Karen: New Year Predicament (upd)


This is a follow-up of “Christmas Adventure 2023 – Photo Story“.

Note: This story has 4 renders but they are taking a loooong time to complete, (render #2 is at 17% after one hour) and I wanted to post the story, you know… before 2024. So… Check back in a few days for the complete set of renders. Sorry about that. The story was written on the 28th but I procrastinated and waited until the last minute to create them. UPDATED. All the renders are there. Happy New Year Everyone!

Her legs were numb. Her arms were hurting, especially her shoulders. She could barely feel her feet.

For four days she had been tied up in the living room, stretched on the standing rack she installed herself.

For four days, she had been teased and tormented. Only teased and tormented. The toys she had put on were limiting her pleasure to that. No way she was to orgasm. As soon as they were sensing something that could be apparent to an orgasm, they would shut down for an hour.

This was pure torture. Or was it?

Oh, she got relief from time to time. Sandra would come every day to check on her and to feed her some diet shakes, but that was it. She was alone. Alone in the dark, alone with her thoughts, alone with her frustrations.

Oh, she could blame someone. Herself. She, herself, was the sole person responsible for putting herself into this situation.

Pete already said he was taking a break for the Holidays, but Karen? Noooo. She had to be the brat. She had to do it her own way. She had to lure Pete back into writing a story. She thought that if she put herself into a tricky situation, it would force him to get out of his Holiday break and write something.

She never thought that… Well, come to think of it… she never thinks very far ahead. She’s rather impulsive. And an impulsive move was to get herself into this situation without thinking. She had four days to think about it.

It was just before lunch that she heard the noise of the door opening. She turned her head toward it but with the blindfold, she still saw dark anyway. She expected Sandra.

“Karen? Are you here? I saw your car in the driv… Oh… Ha! Ha, ha ha!! Very nice,” he said, as his voice was getting closer. “I like your… Christmas suit…” he said, giggling. “Gheesh, that’s thick… and tight!”

Karen moaned as an answer. Finally, HE was here!

“So… You want to spend some more time like that or you want me to free you now?” he asked.

“MMFFOOOWW” she managed to say through her horse-bit gag.

(Giggling) “Yeah, understood… how long have you been like that anyway?”

“Mffoo aooys”.

“Four hours? Not bad…”

“Mo! Mffoorghh MKFAaays”

“Wait. Four days? Why?”


“Keys? What about it?”

“Yoo mffaaff ptea pfkeysff.”

“What are you… I don’t have the keys. Where?”


“Err… what? Oh, suitcase? You mean the small keys with the black keychain?”


“I… Oh… I didn’t know what they were for, I… threw them… Wait. Let me check.”

Karen grunted as Pete smiled, hiding some giggling. He took his suitcase and got the keys out, putting them silently on the table.

“I… I don’t seem to find them… I… Let me unpack my things, maybe they got mixed with my stuff.” he said, grabbing the remote and punching a few keys.

“It may take a while…” he said, picking up his suitcase and heading for his bedroom.

The toys inside Karen’s crotch fired up, but it wasn’t the usual teasing pattern. No, this one was powerful, strong… orgasmic. Although she was hurting from pretty much every part of her body, even from the bedroom, Pete heard her scream through her gag as the orgasm engulfed her.

“That should calm her down. For now,” he mumbled as he unpacked his suitcases.

When Karen’s moans subsided, he walked back to the living room, whistling, picking up the keys and removing the blindfold and the gag, the toys still humming but at a much lower setting, like to wind her down.

“I hate you,” she said, half unconscious.

He unlinked her feet. She moaned when she moved it, the first time in four days. She had to put her weight on them while Pete was removing the padlocks linking her waist and then her wrists. After her first wrist was freed, she wrapped it around his neck, making it difficult for him to unlock the second one.

He grabbed her, feeling the tight and warm latex on his hands, and carried her, in his arms, to the bedroom where he gently put her down on the bed.

She let out a long sigh of relief.

“If you need any help, I’ll be around. Just call,” he said as he walked out, turning back to admire this fit body in this shiny Christmas-colored latex catsuit. She was gently squirming which, with the faint lights of the bedroom, created some sexy sights. He closed the door and opened it shortly after.

“Forgot the keys,” he said, smiling, putting the keys on the night table.

She needed them to remove the cuffs and the chastity belt.

He tidied up the house because Karen left it in a mess. He heard her moan some more then stumble to the bathroom and heard the shower run, where he was sure she was having another orgasm. Well, four days in a catsuit with plugs wreaking havoc would make anyone sweaty.

But he knew she was alright. Sandra had kept him updated after each visit, and he could watch her through a webcam she installed, unseen by the blindfolded Karen. He had played along, faking seeing her like that for the first time. That was so much fun!

And if anything was to go wrong, Sandra knew where the bolt cutters were. Karen had been safe all along but he felt, as well as Sandra, that she deserved the… punishment.

After a while, he noticed that the shower was no longer running and that it was surprisingly silent, especially with Karen around. He quietly walked to the bedroom and smiled as he opened the door and saw Karen, asleep in the bed, wrapped into the thick comforter.

He silently picked up the catsuit and the toys to clean them, then went back to his chores.

Most of the day is passed in silence. He didn’t even turn on his sound system. She needed sleep and he was not to deprive her of it.

It was past 19:00. He was in the kitchen, preparing food when he heard the distinctive sounds of high heels coming from the corridor.

He turned around. Karen was there. Grumpy and still sleepy, in underwear and… high heel shoes. Well, she couldn’t lay her feet flat on the floor anymore so, even her slippers had high heels.

“What are you doing?” she asked, yawning.

“Cooking. What does it look like?” he asked while checking a turkey in the oven.

“Sheesh! Are you expecting someone or something?” she asked, yawning again, noticing the dining table, all prepped up, with lots of placemats on it.

“It’s New Year’s Eve, Karen. Perhaps your time on the rack messed up your timekeeping, but it’s the New Year’s Eve dinner. I’m receiving Sandra, Derek, Phil, Lynda, Annie, Annah, Mr. Thomps…”

“Oh shit!” she exclaimed, cutting short his guest list, her eyes widening up, her brain clearing up. “I… I… I have to get ready!” she said, turning around, almost slipping off her heels as she ran back to the bedroom, leaving Pete stunned.

He laughed as he heard her slam on the doorframe, and continued with his cooking.

Twenty minutes later, there the doorbell rang. Pete opened the door and Sandra entered with Valerie, followed not long after that by Lynda and Derek, then Phil, Annie and Annah, Mr. Thompson and Mistress, etc. In half an hour, the house was full of people talking loudly, enjoying meeting each other in such an informal moment. The only one missing was Karen.

Suddenly, they heard “PETE” and everyone turned toward the scream to see someone throw something far, over everybody’s head, which landed in the fireplace, into the fire lifting a bunch of glowing sparks.

The whole room felt silent as, after following the thing falling into the fire, they all turned toward the corridor. Karen had arrived, sporting purple thigh-high boots, a black latex catsuit with attached gloves, a crushing purple corset, a hood and a gasmask! And she had added steel cuffs and her chastity belt from which the padlocks were seen dangling.

She too stood still, seeing everybody… nicely dressed in evening dresses and suits. She was the only one kinky.

They all looked at each other with a grin, saying “Oh well, it’s Karen. It was to be expected.”

“Apparently, someone didn’t get the memo,” said Pete.

“Of course, she’s been tied up in the living room for the past four days!” said Sandra, before explaining to the crowd what happened, Pete adding his part to the story.

“Well, I’m not about to enter 2024, vanilla style. I want the full treatment,” said Karen, her voice muffled by the gas mask.

“The full treatment?” asked Sandra.

“Yes. The full treatment. Latex, locked, tied up, the full deal.”

Pete looked at the gang, making a wink

“I believe that could be arranged. In the meantime, if everybody would take place, it’s time to cut that turkey.”

They all took place. However, as soon as Karen had sat down, Sandra arrived with some chains and rope and proceeded to link Karen’s feet to the leg of the chair while Derek linked the D-rings of her belt also to the chair. When that was done, Sandra linked Karen’s collar to the back of the chair while Lynda added a short chain between her steel cuffs and linked them to her collar.

“Oh…” said Karen, squirming a little, quickly realizing that she couldn’t move much.

Pete cut the turkey and proceeded to pass on the plates, then everybody passed the different bowls of vegetables, condiments, etc.

Karen had a hard time grabbing the bowls she wanted, thanks to her restriction. It was almost as if they purposely kept it just too far for her to grab.

Finally, she was able to fill her plate, then she realized that eating with a gas mask was not going to be easy. And she also realized that in her rush to lock herself in, she also locked the gas mask on.

“You better give us the key or you won’t eat much,” said Mr. Thompson, sitting to her left.

Karen simply looked over to the fireplace.

“Is that what you threw in the fire, Karen?” asked Pete “You threw the keys in it?”

Karen lowered her head in defeat.

“You will never learn your lessons, won’t you?” said Lynda, giggling, like the rest of the table.

“Well, your predicament, your problem,” said Pete raising his glass of wine. “To 2024! May the new year [–put your favorite wish here–]”

Karen grunted. She managed to open the little porthole in front of her gasmask, but she would have to eat with small bites and drink with a straw.

Pete got up and returned a moment later with a straw and a long fort used for fondues.

“There you go. Enjoy,” he said with a devilish smile.

Every time someone would propose a toast, Karen would struggle, with her bound hands, to put her fork down, grab the glass, align the straw and get a sip before everybody else was done. And they seemed to enjoy calling another toast as soon as she had let go of her cup, so… she kept it. And when everybody else had put their cup down, she called one.

“I would like to propose a toast. To Pete. May your deepest, kinkyest, wildest fantasy come true.”

“TO PETE!” said the whole table in one voice.

They all ate and enjoyed their meal. Karen especially struggled with the whipped cream of the dessert.

“Okay, it’s almost time for the fireworks. Karen, you want a front-row scene, I presume?”

She nodded and was quickly tied up to the saddle rack brought outside on the patio. The weather was chilly but Karen was hot enough to sustain it… and it will get even warmer.

Pete disappeared to reappear a few minutes later, putting his phone on the guardrail of the patio.

“Karen, I’m glad you put on the new toys I happened to… how to say it… left out for you to find? I knew you would sneak around… Anyway, these are the new models that can be controlled remotely with a cellphone, and they have this nice function that is… sound activated,” he said, tapping beside the phone.

Karen instantly reacted.

“Good, it’s working. Of course, that could get you quite noisy so… I have a gag here that had been made for your gas mask. If you let me just remove the plug here…” he said as he removed the same plug she removed to eat, “and insert this thing… open… more… there we go,” he said, pushing a plug that was molded to a tube of the gag, leading to a pump.

Pete began to pump the gag, carefully watching Karen’s eyes. until it was just perhaps a wee bit too much, just to make her uncomfortable. She squirmed in her bonds but she would go nowhere.

He returned his attention to the other persons present and they drank and chatted until the countdown to midnight. Their chatter was enough to activate the toys but to a slow, disturbing hum.

“Ten… Nine… Eight…”

They were yelling it. Loudly. That was activating the toys in bursts. Karen was squirming. Oh damn!

Those who “know me” will notice a little itsy-bitsy detail in this image. Can you spot it?

ZERO! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! they all yelled at the same time, sending a powerful jolt to Karen’s toys. At the same time, the fireworks went on, from a distance, but were still very, very loud on this cloudless night.

Each explosion, each bang, each “Ohhh”, each “Ahhhhh” was triggering her toys until she climaxed. The fireworks were now in her mind, in her crotch!

The fireworks lasted half an hour, after which the guests left one after the other, Derek helping Pete to carry Karen inside the house. In the end, there was just Pete and a very tied-up Karen.

She squirmed. She was ready to be freed.

“Oh, can’t do, Karen. Phil thought it would be funny to throw those keys into the fire too. They’re too hot to handle, they are buried under the embers. Even if I could retrieve it, I would have to wait for them to cool down naturally as putting them underwater could warp them. You wanted to start the year tied up. You are served. I’m going to bed now, see you at breakfast.” said Pete, going away, whistling.

(c) monsterp63

December 31, 2023

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3 thoughts on “Karen: New Year Predicament (upd)

  1. Great! I’m surprised that there are so many images of this length! I have a small request. Can the thickness of latex suits be marked in future stories?

    1. Thank you, saber.

      Thickness: yes, it can, but I prefer leaving it to the imagination of the reader, unless really needed within the story. Some people would like to imagine paper-thin suits, while other would like to imagine 3mm thick latex suits.
      By leaving it “open” the reader can put in what he/she likes the most.

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