Building TLSotM Season 2


Should I plunge or not?

It’s easy to say “We want season 2”. It’s another thing to actually create and write it.

I have laid down some synopsis but I barely reach 6 episodes. And even those episodes are small.

But, I leave my mind to it. In good times, things will come up and there will be a season 2, or they will not and it will be a thing of the past.

To help my inspiration, I’m playing with DAZ3D. In the actual plot, the Aliens (Called Nagusians) do provide the crew with a new spacesuit (because something happens…)

So, I asked Karen and Pete to model them.

New Foot Position holding tubes, or ballet boots, slim and delicate for the women, sturdy and tough-looking for the men. The waist compression device is apparent, as well as the internal apparatus holder and controller belt.

The attachment points are also more apparent.

And the head. Gone are the goggles and feeding tubes, replaced by a lense-like bubble, removing any facial features. That new visor adds a few new gadgets, provided by the Nagusians, which improves the life of the Lunarians.

The Brain Waves Acquisition and Conversion Pods, also known as “headphones”, are also added. Their color helps differentiate who is who, although their name and their (new) organization are written on the suit. Those “headphones” will serve different purposes, one would be wireless communication with the Nagusians but also translate thoughts into spoken language for verbal communication.

Of course, Karen and Pete couldn’t help it and had to goof around a little. They really like their new suits.

I have experimented with a chrome visor.

The thing is those reflections lengthen the rendering time by three times and that was for only 2 characters with one light source. It will not be kept on, but it could be a feature “turned on” according to the situation. (Hey, it’s “alien” technology… and science-fiction) Or I can give them a matte finish.

So, what do you think?

Keeper or back to the drawing board?

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14 thoughts on “Building TLSotM Season 2

  1. My opinion is to cancel facial reflexes! Facial reflexes are not necessary! If you think it’s meaningful to add, I really like you adding details to them! This is alien technology, isn’t it! Perhaps you can only add extraterrestrial technology!

  2. What I mean is, I like you adding them! If you abandon them for some reason, such as excessive rendering time! So I support adding or not!

  3. I know some programs can make your images look more realistic. As it is your images look like dolls, (toys) that have been posed for the camera. I love illustrated stories, the images really make the story stand out especially if the image fits the description of the scene.

    For example, Lilly L is an author on Amazon who puts images in her stories. She tries to convince the reader that a handsome, manly hunk of a man can put on a wig, makeup, and a dress and suddenly transform into a supermodel.

    Make the images fit the story and keep it believable. Having an image that doesn’t fit is a stumbling block that is no different than a major grammatical or spelling error while you’re reading. When I write a story, the initial writing is my first draft, after a few days I’ll go back and write the story and it becomes my second draft. After a few more days to a week, I’ll edit and revise. I would love to have the ability to create images to fit my stories. Especially my ponygirl stories.

    Keep doing the great job you are doing, I suggest getting a better editor your stories do need help in that area. Always seek to improve your work; both in imagery, storytelling, and writing. Never stop seeking to achieve your best. When you do, your readers will know and you will lose them.

      1. I never said I didn’t like what I read or the images. I was just offering suggestions. What I don’t like is an author who makes frequent and serious grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors and refuses to fix them when his or her readers point them out. You are not the first author who has told me that I can go somewhere else if I didn’t like what I read rather than thank me for bringing something to your attention so it can be corrected. I do actually like some but not all of your stories and I check your site once a week for updates, so if you want to be ungrateful that’s your right. I will still continue to exercise my right to point out your mistakes just like my readers point out my mistakes. At least I make an effort to fix my mistakes.

        1. 1- I am a native FRENCH speaker. English is my second language. Except for part of my work (documentation), internet, and writing those stories, I do not use English. Errors are unavoidable.

          2- I used the default OpenOffice/LibreOffice/Google Docs spell and grammar checker. I recently began to use Grammarly, but apparently, neither of those is perfect.

          3- The site is free for all users. I PAY FOR IT. It means that I get no money from it. But everybody gets everything out of it, no money required.

          4- No money means I will not spend to have any sort of professional editor or even pay for the “premium” version of Grammarly.

          5- Daz3D is a posing/dress-me-up software. I don’t give a shit if the images are not “real looking”. It’s not their purpose. I use them for my own inspiration and, why not, share them so that they give a little image of what I’m seeing in my mind in these setups. Because I write down the “movies” that are playing in my head.

          5- Daz3D is free. However, the props, clothing, and accessories are, again $$$, which I PAY of my own pocket. You get what I can get. Live with it.

          5a- I am NOT a visual artist nor a graphic designer. I totally suck at drawing. Heck, I can’t even design a good-looking false magazine cover. I can’t freely draw a dog. A house and a basic car, yes, but don’t ask me to draw a face!

          6- This storywriting thing is a hobby. I’m not published (for money) on Amazon or anywhere else. I don’t expect a Pulitzer prize or any kind of award.

          7- This site is my way of sharing with the rest of the world, what my silly imagination can come up with. Why? Because I simply can’t stop thinking about all those ideas, and if I don’t share them, I will stop writing them… and I feel it will be a waste of creativity.

          I would LOVE to think that this is the best FREE fetish story website. But it’s not.
          I would LOVE to think that I’m the best FREE fetish story writer. But I am not.

          Heck, my “dream” is for this site, for my stories, or at least one of them, to be recognized by someone “influential” in the fetish industry. Alas, in 25 years, it never happened and, even tho I still wish for it, my hopes are pretty much dead.

          This site is not the best. My storytelling is not the best. My writing is not the best. My English is not the best. My 3D art creations are not the best.

          However, they are the best I can offer.

          So, since all of this is, again, FREE, nobody has any “right” to ask me for perfection. If someone doesn’t like it, someone just has to go elsewhere.

          And finally, EVERY TIME someone pointed out to me a vibrant error, a mix-up in names, or a nuclear-fallout consequence grammar mistake, I corrected it.

          Would you prefer five un-skippable ads at the start of the story, followed by a chapter-long in-story ad in the middle, a few more un-skippable ads a few chapters later, and a pledge for the Patreon page at the end?

          “Please share, subscribe, ring the bell, paint it on your car, and don’t forget to follow me on my Patreon page (and get a monthly subscription) if you want more free quality content with ads and other shit in it”.

          Karen put on her brand new neck-entry catsuit she just received, compliments of ShinyStuff. She got it for free but if you use the promo code “moreshittystuff”, you can get a whopping 10% discount if you buy $2000 or more on your next order. This offer ends in 10 days, so hurry up and don’t forget to say that Karen sent you and you will get a free complimentary set of butthole cream, so it will hurt less the next time we screw you over.
          But Karen didn’t need this cream. As an influencer, she was able to get a lot of stuff for free and be the envy of Lynda, Sandra, Pete, Kate, and the rest of the gang.
          Once she smoothed out her ShinyStuff Latex Catsuit, she added the ShinyStuff extra-Shine – with added Aloe Vera and kelp extract, using their patented lint-free eco-friendly cloth made of recycled cat hairballs. She loved to see her reflection in the mirror she got from Wally World, which she put on the wall of her room, filled with wonderful furniture from Ikea…

          I better stop there.

          This is a free world, and this is a free site.
          You are free to choose.

          One last thing (yeah, I had to plug Steve Jobs/Apple – although I’m an anti-Apple guy): 400+ stories. One author.

          Pierre aka Pete

    1. Why is he looking for an editor? Isn’t this his hobby? This is the best free story website I have ever seen!

  4. Your work is always amazing, so I guess I’m not saying anything new – but I’ll say it anyways. Season 2 looks and sounds like it will be great and I’m very much looking forward to it. Can’t wait!

  5. I disagree, saber. This is a good site but I wouldn’t say it is the best. Each site has its good points and it’s bad. The “All CMNF Forum”, “The Pantsing and Stripping Board”, and the “Stripsearch” sites are all text-based and don’t allow formatting or images but are still filled with great stories. Is a great site that allows limited formatting and images. It is as good as this one.

  6. English is a very difficult language, with an number of contradictions, and suffers from multiple valid spellings depending on region and nation. MonsterP63, I appreciate all the work that you put into your work. Thank you for your time and effort. Looking forward to Sseason 2.

    1. Thank you very much, Maddog.

      Canadians… We pronounce “out” and “about” the American way, yet we write “neighbours” and “colours” like the British. On the other hand, we spell “recognize” and “tire” the American way.
      We weigh ourselves in pounds, state our height in feet, but state travel distances in kilometers, although the distance between cities is, as in the USA, measured in… time. We measure the exterior temperature in Celcius but we cook in Fareneight.
      The price of goods sold by weight is marked in grams or kg, but we “order” it by pounds. (it’s $11/kg but we buy one pound of it).
      We get our water jugs in metric (18L) but our paint in … US gallons (3.78L)

      Then mix french with all of this…

      We do have a few Canadian “things” that are… internationally recognized. Like:
      Ryan Reynolds.
      Brian Adams,
      William Shatner,
      Michael Bublé,
      Matthew Perry (RIP),
      Shania Twain,
      Denis Villeneuve,
      Keanu Reeves,
      Justin Beiber (yeah, we’re all sorry about this one),
      Gordon Lightfoot,
      Michael J. Fox,
      The Barenaked Ladies,
      Alanis Morissette,
      Jim Carey,
      Leonard Cohen,
      Leslie Nielsen,
      James Cameron,
      … To name a few…


  7. I’m glad you brought it back and even more glad you’re looking into a season 2. I’ve been lurking around here and back over at DA for years. Really looking forward to new installments. Cheers

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