowed her breakfast.

And it was really tasty! She gave him two thumbs up as he pushed the food paste, down her mouth.

“Yes, we… experimented a lot and discovered flavors that blend well with the rubber gag,” said Hailey, smiling. “We talk with experience,” she added.

Then Karen just sat there, with them at the dining table, while they took a real breakfast­. They were both still in their latex catsuits as if they had slept with them on.

“This is our way of life,” said Hailey as if she had mentally heard Karen’s observation. “We wear latex all day, every day, and if we need to go someplace where this would not be appropriate, we wear vanilla clothes over it. But we live our lives in rubber and, you probably noticed, in high heels, even for Erik, who even wears ballet boots from time to time.”

Karen made a slight bow toward Erik. That was quite a feat… for a man.

They finished breakfast and got up to clean the table and wash the dishes. Karen quickly got up to give them a hand, and it was appreciated. Then they all stood there, looking at each other. Karen still had more places to visit. Her vacation time was almost over and in two days she would have to head back to Hamburg, to Sandra’s B&B, and head to the airport for her flight home. She took her tablet and began to write her farewell note. Hailey looked up and began to read.

“Uh… I’m sorry, Karen but… I… we would like to ask you for a favor. Unless you have scheduled visits or something, we would like you to stay until the afternoon.”

“Why?” asked Karen.

“We… I have this little setup idea but it’s difficult for me to try it, and see what is wrong at the same time Erik is applying all the restraints to it so… I would like to ask you if you can give me a hand with it.”

“What is it about?”

“I have this idea for a heavy bondage setup and…”

As soon as Karen heard “heavy bondage setup” she nodded a large YES!, not listening to the rest of the explanation.

“But it’s quite severe and…”

Karen nodded another large YES. Well, as large as her posture collar allowed it.

“Ich nehme das als ein ja.”

“Yes, that is a definitive yes, Erik,” said Hailey, laughing. “Okay, this way,” she said, indicating the direction of the guest room.

They placed her pretty much in the middle of the room, under a small chain hanging from the ceiling, well, actually, disappearing in it. Erik took a remote control and operated a hidden winch which made the chain go down until it reached Karen’s knees, while Hailey put some sort of steel cage around Karen’s breasts.

She then grabbed a small chain and linked Karen’s wrist in front of her, while Erik took another chain and linked her elbow cuffs behind her, effectively locking her arms in position.

Another chain was linked from her wrists to her collar and her wrists to her chastity belt.

She could barely move her arms and wrists now, locked in pretty much every direction. Already, this was arousing. This was starting with a good vibe.

From her back, Erik linked the hanging chain to her chastity belt, then to the back of her breast cage, and finally to her collar. He took the remote and gave the winch a few kicks up, just to put the chain into tension. Karen moaned. That was even better.

Hailey linked Karen’s knee cuffs and ankle cuffs together with small spreader bars so that they would be opened at a natural, even comfortable position.

The center ring of the knee spreader bar was linked to the center ring of the ankle bar and the center ring of the ankle bar was linked to a ring on the floor. Hailey had to pull hard to link it, strongly pulling Karen’s feet down. Finally, after Erik loosened a little the pull from the ceiling chain by operating the winch down, she linked the knee spreader bar center ring to the hanging chain.

She looked at Erik who operated the winch, pulling Karen up until her ankles were well stretched up, effectively removing some of her weight from her feet. But now, the chain was pulling in up and down at the same time, stretching Karen and keeping her well in place.

“Okay, now, try to get out,” said Hailey.

Karen looked at her in disbelief.

“Get out? How the fuck does she want me to get out of this?” she thought, but she tried. She went easy at first, not knowing if anything would hold.

“Come on, fight it, Karen,” said Hailey, laughing. “Stronger! That’s it.”

Karen struggled harder and harder. And the harder she tried, the more aroused she became. Damn, that setup was wonderful.

“What do you think, Erik?” asked Hailey while Karen was struggling like the Devil in Holy Waters.

“Der Kopf ist zu wackelig.”

“Yes, I agree. I think we have a head harness that could fit over her gas mask. Go get it.”

While Erik went to get the item, Karen stopped and looked at Hailey in disbelief.

“A head harness? Seriously?” she thought.

“Yes, your head wiggles too much,” said Hailey answering Karen’s silent question.

A short moment later, Erik was back and was tightly fastening the leather head harness around Karen’s head and gasmask, linking the top right to the chain, pulling hard on it to have maximum pull. Karen resumed her struggle.

Being held against a central point allowed her to turn around the chain.

“We need to prevent her from doing this, Erik,” said Hailey, to which Eric asked out of the room to come back with some power tools and more hardware.

They stopped Karen and positioned her in her original spot. Erik drilled holes in the floor and screwed in two more rings which would be directly under her ankle cuffs. He then linked each ankle cuff to the associated newly installed rings. That way, Karen will be totally unable to twist around the hanging chain.

“That’s perfect, Erik,” said Hailey. “Your turn, Karen.”

Karen tried again. Of course, this time, she was unable to twist around the chain. Her feet were firmly planted down.

Damn! This was a wonderful feeling. Wiggle room but no way to escape. She tried as  hard as she could while Hailey and Erik looked at her, smiling, nodding, pointing to a place, a cuff, an attachment point, and commenting, of course in German, meaning that Karen didn’t understand most of what they were saying, as if she cared anyway. If it was to restrain her even more, she was all on for it!

They suddenly turned around at the same time, looking out the door. In her struggles, Karen hasn’t heard the doorbell. But the play stopped as Erik headed out.

“Es sind die Krankenschwestern!” he yelled from the entrance door.

“Oh, that could be fun! Bring them in!” answered Hailey.

A moment later, two women, wearing white and red boots and a white catsuit with a red cross printed on the chest, walked in, giving a hug to Hailey and stopping dead in their tracks, staring at Karen.

“Das ist die Frau von gestern, oder?” asked the nurse with the brown hair.

“Yes, Annah, Her name is Karen. She’s from Canada. She doesn’t speak German.”

“Oh, nice to meet you, Karen,” said the one with blond hair.

“We’re Annah and Annie,” said Annah. “We’re sisters,” they both said in one voice.

Karen wiggled her hand in a small hello sign. That was all she could do.

They turned around Karen, looking at her setup, pulling on the chains, testing Karen’s limit of movements.

It was weird and arousing at the same time for Karen. She could do nothing to prevent them from fooling around, from touching her, from tugging on her chains. Nothing. She was totally at their mercy. That thought made her hot. What could they do to her?

They seemed quite impressed by the rigging. They began to talk in German to Hailey and Erik, who nodded, looking back and forth between the nurses and Karen, smiling, nodding, sometimes grabbing a chain and pulling, other times just touching, even drawing on Karen’s thigh as one was apparently describing a device to another.

They all seemed to agree on something and the nurses, smiling, headed back out.

The nurses came back with a stand. It looked a little like a microphone stand used by artists on stage, except the arm that would hold the microphone wasn’t holding a microphone, but a magic wand.

They carefully placed it against Karen’s crotch. Her breath was shaking. She knew what a magic wand could do. But she was all tied up. Which was arousing as hell already. The base of the stand looked quite heavy. They positioned the magic wand so that it was just next to her crotch, touching the chastity belt.

“Okay, Karen. Pull forward as much as you can,” asked Annie.

Karen complied, using all her strength to fight the chains holding her in place. She was able to push the stand back. Well, the stand stayed in place but it tilted backward.

“Okay, not pulled away as much as you can,” said Annie.

Karen executed. Both nurses conversed in German, getting nods of approval as well as finger-pointing to this and that while they moved the stand closer, farther, to the side, while Kren was still struggling to keep as far as she could from it.

“Okay, you can relax now,” said Annah, who then positioned the magic wand so that it would touch with some pressure on her crotch.

They all again, discussed in German between them, pointing at Karen, smiling, even giggling, looking at the chains she was bound with when she came in, the hobble chain and the wrist chain locked on her by Sandra under Mistress’ orders, leaving her puzzled about what they were planning, to which she had apparently no say in the matter. They finally turned to her.

“Okay, here’s the deal, Karen,” said Hailey. “For each orgasm you’ll have, we’ll take off one link of one of the chains, alternating between the ankle chain and the wrist chain. The resulting chain length is what you will have to cope with for the rest of your visit to Germany, or at least until Sandra frees you. I understand we never talked about such a game before. Blame the nurses for that, they are experts in predicament games.” she said, while the nurses were giggling. “What do you say?”

Karen was stunned. That was one heck of a challenge here. And an arousing one. But… something was missing in their rules. She gestured, trying to point at her left wrist with her right index finger.

“I don’t understand. What are you trying to say?…. you left wrist? Does it hurt?”

Karen nodded no. She tried to point at the clock on the wall, then at her left wrist.

“Uhr. Armbanduhr. Zeit?” said Erik.

“Time? You have an appointment? Why didn’t you say so?” said Hailey but Karen nodded no.

“Watch? Time? Clock? I don’t…” said Hailey.

“Oh!!” exclaimed Annie. “How long is the challenge?”

Karen made two thumbs up. Annie and Annah looked at each other, giggling.

“We never thought about that!” they both answer in one voice.

“I don’t know… How two hours sounds?” asked Annah.

Karen nodded a definitive no. Two hours being tied up teased and tormented like that? Now ay. She wouldn’t live through it. She pointed down with her index fingers.

“Uh, okay… How about one hour?”

Karen thought for a moment. One hour. She was actually feeling quite comfortable now. The chain was taking most of her weight. She had no strain on her feet or neck or anywhere else for that matter. Damn, she even thought she could sleep like that! One hour seemed right.

She accepted. Hailey made wide eyes.

“You’re sure? One hour? Isn’t that a little too much?”

Karen shuddered. She had no clue. She didn’t know.

“Just to be on the safe side,” said Hailey, “we’ll do half an hour to an hour. However, at any time in the second half-hour, you can stop the game. Will that be good?”

Karen nodded yes. Hailey turned to the nurses.

“Yeah, seems fair,” said Annah, “and safe,” said Annie, ending Annah’s phrase.

“Okay, then,” said Annie. “In three, two…”

Karen panicked. Wait! She didn’t have time to prepare… then again, prepare for what? She was already all tied up. She couldn’t do anything.”

“One… GO!”

The magic wand was turned on. Immediately, Karen felt the vibration on her crotch. It was arousing. She pulled back as much as she could to stay away from it. It worked, but she was straining. She would  have to let go eventually. When she did, her weight pushed against the magic wand, and the real teasing began.

She concentrated. Of course, she could withhold an orgasm. She was strong. No big deal. However, being tied up like that seemed to increase the power of the toy. Damn, that was good. Oh yes. She liked it.

Yes, she liked it. Enough to…

No. No way. Not that early. Not now. 

She pulled back. Easier said than done, tho. She was not free-hanging. She was held from the ceiling to the floor. When her push reached the end of the little play of the chain, she was swung back against the magic wand, effectively creating a powerful jolt. She pushed back out again, and too strongly again. Damn! She was screwing herself! She had to stop.

She tensed her body as much as she could, to stop the swinging motion she had created because, although small, it was wreaking havoc.

She was moaning, hard. She was finally able to pull her away from the vibrating head, barely  feeling its teasing now. Her legs began to shake from the strain of pushing back and she had to let go. Oh, how bad could it be?

Yes, that bad! She tried to throw her head backward but couldn’t, thanks to the tensed chain holding her neck.

Oh damn. Well, how bad one less chain link could be? Why can’t she have one? Once she would have had that one, she would relax and would be able to refrain from orgasming again right?

She decided to go for it, to push hard against the vibrating head. She put all her weight forward and… it stopped!


She heard the sister giggling. Hailey and Erik were looking at them for an explanation.

“Es stoppt, wenn es zu weit herausgedrückt wird.” said Annie.

Erik and Hailey giggled while looking at each other. Those nurses were from hell.

Karen let go of the pressure against the magic wand. Nothing happened. Did she break this thing or what? She pulled back, frustrated. She pulled back more, and more until she was not touching it anymore.

Well, it actually helped her cool down. Just an hour to go.

She let herself rest, which meant gently pressing on the magic wand. And it started again. She pushed hard on it and it stopped until she let it go completely.

“This thing stops when it’s pushed too far out?” she thought. What in the devil is that device?

That proved frustrating and arousing as hell! She had to find just the right push to keep it vibrating so that she could enjoy the orgasm, otherwise, it was nothing more than constant frustration. Constant sexual frustration. Constant tease and denial. Self-controlled tease and denial.

A  few back-and-forth motions and she had it! Yes one powerful orgasm, enhanced by the rigidity of her bondage. Her eyes rolled backward as she was engulfed by a wave of pleasure, her body shaking from every cell as her mind was screaming for pleasure. Then Hailey said something that turned her cold almost instantly.

“Gheesh! One orgasm in the first minute? She’s not gonna have any chain link left by the end of the half-hour!”

Who the hell are those people? Pleasure demons or orgasmic angels?

She pushed hard to keep away from the magic wand, but as soon as she touched it, as soon as she felt the vibration, she wanted more.

After the fourth orgasm in the first fifteen minutes, she let it go.

“The hell with it! I’ll take a cab.” she thought as she left another orgasm filling her, enjoy it, taking it all, letting the pleasure wave run through her body, from head to toe, again and again, like a never-ending tsunami.

At the half-hour mark, they took the devilish device away from her, letting her breathe and relax. They were discussing between them, counting the chain links of her ankles and wrists. Karen didn’t care. She was still filled with pleasure hormones and was still enjoying them, each little jolt of her hip, each little movement of her rigid plugs, awakening the pleasure again, and again.

They were looking at her, gently squirming in her rigid bondage, enjoying it. She finally opened her eyes and was startled at their smiles as they were staring at her.

“What?” she thought.

“That was more intense than I ever imagined,” said Annah.

“Yes, very intense,” said Annie.

“It was actually hard to figure out if it was all different orgasms or if it was all the same one that got prolonged again and again,” said Hailey.

“So, we decided,” began Annah, “that your punishment,” continued Annie, “was going to be two links,” added Annah, “on every chain,” concluded Annie.

Karen paused for a moment and then shuddered. She didn’t care. She was still in orgasm heaven.

They left her there, hanging on the chain, to cool off while they were having some tea.

Karen was still in her pleasure world. While softly squirming, every tug, every limit reached, every pull on any of her cuffs was bringing her pleasure. She loved feeling restrained to the point where she felt a void when she was freed from the bondage. She would have forgo her last tourist attraction and stayed there instead.

She was quickly fixed with the agreed chain lengths. Her first few steps were strange yet pleasurable: she was easily reaching the end of her hobble chain, pulling on her ankles, sending her the information that she was bound, impaired. She loved it. Same thing for her wrists which were now less comfortably resting in front of her. But that was part of the game, of the pleasure.

They parted ways not long after, Karen getting a hug from everyone. She loved the rubber against rubber hugs and wished she was able to give the hug back but with her bound wrists, she was only on the receiving end.

Her first challenge came when she had to get on the bus: the stairs were too high. She had to get a hold of the rail to pull herself up. She was looked at in amazement by the driver and passengers, but she didn’t care. By this time, she was used to the stares, the comments, at the general response, ranging from “disgust” to “I like it” to “I don’t care”, the latter two being the most common.

She reached her destination about an hour later, after quite a few bus changes, and she happily strolled her way amidst the gardens of the castle and the ground floor rooms. There was no way she would climb all those stairs to go see the higher levels. Well, her loss. Oh, she tried, but she turned around halfway through the first staircase.

However, she managed to get down, to the dungeon, looking at the cells and thinking… she might like it here: all confined, locked, bound in one of those soulless cold cells, abandoning herself to her feelings, to her pleasure. But that was surely not the thoughts of the people being imprisoned there some centuries ago.

The trip back home, or rather to Sandra’s B&B was pretty uneventful although enjoyable. When Sandra saw her come in, hobbling in small steps, she got puzzled.

“Gheesh, I don’t remember putting the chains that short… hey, someone messed with it? How come? You don’t have the keys… don’t you?”

Using her tablet, Karen explained her situation. She had used the time on the train to write her adventures down, which would make a great story to post on some weird internet website.

The very next day, Sandra was driving her to the airport.

“You’ll be okay?” she asked.

Karen nodded.  Yes, she would be fine. She’s been traveling like that for quite some time, now. Yes, she’ll be fine.

Sandra had barely reached her home when her phone began to ring on some notifications, again and again. As soon as she could, she looked up the message. They were from Karen.

“I can’t leave, they won’t let me board the plane. Come get me back! We have to find a solution.”

The numerous messages explained the situation and on her way back, Sandra couldn’t repress a laugh. it was crazy but it was true. The reasons?

She was seen as a security risk. They couldn’t confirm her identity because of her rubber hood and gas mask hiding her face. They couldn’t even fingerprint her or even confirm the color of her skin or even her eyes, thanks to the dark lenses.  All the steel she was wearing could have been hiding some more dangerous devices, unable to be detected. There was no way she would board the plane. She had to take everything off.

Karen was a wreck, nervous, not staying in place, walking in a circle, flapping her arms in despair, while Sandra was trying to get in touch with Mistress to make sure there wasn’t a set of emergency keys somewhere, or simply use power tools to get her out of the suit and restraints.

Karen constantly moving, walking, sitting down, standing up, began to get on Sandra’s nerves. Soon, Karen was tied up to the cross, arms in the air on each side of her head. Finally, Sandra reached Mistress and they had a long conversation in German, Sandra often pointing at Karen. It wasn’t so difficult: just get some bold cutters or something and get her out of her predicament. She would catch a later flight, but she had to be back home and back to work by Monday. Finally, Sandra hung up and looked at Karen.

“Well, she agreed to use tools to get you out of it but you will have to pay for every item that is damaged. We’re looking at up to a couple of thousand Euros, depending on what is damaged. I mean just the suit is about almost a thousand Euros, 500E for the hood-gas mask, the belt is…”

Karen had her stop. She would have to take a loan to reimburse all of it, but she had no choice, really. Wait! She tried to mimic someone picking the locks but with her wrist tied up, Sandra didn’t understand. She finally released Karen who showed her something twisting in the locks.

“Ah, picking the locks. Mistress says that the locks for the belt and the cuffs are unpickable. If someone tries to pick them, some sort of security pin will lock in place and there would be no way to take them off, even with the right key.”

Karen’s shoulders slumped down. She had no choice. She slightly raised her arms and let them slap back on her thighs in a resigned sign. She would get a loan, that’s all.

“Or… Mistress has another idea. Shipping you cargo by sea.”

Karen was stunned and even with her whole face hidden, her body expression conveyed the emotion.

“The shipping would take about a week. Mistress will send a special container. She said that all of your… devices… could be linked to external sources for food and waste.,” explained Sandra, not really believing it herself.

“She would write a message to your employer stating the delay in your return, so you won’t have to worry about anything,” said Sandra.

She waited for Karen’s answer. Karen was thinking. Her choices were simple: Get out now for a small fortune, or lose a week’s pay and spend one more week confined in rubber and… stuffed in a crate? The thought was… She made two thumbs up.

“Are you fucking serious, Karen?” asked a stunned Sandra.

Karen nodded yes and made a wave sign to mimic a ship at sea.

“I’ll be damned! Let me call Mistress back and arrange for everything.”

(Yes, To Be Continued).

Part 3 is here

(c) monsterp63.

November 21st, 2023

About: Background images.

I’m sorry to say that I never visited Germany. As a matter of fact, I never left North-America. (Travelled Canada-USA, East Coast to West Coast).

Those backgrounds are called HDRI. I got those from Poly Haven . I didn’t selected them, in that “order” for the story but because they fit the background I wanted for the renders.

I doubt I will ever be able to afford to visit Germany (travel on to other side of the pond) but in the meantime, I visite it with Karen. Sort of.

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  1. It seems that this is another long story, I am looking forward to it! I am already imagining the following story!

      1. I didn’t guess the outcome, I just imagined the transportation of Karen’s device, and I still don’t know anything else!

  2. I’m very happy to live in Germany when it’s like this here. Seriously, thank you for this story – I like Locktober better and better as a concept. And I like your stories anyway – especially when Karen isn’t permanently locked up and happy for a long time.

    1. Thank you very much Chaoskarl.

      Short time encasement, long time or permanent. That’s a big dilemma to please everybody.
      From the “real life ” to “fantasy scenarios”, there’s a whole range of possibilities.

      I hope the ending of “Locktober3” will please the most readers, as there will be many possibilities.

      1. Yes! Just take care of most of the readers! Readers who accept or prefer long-term closure, permanent closure!

        1. I saw your articles that were permanently or permanently closed, and everyone liked them, didn’t they? And you haven’t written many permanently closed articles, I’ve read almost every permanently closed article at least 50 times! Looking forward to new articles appearing!

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