TLSOTM Season 2, EP7





Season 2

Episode 7: Conflict.

Scene 7-1 Earth People.

That was not the best way to inaugurate the new Moonbase briefing room but there they were, discussing a possible conflict with Earth. The Lunarians were there along with Grimash and Tamara.

“We knew we would have to deal with them. Probably not against a warship, but we knew it was coming, one day or another,” said Pete.

“We cannot forbid them access. The Moon is international territory,” said Kim.

“Why would be forbidding them access? They are not some strangers. They are from Earth. We are from Earth. We are the same people,” said Karen.

“They will want to steal our technology,” said Grimash.

“Of course they will. Who wouldn’t want to have it? The problem is, your technology is totally incompatible with our current one,” said Pete,” and I say that with experience.”

“What are we gonna do?” asked Tamara.

“We’re gonna welcome them, that’s all. We’re going to show them our new moonbase. We are Lunarians from Earth. We were sent here with a mission. We will continue that mission. Yes, some aspects of it have changed,” said Karen, rubbing her new suit, “but the premises are still the same: will a suit like that work? And from what we learned, the original suit wouldn’t have worked, so one direction to point the research to.”

“But, didn’t we declare independence from Earth?” asked Pete.

“Yes, the same as the USA declared independence from England. We do not deny them. We no longer respond to them. We are no longer dependent on them. We can still do work for them, and of course, welcome them if they want to come in peace.”

“We don’t want any contact with Earth people,” said Grimash.

“It’s your choice. Then I suggest you vacate the Moonbase. You have two days,” said Karen.

“That’s a little harsh, don’t you think?” said Joanne.

“How?” asked Karen. “I’m not telling them to get lost. I’m not telling them to go back to their planet. I’m telling them that I’m not refusing people from Earth from coming here, and if they don’t want to meet them, they just have to leave the base,” she said. “Oh, shit! I hoped you understood it the right way, right?” she asked, turning to Tamara, suddenly concerned.

“Yes, we did,” said Tamara. “Remember that we can feel the emotions and it wasn’t said in a threatening way. We understand, and I suggest we follow Karen’s suggestion,” she added, looking at Grimash. “I heard you,” she added, looking at Karen.

Six hours later, the last Nagusian was leaving the Moon inside its transport bubble before the huge ship moved away, slowly at first, then producing a flash, disappeared, flying off elsewhere.”

“Just don’t go too far away…” mumbled Karen as she witnessed the ship disappear.

A little less than two days later, the Earth ship arrived and put itself in orbit above the Moonbase.

“Excalibur to Moonbase. Do you copy?” said Dr Lynda’s voice through the radio.

“This is Moonbase. We copy. Welcome, Excalibur,” answered Kim.

“We are coming down, whether you want it or not,” said Dr Lynda.

“You are welcome, Excalibur,” said Kim, surprised by the harsh directive. “However, our only landing pad isn’t operational, meaning that we can’t receive any ship that requires it. If you have a small shuttle that would do. If not, I suggest you get in contact with the ESA Moon Base. I know they have one that could be used for it.”

“Roger. We’ll be down in twenty minutes.”

“Good. I suggest you land near Bloc Four,” said Kim.

“And where the hell is that? You changed the names of the units?”

“Yes, it was getting confusing since we have fewer units than we had. Unit Four is the control center. It’s the largest of the buildings, next to the power station,” explained Kim.

She received no answer from the Earth Battleship. However, twenty minutes later, a small pod detached from the Battleship and landed near Bloc Four, after flying over the station, doing concentric circles, for sure, taking pictures and measurements.

It touched down, lifting a large cloud of dust when using its thrusters. They had to wait a good ten minutes to be able to open the door and get out. Lynda was there with five armed soldiers.

Karen and Pete were waiting for them, directing them to the entrance airlock. Of course, they didn’t trust the Lunarians and although they stated that all was fine, they waited for them to remove their backpacks and checked their own instruments before opening their helmets.

They looked around, turning their body slowly. Karen leaned her head sideways.

“Come on. Don’t you think we wouldn’t figure out you are filming? Get the cameras in your hands for fuck’s sake. We have nothing to hide. If you want to pop-open a panel to look inside, just do it.” said Pete, a little exasperated.

“If you’ll follow me, I will show you the new control room, and afterward, we can have a tour of the facility,” said Karen, inviting them with a gesture of the arm.

Karen showed them the new room, with advanced controls and a holographic display. From there, they could see and monitor every aspect of the station, in real-time. She showed them by going on the holographic display, using her hands, pointing to the research module, and using the classic two-finger gesture used on Earth’s tablets, zooming in, looking inside and even looking at Joanne doing some experiments.

“Nice movie,” mumbled Lynda.

Without a word, Karen zoomed out and instead selected the control module, zooming in and showing the group… looking at the holographic image of the group.

“What the fuck?” asked Lynda, turning around. “Where the hell is the camera?”

“There’s no camera. This is a holographic image based on the sensors embedded in the station. Here don’t move, I’ll zoom in on his face, here,” he said to one of the soldiers accompanying her. The face was featureless.

“See? It’s not an image but a holographic representation.”

“But…” began to say Lynda.

“This is a monitoring system. Not a surveillance or a spying device,” said Karen with a rather dry tone.

“Well, one thing I can see, or rather hear, is that they added a lot to your vocabulary and added some interesting intonations to the voices,” said Lynda.

“Oh, we’re not using a word interface anymore. They have partial telepathic technology. A device is reading our thoughts and converting them into speech, using what they sample from our voice from when we were out of our original suits.”

“It… speaks what you think?”

“Yes, and it takes a lot of training and self-control to say just what we want to say. That led to some very awkward situations at first,” said Karen, giggling. Now, do you want to take a tour of the facility? Pete will be happy to show you around and answer all your questions.”

“Frank, Jude, and John, you go with him. Kevin and Sam, you stay with me.”

“Wow. You’re giving military orders, now?” asked Karen, surprised.

“Yes, I have been promoted,” she said, rubbing her name. Only then that Karen noticed that, besides her name, the title CMDR was embroidered.

“Oh, sorry, Commander Lynda,” said Karen with a half salute.

“That’s not very… protocol.”

“I’m not military, so… live with it. Now, what do you want to know?” asked Karen.


“Why? I don’t know why you want to know or… Oh fuck! What the hell is this all about? What do you want?”

“I want to know why. Why did the Narsupians or whatever they call themselves help you? I want to know why they built this. I want to know why they changed your suit. I want to know why you made friends with them, I want to know when they will invade Earth. I want to know how to defeat them.” said Lynda, each time, getting closer to closer to Karen, to the point where she was poking her on her shoulder with her index finger. “And I want you to tell me!”

“Ouch!” said Karen, putting her hand where Lynda had poked her. “First, that hurts and there’s no need to be harsh. Secondly?… I don’t know why, and I don’t know how.”

Lynda puffed and defiantly crossed her arms.


Karen thought for a moment. Better tell the truth. Perhaps not all the truth but only the truth.

“Okay. We have made contact with them some time ago, prior to the asteroid incident.”

“How come we were never told?”

“Because she asked us not to tell you. They have been studying our civilization for some time, hiding on the far side of the moon. With our base and the Russians, they felt threatened, so they sent someone to sabotage stuff, but in such a way we would think some kind of ghost did it or the Moon had some secrets or something totally out of this world.

Our security cameras, linked to our visors, picked up something. It was a woman wearing some sort of cloaking device. We confronted her. She told us she meant no harm, that she shouldn’t have entered the base, but was very intrigued by our suits and our way of life, the feeding station, the vacbeds, etc.”

“You let an alien get inside the moonbase?”

“We did not let her in. She entered without our knowledge. She was invisible. Are you listening? Anyways, we let her go, stating that in the future, if she or they wanted to know something, they should simply ask.”

“And that’s it. You want me to believe that?” said Lynda, evidently not believing it.

“That’s the last time I heard of them. Before the asteroid, that is.”

“Oh, and you call them for help?”

“No, I didn’t. They showed up. I have never seen a ship that big of my life! In a blink, they neutralized the reactor and destroyed the asteroids. They took Pete with them. Afterward, they took their distance. We didn’t have any contact with them. I did not try to call them either. Nicole from the ESA Moon Base came to our rescue and we were trying to have something back on, you know, to eat, to sleep, to breathe. Viktor and Lukas tried to link the rover’s generator to what was left of the base when it failed. We would have soon been without power. Then they came back and took us all on board their ship.”

“You’re telling me they did all that by themselves, out of pure generosity?” asked Lynda.

“I don’t know why exactly, but yes they did,” said Karen walking a little, to change the mood and to clear her mind of what she was about to say next. Her latex skin creaked in the otherwise silence of the control room. She leaned against a table, sitting on one hip, feeling the tight latex compressing her leg. She liked it. Funny she had almost forgotten about the feeling.

“They took us on board their ship. We were kept separated from them. We were not to make any contact with the crew or passengers of their ship. We met their captain and their doctor, who explained the situation about Pete, that they needed to take his suit off but needed to know more about it. That’s when I called you. They needed someone in good health to make the first experiment. I volunteered.”

“Oh, yeah. Who would refuse to have a better suit, right? Because it’s better than mine, right?”

“Please, don’t tell me you’re jealous, Dr Lynda. “

“I… Well…”

“The fact is,” continued Karen, “that our, your suit, was flawed. Our skin didn’t react the way it was supposed to. Six years from now, the suit would have fused with our skin, making them totally unremovable. We would have been stuck for life. That’s why the other Lunarians decided to go on with the suit they proposed. This one can be removed at will. Everything can be removed at will in case of a medical emergency. Yes, it is enhanced but it’s better, and we can learn from it, create our own better suit for the next Lunarians,” said Karen with a large hope in her voice. “And they saved Pete. Isn’t that enough?”

“Oh, yes, it’s enough, Karen. It’s enough to raise suspicion. What did you give them in exchange?”

“Nothing. They asked for nothing. We asked to be sent back to the Moon, to get in touch with Earth to know what would be the next move. Then you came in and tried to bomb the protective coating of the reactor!” said Karen, this time, her tone was harsh, accusatory. “You tried to destroy the base, destroy us. So… we made a pact with them, that they will help us rebuild the base, and they said yes.”

“Ah, ha! You made a pact! It means that you gave them something. What was it?” said Lynda, dangerously approaching Karen.

“Nothing. I’m telling you. We gave them nothing,” said Karen.

“Oh yes, you did. All six of you. They treated you, medically speaking. Meaning they scanned you. They studied you. Am I wrong?”

“Of course they scanned us. They needed to. Our physiology is different than theirs. They needed to know.”

“That’s all I needed. Guards, arrest her,” she said to the soldiers.

“What? What for?”


“Treason? But I didn’t tell them any secret, anything that could put the Earth in danger. Hell, they don’t want anything to do with Earth.”

“You’re so naive, Karen. They scanned you. They now know everything they need to know about our bodies, about her defenses, about how to create a bacteria or a virus that could destroy humanity. You sold us for some weird latex suit. Traitor!”

She picked her com-link.

“We’re going back to the ship. NOW!”

Ten minutes later they were lifting off. On board, was Karen, in handcuffs, cooperating without a fight. The Lunarians watched the shuttle fly toward the battleship, dumbfounded.

“What the hell happened here?” asked Joanne.

“I don’t know, but I will,” said Pete, heading for a com console, playing back the security footage, hearing everything.

“Shit!… Moonbase to Corrreus. I need to talk to Tamara.”


Season 2

Episode 7: Conflict.

Scene 7-2 Prisoner.

Once inside the ship, she was placed inside a small cell. Of course, Earth hadn’t developed artificial gravity, so to counteract her weightlessness, she was… tied up to the wall, using the numerous attachment points of her suit. Karen suspected that the cell had been made especially with these features in mind. It was too specific to be a standard issue in a warship. Also, the lights were constantly on, giving her no sense of day or night.

She didn’t say a word. If questioned, she would simply answer yes or no, or ask for a lawyer. She was still an Earthling after.

The trip back to Earth lasted two days. She didn’t mind. Her suit provided the necessary dark screen for the night and light for the day. But she didn’t have to tell them.

Once on Earth, she was brought into a van, drove to some secret location, and put into another cell. This time she wasn’t restrained, but the cell was small, barely 2m x 3m, completely padded, with only a bed and her self-care station. No window and no apparent door once closed.

For close to ten days, according to the clock of her suit, she was left there. No visitors. The same light intensity. Again, thanks to her visor that was not a problem and she was not about to go crazy, although she was bored. They were testing her, probably scanning her, checking for radio communication, if she would tell anything. Something. They were probably even analyzing her bodily fluids. But she knew all she had to do was wait.

They were in for pretty boring results. She was very human. She was not under the influence of some strange substance and she was not trying to communicate with anybody and the reverse was the same. That was agreed upon. That was the mental message Karen sent to Tamara when she suggested they get off the Moon. Tamara had understood.

A small opening appeared in the door, then there was a crackling in some speakers hidden in the room. It was a man’s voice.

“You will go to the far end of the cell and link the provided chain to the loop at the front of your collar, then you will stand still, close to the wall, facing it. Do you understand?” said a calm but commanding voice.

Karen gave a thumbs up but in a “yeah, whatever” gesture, and went to the designated wall. A small chain had appeared through the padding. She linked it to her collar and put her arms down.

As soon as she did that, the chain was pulled in and she was pulled hard against the wall, the collar almost strangling her. She tried to reach it with her hands but it was too strong.

The door opened. Two soldiers entered, one aiming an assault rifle at her, the other slowly approaching.

“Stay calm. I will only link your ankles together and your wrists in your back,” said the soldier.

“Then tell the sucker who’s pulling on the chain to go easy, he’s strangling me!” said Karen.

But that changed nothing. She tried to stop struggling but she was having trouble breathing. The guard linked her ankles with a short chain and linked her arms together at the wrists. The pulling at her neck was released.

“Shit! No need to be that harsh. I have no intention to fight you,” she said, just before a bag was put over her head.

“Shut up and come,” she heard as the two guards firmly held her, one on each arm. They walked to exit the room and stopped at the door.

“I have found someone of your kind to make you talk,” she heard Lynda. And she had put an emphasis on “your kind”.

“What do you mean?” asked Karen.

“You know, one of your freaky people. Get her out of here,” she ordered.

Karen followed the tugs of the soldiers, sometimes losing her balance, hitting a doorframe, or tripping on something. She was blind after all. Well, the truth: she was doing her best to make believe. They have no clue about the features of her visor. She couldn’t exactly see through the bag, but she had sensors, infrared and stuff, that helped her navigate around, but she was not about to let them know that. The less they knew, the better it was.

She was led outside and put into a prisoner transport van, already equipped with attachment points. she was duly restrained on the wall of the van as they drove away to the other side of the city when they entered some sort of old stone and brick warehouse building.

She was freed from the van and with a chain attached to her front ring, was led to a dark corridor, lit with faint yellowish lights. It looked like an old prison with cells on either side of the corridor, and she could see devices in each cell that were not usually found in prisons. She had to work hard not to giggle. She recognized the place: a sex dungeon. A woman wearing a very tight-fitting leather catsuit, standing on tall high heel boots and a whip hung at her waist welcomed them.

“Let’s see who we have here,” she said as she pulled away the bag over Karen’s head. “What the hell is this?” she asked, evidently unprepared to see her slave wearing a helmet.

She turned around, looking at Karen’s suit, the chastity belt, and again, her head, and the helmet.

“How do you take that thing off?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” said one of the soldiers.

“It’s not made to be taken off,” said Karen. “None of it is.”

“Did I ask you?” asked the dominatrix.

“Hey, I was just trying to help,” answered Karen.

That pissed off the dominatrix.

“You will call me Mistress, and only when I allow you to talk. Do you understand?” she asked, putting her face next to Karen’s in a defiant way.

Karen nodded a simple “yes”. She was not to piss her off right off the start. There would be time for that. In the meantime, this was almost a fantasy come true. Her, a kinky fetishist, being tied up, teased and tormented, by a dominatrix. And for free! She was not to pass on it.

Mistress hooked a leash on her collar and immediately led her to the nearest cell. In it were a hanging body cage, an X frame and a pillory. She was led to the pillory and quickly tied up, hands and head through the holes before the top plank was put down and locked. Her feet were left free.

“We’ll start with a nice warm-up, shall we?” said Mistress, “to make you aware of who’s in charge.”

She took a small paddle and began to spank Karen. That wasn’t so bad. It was even interesting. So much so that Karen moved her feet to get more comfortable, and also, to raise her butt in a ‘hit me there’ way. In any case, that’s what Mistress thought of the message.

“Really?” she asked.

She picked another spanking paddle. A very large one, and began to gently hit Karen who didn’t react much. Oh, she liked it. Each blow was hitting her butt and also her chastity belt, which stroke her inserts. That was exciting.

She softly moaned in a ‘delight’ sort of way. Mistress responded by hitting her harder, and harder. From what she could see by turning her head, Mistress was looking as if she had a baseball bat and taking a hard swing. But Karen didn’t feel it more than the soft blows.

She was puzzled, and she came to the only conclusion: the suit. The suit was spreading the blow. The suit was actually protecting her, like an armor. The harder Mistress hit, the softer the blow was felt.

That was amazing, but the apparent resistance of Karen to the hits was pissing her off. Also, she shouldn’t give any clue about those secret features of the suit.

So, she made it as if she was holding it all in and just couldn’t anymore.

“Aaargh!” yelled Karen as she moved her butt out of the way in an ‘I’ve had enough, stop’ way.

“Oh, finally. Your breaking point,” said Mistress with an evidently satisfied tone, having won. “Too bad I’m just beginning,” she added, hitting Karen again, as hard as before.

Karen made a show of trying to avoid the spanking, playing along with the (false) pain.

Mistress stopped for a moment to pick something and kneeled at Karen’s feet. There, she installed a spreader bar and linked each outside ring of Karen’s ankles to rings on the pillory frame, forcing her into a position she could barely move out of, where she couldn’t move away from the hit, and resumed her spanking.

Karen tried her best to sound convincingly hurt, to add chosen expletives while in fact, she was getting really aroused. In reality, she had to fight back having an orgasm!

Finally, Karen’s knees were bending. Not out of pain, mind you, but from exhaustion of holding the orgasm. However, Mistress took that as a win and stopped her spanking.

“I guess you can figure out now who’s the boss here,” she said, moving in front of Karen, her heel clicking hard on the concrete floor, their sound resonating in the small brick enclosure. “You will answer my questions,” she added, crouching to put herself at Karen’s height, “everybody does,” she added with a creepy voice.

“Fuck you,” said Karen.

Oh, the change on Mistress’s face was priceless and Karen fought hard not to laugh. She had to use all of her control to block her thoughts from being spoken out loud.

Mistress grabbed Karen’s helmet and tried to pull it off.

“How do you get that thing off?” she asked. “I want to gag you.”

“Oh well, that would be impossible and useless,” calmly said Karen. “I’m already gagged, intubated and plugged. What you hear is my thoughts being processed by a speech translator.”

“What the fuck are you?” she asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, really. A failed experiment, perhaps.”

Mistress stared at her for a moment and walked out, stomping her feet out of frustration, closing the cell door with a strong gesture, making it wobble as it automatically locked. Karen laughed.

She tried to position herself better. It was fun while she was being spanked, but now, that bend-over with leg spread position was not as amusing.

Imperceptibly, the suit tightened around her legs, around her hips, giving her more support. Only after a while, left there in that cell, that Karen realized that she wasn’t straining at all. She felt fine. Yes, she should have collapsed on her knees or something.

“That suit is amazing,” she said to herself. “It even takes the load off my legs! Awesome.”

She heard footsteps coming from the corridor. She changed position, displaying a more exhausted pose, knee half bent, hips twisted as if she had tried to get one knee down. Mistress looked at Karen as she unlocked the door.

“Ah, very good,” she said, calmly approaching Karen, her heels clicking and her tight leather catsuit creaking. She caressed her whip with her right hand.

“Ready to talk?” asked Mistress.

“About what? I’m not very aware of the latest sitcoms.”

“Very funny,” said Mistress, picking her whip and making it crack in the air before making some move of her arm and Karen felt a very hard and sharp sting inside her left thigh. She did that by standing about two meters in front of Karen.

“Ouch! Shit! That hurts,” said Karen. “How did you do that?”

“That’s not important. Now, answer my question: what was the deal with the Nagusians?” asked Mistress.

“You know the Nagusians?” replied Karen, a little stunned.

“Of course, I know about the Nagusians. Now, answer my question,” she said with a dry tone.

Karen finds it odd that Mistress would have been told everything about the Nagusians. That is not something that anybody, including Dr Lynda, would discuss with some stranger, especially someone she despised as being a freak. So, she decided to play with her.

“Well, you see, they have those tentacles and they wanted to know how it would feel if they inserted them into us. In exchange for that, they built us a house.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? What are those tentacles thing?” she asked, her face showing disgust as well as surprise.

“You said you knew all about the Nagusians, right? Then what are they?”

“It’s a tribe in Central America. Now, stop playing with me and answer the question: what was the deal with them?”

Karen repressed a laugh.

“Oh, we are evidently not talking about the same Nagusians. The Nagusians I know are extra-terrestrials. See? I live on the Moon and they helped us deal with a life-threatening danger, and in exchange for putting their tentacles inside us, they provided us with a shelter.”

Mistress stood there, not moving, not talking, evidently pissed off, trying to decide what to do. She let out a long sigh.

She opened the pillory and then unlinked her ankles from it, leaving the spreader bar. She grabbed her by one of the rings of her collar and harshly pulled her backward against a wall, making Karen stumble and working hard not to fall as she didn’t care about Karen’s bound feet.

“Hey, easy!” exclaimed Karen. “I’m cooperating, no need to be rude!”

“Shut the fuck up,” said Mistress. “You talk nonsense, you get nonsense,” said Mistress as she grabbed Karen’s wrist and linked them to rings on the wall, high above her head, forcing Karen to stand as tall as she could on her ballet heels.

She freed her ankles but quickly linked them to more rings, spreading her legs more, almost lifting her feet off the floor. Most of Karen’s weight was now carried by her wrists.

She moaned as she gently squirmed in her bonds. Well… she liked it.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” coldly said Mistress before leaving, making sure to lock the cell door.

“Hey! How about my needs? Don’t I have the right to food and water?”

Mistress stared at her through the closed gate for a moment and walked away.

Karen was left to herself, stretched high on the wall. She gently began to squirm. That actually felt good. she liked it. She liked the feeling of being restrained. She loved the tug feeling on her cuffs. She began to gently move her hips, making the inserts move with the chastity belt, just to tease herself a little.

Yes, that was good. Yes, she liked it. She was getting aroused. The more she pulled on her bonds, the more she felt the restraints, the more aroused she became.

Then, oh surprise, the inserts began to gently vibrate, to at least, that is what she felt. Could it be? Nah. Sex toys were never mentioned explicitly. But… she couldn’t deny it. Yes, the inserts were vibrating. Throbbing.

She struggled more and somehow, it felt as if the suit was getting tighter, and more, she felt as if the pull of the chains was increasing!

Her breath was shaking as she gently moved her hips, the only part she could move, the pleasure growing exponentially.

At this point, her brain let go of the thought control and what she felt was ‘spoken’. Moans, and grunts, were all exteriorized. But Karen didn’t even notice. She was too engulfed by the sudden pleasure, by the orgasm building up.

The stronger she struggled, the stronger the pleasure increased, until she exploded. She screamed, a scream she never thought her brain could produce. It was out of this world as much as the orgasm was. She never felt anything like that before, not even during the initial launch, strapped in the spacecraft with the lump pressed against her crotch.

She just hoped that the rings on the wall were well secured otherwise she would fly out of there.

The orgasm subsided, slowly. She kept rocking her stomach, her hips, pull on her restraints, to live the last drop of pleasure hormone rummaging her body. She had thought that it never occurred to her that the Nagusians would have BDSM ideas when making the suit.

She was panting, her breathing shortened by the crushing corset. She was smiling. The suit was reverting back to its ‘normal’. It was as if it was alive, learning, adapting. She opened her eyes to see a very pissed-off Mistress standing in front of her.

“What the heck was that?” she asked.

“Isn’t it obvious?” answered Karen with a very sultry voice. Damn! That mind-to-voice processor was good! “I had an orgasm.”

“You are not to have any orgasm unless I allow it,” sternly said Mistress.

“Listen here, Mistress,” said Karen, putting a very hard emphasis on ‘Mistress’, “I am detained against my will. This is NOT an agreed-upon BDSM session. I have played your game enough. Now, you will release me. Shit! I can’t even use my safeword because WE NEVER AGREED ON ONE!”

“How or… WHAT are you?” asked Mistress. “I want to see your face! Take that… helmet off,” she said, grabbing her with both hands and pulling on it. Karen felt the suit immediately stiffen, like protecting her. Yes, the suit was intelligent. Somehow.

“I don’t even know how to take it off myself,” calmly answered Karen.

“Are you a fucking… robot or something?”

“Nope. I am as human as you are,” said Karen.

“Prove it!”

“… How?… Please, tell me how I can prove it I’m human and I will comply. I can say to sample my stool, but you can say that it had been made to look like human waste. I can say to get me through a scanner, but you could say that the human is false and a trick. You can drug me and see the effect, but you could say that I’m acting. I have no more way to prove to you that I’m a human than you can prove that I am a robot.”

“Take the helmet off. If I can see your face, then I believe you,” said Mistress.

“I can’t,” replied Karen.

“Then I will take care of it,” she said, stomping out of the cell, to come back very quickly with… a hammer?

“What the fuck are you doing?” said Karen, afraid.

“I’m gonna see through that visor. Last chance to take it off,” said Mistress, preparing to swing the hammer.


Season 2

Episode 7: Conflict.

Scene 7-2 Rescue.

“I can’t tak… ” said Karen, but she didn’t have time to finish that Mistress had hit her.

The hammer sprung back from the visor. Somehow, the helmet dampened the hit as Karen barely felt it, but that didn’t make Mistress back off. She swung the hammer again, and again, and again. Karen was asking her to stop, softly at first, then more and more aggressively, but Mistress had no intention of complying. She seemed enraged, hitting harder and harder.

At one point, she aimed for the headphones, or the cylinders over Karen’s ears hitting it repeatedly. At one point, it gave up, separating from the helmet. Karen felt a pull of the plugs inside her ear. Some strange sparks flew out from the opening. It wasn’t exactly electrical sparks as the Nagusian technology didn’t use exactly electricity, but there were some colorful flashes, which made Mistress believe she was hitting the right spot.

Karen was trying to move away from her, but she was too well restrained. Suddenly, it was as if the suit died out. All the displays inside her visor disappeared and the visor reverted to a dark black from which she could barely see through. The suit and helmet also seemed to lose their armor-like properties.

Now, she was feeling the blows. Every blow. She couldn’t call for help, she couldn’t tell her to stop as the speech processor was also dead. She felt the hit on her head, harder and harder. It hurt, and at one point, she began to literally see stars, until her head fell, numb. She was unconscious.

Mistress pulled off what was left of the earphone and saw some flesh, blood, and strange luminescent fibers going inside the ear.

“A fucking robot! I knew it!”

Karen was coming back to her senses, her head hurting. She tried to struggle, but she was too weak. She could feel blood pouring from wounds on her head from the hammer hits. She couldn’t see but someone else was there with Mistress. But the strength, it felt like a man. Far from her to think that that man was one of Mistress’s slaves, and was dressed in a pinky fluffy dress with a pacifier as a gag.

They carried Karen out of the cell to another one, where she was let down, falling on the floor, half kneeling. Her collar was chained to the wall and another chain was linked from her chastity belt to the floor. Her hands were tied in her back and her ankles together. And she was left there. She faintly heard the sound of the door being closed and locked.

She was hurting. She was half deaf, blind, and unable to move much. All she could do was think, hard, very hard, attempting to send a telepathic message to the Nagusians that she was in trouble and needed help.

She had no direct sense of time but it took a long time before she heard more voices, one she recognized: Lynda.

She looked at the hole on the side of her helmet and seemed to have a heavy discussion with Mistress. She could barely hear, and her head was pounding, but she could make up that Mistress had been offered a substantial sum of money to make Karen talk, and this was not part of the deal.

She heard a cell phone ring, Lynda answering, her voice sounding panicky. At the same time, there was a strange low-pitch hum that seemed to come from everywhere: the floor, the walls, the air.

Inside the cell, two swirling light bubbles appeared from the ceiling, seamlessly passing through the thick stones. They were making crackling sounds, like static electricity, as they got down to the floor, before disappearing, revealing two more Karen-like people, one male and one female.

“Pete? Joanne? What the fuck are you doing here? How…?” she thought, unable to speak.

“Shit! What the fuck did you do to her?” said Joanne, looking at Karen’s wounds and Lynda. “She came peacefully. Pete, we need to cut those chains,” she added.

Pete produced a small handgun and fired at the chains, melting them with some sort of energy pulse.

Two bubbles reappeared, one wrapping Pete, the other Joanne and Karen, before lifting up, passing through the ceiling.

Outside, people were in awe, looking at that extremely huge ship, hovering over the city, a ship itself as big as a city, then witnessed two luminous blue balls rising up from an old building and disappearing inside the ship.

With a very loud and low-pitched hum, the ship raised in altitude, turned left, and accelerated quickly, much more quickly than anything that size “should” be able to do, producing a very large bang and quickly disappearing in the sky.

An hour later, a video message was broadcast, picked up by every device able to display images. It showed a group of 5 people, all dressed in shiny black latex, their heads covered by a shiny helmet. In front of them, was a man, looking a little like a reptile. He seemed to speak in every Earth language at the same time.

“My name is Grimash. I am the captain of the Corrreus, the Nagusian Starship currently orbiting the Moon. I am with the Lunarians, the former NSLA astronauts. Well, most of them as one of them had been badly beaten and hurt recently on Earth,” he said as an image of Karen’s badly mangled head appeared. “We came in peace, but apparently, not everybody agrees. From now on, we will protect the Lunarians with all the force required. We will reply with any attack with equal force. Lunarian Territory is therefore closed to any outsiders.”

The broadcast ended with the display of the Nagusian-Lunar Alliance logo for fifteen seconds, then disappeared.

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