Karen – My Girl


What if Karen was real? How would life be with her? Here’s what I imagine. – Pete.

I would wake up in the morning with Karen by my side on the large King Size bed. Under the satin sheets, she would be wearing a thick and shiny black spandex zentai catsuit. Her arms would be by her sides, linked with leather cuffs to the large leather waist belt, wrapped tightly around her waist over the tight, black satin night corset.

Her feet, encased ankle ballet toe boots, would be linked by leather cuffs and fixed to the foot bed by a length of chain. A large leather collar would encircle her small neck, and a chain would be linking it to the headboard. She would be smiling at me. I know she would be, her mouth filled with a large leather gag under the complete hood of the zentai suit.

I would untie her and let her go to the bathroom for her personal hygiene. She would then come back, cleaned and ready, waiting for me to choose her clothes for the day.

I could choose a clear latex catsuit, complete with attached gloves and feet and of course, huge dildos. That would be her base suit for the day. Over that, she might put on a French maid outfit, made of tight black and white rubber. I would then link her feet with a short chain and cuff her hands with another short chain and link it to the front ring of her wide leather collar. I knew she could behave but she would be asking herself to be gagged so she would not be disturbing. I would oblige with a bright red rubber gag on a head harness. Inside the house, she would be okay with knee high kid leather ballet boots.

I would then order her to make some breakfast and I would watch her struggle to do it. It would be a sight to see her balancing on her pointed toes, struggling to reach the eggs, butter and milk in the refrigerator and then make my desired scrambled eggs, then bring everything on the tray without dropping a drop of my coffee, and putting everything on the table without me offering her any help.

But that’s the way she would want it. Sometimes, just because she wants to be punished she would purposely overfill the cup and spill some coffee.

Then, this being my fantasy world, I wouldn’t have to go to work. I would simply lay around, watching her struggle as she’s doing the list of chores I have given her as I read the morning newspaper.

After lunch, she would request a nap. Of course, it would be one Karen style: tightly tied to a bench by countless leather straps, her mouth filled with a blow-up gag and her belly stuffed with vibrating toys. She did a good job, so she deserves some pleasure.

Sometimes, we would go shopping. Although in my fantasy world people wander around in latex, Karen would like to leave her mark. She would be wearing rubber underwear but would choose tight leather, PVC or denim jeans. And when I say tight, I mean extraheavyexcruciatinglyunbelievablyawesomely out of this world tight jeans… and jacket. Of course, she couldn’t go out without a very tight corset squishing her waist a good six inches.

High heels? But of course. I have a weakness for platforms with spiky heels, but she could choose that day, say, stiletto thigh high boots, or wedge sandals, but no shoe or boots would be with a heel lower than four inches.

Once at the store, Karen would ask me to cuff her to the shopping cart. That way, she wouldn’t be putting too much stuff in it. She would also make sure to constantly nag me about buying her these clothes, this item of jewellery, or this gadget so I would get fed up and gag her. That’s the way she would like it: tightly stuffed.

Of course, having been a bad girl, she would be doing the ride back home tightly hogtied in the trunk of the car, her vibrating dildos turned fully on.

Depending on her behaviour, she might get a small punishment like reduced length of chains for her chores, or the more heavy stuff, ranging from suspension, the cross, whipping, paddling, different tied down positions like spread eagle, hogtied, ball tied, frog tied, all for prolonged period of time. Or perhaps the heavy stuff because of a very bad behaviour, ranging from inflatables, vacbeds and mummification to total sensory deprivation and intubating. Those she would love and make sure she got one on a regular basis. She would be such a bad girl.

In the evening, we would sit side by side on the sofa to watch a good movie. She would be wearing a sleek purple rubber catsuit about two sizes too small. She would be stuffed with vibrating toys, her head encased in a very thick and tight rubber hood and her mouth filled with a blow-up gag pumped to the breaking point. She would see through small pinholes in the hood. Her feet would be tightly tied together at the ankles and the knees and her arms would be elbow touching in her back, elbows and wrists tightly wrapped by more lengths of white rope.

She would barely see the movie and not hear much, but that’s the way she would like it. My hand would slowly stroke her tightly encased thighs, sometimes fondling at her crushed waist under the five inches reduction corset or her ample breasts stretching the tight rubber like an overblown balloon.

After the movie, I would carry her upstairs to the bedroom, untie her legs and tie them back spreading them on each corner of the bed then tie her heavy leather collar to the opposite corners of the bed. I would get her crotch zipper down and remove her vaginal dildo. She would be there, laying on her back, arms under her, legs spread and unable to move, waiting for me to take part in her pleasures.

I would then set her up for the night, in her spandex zentai catsuit.

Yep. That would be my fantasy world,

© Pete / monsterp63, January 12, 2007

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