TLSOTM S2 Teaser 1


Work in progress.

Season 2, Episode 1 is almost complete (I keep adding to it…)—just 9 more episodes to go.

I don’t intend to post one episode at a time because this is such a complex storyline, that I may have to change something two episodes before, to fit within the new one. I hope you understand. It also means that, once posted, you would be able to do some… binge reading. (should I add a NetFlop logo too it?)

In the meantime, a teaser. Just to keep you on your toes.

Now… would this be good news or bad news for the Lunarians?

Captured to dominate or captured to… you know… Do I really have to explain?

Now, for those who don’t know, I suggest you read this first: TLSOTM: Season 1, and be aware that this is not a fetish story with a Science-Fiction twist, but a S-F story with a fetish twist. The S-F story is the “main character” here.

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8 thoughts on “TLSOTM S2 Teaser 1

  1. Okay, according to the description, can I understand that once updated, I can read at least 2 episodes of content? I will wait for the new package to be installed before reading, so it won’t be very agonizing, right? According to the picture, their set will be completely removed and replaced with a brand new one! Of course I was caught for new equipment, wasn’t I? Hehe!

    1. Not exactly, saber. My goal is to post the whole 10 episodes all at once, OR, if I have many episodes that I know for sure I won’t have to go back and change something, post them, but it’s most likely going to be all 10 episodes at once.

      And since the Aliens are involved, there’s bound (pun intended) to have new gear. 😉

  2. Will the new spacesuit be the same as the October forecast? Did you mention that you modified the previous 2 episodes? Did the new spacesuit get updated? Science fiction stories can make tight fitting clothes even more extreme, covering the entire upper body! Of course, this is my own speculation!

    1. Hey, saber, are you really expecting me to give you any spoilers???

      Tough luck, my man!

      Here is what I CAN (and will) state:

      – Did I modify the previous 2 episodes ( I assume you reference to Season 1)? = No. Nothing previously posted has been modified.
      – Will the spacesuit be “updated”? = Most probably with some certainty. ;-p
      – Will it be the one from the October preview? = It’s a possibility. 🙂

      The complete season 2 plotline has been laid down. Will it stay what it is? I doubt it.

      – Season 2, episode 1 is “completed”, e.g. the whole episode is written.
      – Season 2, episode 2 is a work in progress, but what I write in episode 2, makes me change things back in episode 1.

      That’s the reason why I don’t want to post it episode by episode because, as the global plotline may/will change, I may/will change things to what’s previously written.

      I know I’m repeating myself, but it is a complex project of 10 episodes, with six main characters, and a bunch of supporting characters, some “permanently” added in Season 2.

  3. Hi Pete.
    Just catching of on the latest season and I like what you have written & drawn.
    I love Sci-fi and fetish. So your story and art really hits the mark.
    There are points in the story (and in many of your other awesome stories/art) that I wish I was Karen.
    Great work and looking forward to finishing season 2 of TLSOTM.

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